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Orange the Hedgehog

Orange the Hedgehog
Orange Hedgehog
Vital Information
Age 14
Gender Male
Species Hedgehog
Residence Somewhere in the town of Norman
Political Alignment & Abilities
Alignment Good
Abilities Very Flexible

Orange the Hedgehog is a fanmade character. He is an orange hedgehog and is a main character of Adventures of Sonic and Orange. Orange fights Dr. Tacoman along with Sonic.


Orange fights a villain named Dr. Tacoman along with Sonic the Hedgehog. He is known to be friends with Sonic and they have formed a team called Oranic. Orange is obviously an orange hedgehog, because of his name. Though he can be rude sometimes, Orange is one of the heroes across Norman.

Productive Info

Orange makes his first appeareance in "Awesome Adventure", the first episode of the show. Since he is a main protagonist, he appears in just about every episode.


Orange is known to be very flexible and can do many different types of kicks. He is also known for his strong punches and has mastered all forms of martial arts.

In the Show

Season One

In "Awesome Adventure", he along with Sonic, stopped Dr. Tacoman from destroying a nearby dam. He also stops Dr. Tacoman from launching his own brand of cereal ("Cereal Brand"), stealing all sweets from Norman ("Sweet Thief"). In "Thanksgiving Feast", he races with Sonic. Orange is also pretty good at basketball, as shown in "Slam Dunk". He helped Sonic out in "Alert". Orange stopped Dr. Tacoman from making a rollercoaster ("Ups and Downs") and saved Christmas along with Sonic ("Christmas or No?"). Orange is shown to be very protective of Sonic, as seen in "Need for Speed", when he knew something was wrong with Sonic's chili dogs. He is shown to be good at the clarinet, as seen in "In the Band". Orange fights for the Earth when asteroids and martians near in "Asteroids and Martians". A lot of things about Orange is shown in Season 1.

Season 2

Section Incomplete and will come soon!


  • He may be slightly faster than Sonic ("Thanksgiving Feast")
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