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Cquote1 There is nothing in this world that can be solved. But everything around us resolves itself. Cquote2
Opia Cilia in one of her articles, The Royal Post

Opia Ein Lahansa Cilia (born October 23) is the leading head editor of the Colonaian Royal Post, and also the top reporter for the Colona National Broadcasting Station (CNBS). Being of silent and light-spoken nature, she takes approaches to dignitaries on her own mindset, as well as takes on her own perspective and argues to the point of action. With parents of the Seedrian race, she finds herself in a troubling situation with possible extinction, and placing herself in a comfortable position to solve issues and present them with curable justice.

With her goals in life, she holds the very important purpose to the truth of Colona, with the one-page attempts to overthrow Princess Penelope the Puppy. She believes, that with much criticism to break down the whole world, Colona would return back to its normal state when the Flock Council was in rule. With this, she enjoys picnics on her free time, and exploring new sights as soon as they come to notice. Ultimately, Opia uses her excellent communication with plants to use them in order to put shape to physical beauties.

Concept and Creation

Procrastination was the creator's worst choice. With education swirling around in their mind, with test season as ripe as the nearest banana, the creator lost time to make their wonderful contributions to the Sonic Fanon Wikia.

However, it was not over for them.

For some time now, the creator was swimming in ideas to build the ultimate empire of the Colona Nation. The popular search engine was no help to the creator, so they just sat in their nook and drew out concepts. The pencil moved quickly, and stammered at times, with its anxious release, then was dropped.

"I want Princess Penelope to have a rival," the creator chanted. Nothing was more better than the concept of a cat-fight to the creator. Conflict was the solution to their conflict. The internet did provide some decent ideas, for it was buried with the strange approach of Seedrians. Although they did feature in the official Sonic anime series, the creator had a struggle to understand why Seedrians were still called "Sonic Fan Characters". But, their heart opened a bit, and adopted the idea into their own customs.

"A Seedrian...a Colonaian Seedrian," the creator replied to the thought, "Perhaps she can look like this, and this, and that, and...BAM! There's the character I wanted." From there, the Colonaian Seedrian was born.



It all began with a natural forest fire in the small city of Boxan. The birth of Opia Ein Lahansa Cilia was possibly deemed as one of the most special, because her Seedrian clan types was the Orvia--an endangered species. Once at the time of birth, Opia's mother, Salomnie Cilia, put it in her best attempt to adapt Opia to fire based on the "Orvia Fate"--which determined an adaptation for a coming child. Therefore, the labor was done amidst fire, being of dangerous task for Salomnie. Although Opia's mother did not survive the labor by being burned to bits in the inferno, Opia stood odds against it, and prevailed with rare inflammable skin. From there, her father Oieal took Opia to the outskirts of Boxan to their home, so that Opia would grow in the back shed for the sake of her scratchy wails.


Opia was motherless by this time, so her father had to take care of Opia throughout her young days, along with her older brother Tathen. Most of Opia's education was on the foundation of herself, home-taught and becoming an unintelligent individual. As her father was foolish in his education days, he attempted to pass down whatever he knew to her (which was almost nothing), and therefore had to quit in his teaching. Most times, she would go hunting outside with Tathen, or may travel with her father to protest against the Colonaian Council. Whatever it was, she was illiterate as well as limited in mind of decisions.

However, eventually tired of not being understood by the city people as well as leaders, Opia made the decision to attend the Colonaian Universal Institute at the age of eight. The Colonaian Universal Institute did not look down upon her young age, because any age was allowed to learn rigorous subjects and apply them to their world. Opia had a difficult time coping with the education, especially in the ignorance of math and science. Even then, as Tathen was influenced to attend schooling as well, Opia was able to learn the information at the best of ability with the help of her mentor Novaci the Otter--sent by Tathen for assistance. As all of this education came, Opia came to love the analysis of Colonaian history and grew the constant yearn to write. For this reason, she came together with her colleagues Urnest Westons and Quinta Pillipa to start a new branch of the overarching century-old Colonaian Time Scope newspaper line, called the Colonaian Royal Post (CRP). Novaci being her guide in the line, and her colleagues on the side, she was able to get higher in the ranks over time. With her being a twelve-year-old leader, she was denied to come to leader ship of the newspaper, but after a tear-shedding fight, she got what she wanted.

After a while being an insider in her newspaper line, her father was banished from Colona because of protesting in the kingdom. Shortly after, the Colonaian Council showed their disposition to the Seedrian clans such as Opia's--the Orvians--by banishing them out of the country if there was not a good occupation upon them. So, that meant Opia's father and brother were banished, and had no choice but to go to Rypheris under Zak-Ryder's ruling. The very event made Opia bitter against the Colonaian Council, and thought many days on how to get her revenge. The Colonaian Royal Post was originally an advocacy of the government devoted for its education, but it slowly turned into a philosophical argument against the Colonaian government, and eventually government itself the way it is under the Colonaian Revolutionist Group (with Princess Penelope as leader). Opia would use this opportunity to write against the Colonaian government on her father's behalf.

Adolescence (Present)

After her struggles of becoming the leader of the Colonaian Royal Post, Opia gained the knowledge of an "honorable" journalist, to understand the ways in and out of trouble to the law--some of the propaganda laws that were barring her success. So, then she found herself in the broadcasting network as well, taking part in the Colona National Broadcasting Station (CNBS) to support her cause. As she found that the Flock Council aided her in her time of despair when her father was ex-communicated after protesting in the Colonaian Kingdom, she began to write in protest against the "unjust" coronation of Princess Penelope and Prince Rova Lawka on the basis of "revolting against higher authority to induce change". Eventually, she uses her high anchor reporter position to give her biased reasoning on why the Colonaian government is corrupt. She, like her father, believes that the Flock Council was in a noteworthy position, that they had the Colonaian government in the right position to take independence against other nations--until it was overthrown, of course. So, with all efforts, she finds her way to drive Colona back to what it used to be--greedy, hungry, and impoverished on all four corners--back before the time of Princess Penelope and the Flock Council.


Opia Cilia, outspoken yet soft-spoken in her cause, buries herself in her exacting tactics with emotional appeals attached. She hears sharply, considered quite observant in her position in order to be on top of her evidence, and never turns down on her words without a decent and tear-shedding fight. Although she has much virtue in her perseverance and credible ethical arguments on the basis of corruption in every government, she can be quite the cheater, and a larcenist at times. All information, to her, belongs to the hands of the "mouthpiece", which is who she considers herself. When it comes down to retreiving information that she deems serious, she would go many dirty way possible to obtain it. And, to add, anyone would say that Opia is simply a plant--weak on the outside, but strong in the roots.

Powers and Abilities


The main power that Opia tends to use at rare occasions is being able to determine a liar, what she calls "Lie Detecting". This power is done with enough focus on the person, able to detect neuron activity in the brain--specifically in the prefrontal cortex. So, telepathy is not the option here. With the determination of motives, she is able to search the "heart" of a person and determine the truth of it according to the coding in brain nerves. From there, through anxious fiddling and signs that she can determine a fib for herself, she can use that information from her abilities to input for propaganda essays against the Colonaian Council. This is where the battle of uprightness between her and the Colonaian Council can be difficult to argue.


Most of Opia's skills came from her mentor Novaci the Otter that taught her combat-based defense, in case she did get into a quarrel with someone. Also, while she was attending the Colonaian Universal Institute, she had more experience with Judo and Kickboxing, and then learned from Novaci from there. Ninja-style attacks with various flips and kicks with hand strikes in combination were learned for Opia to use in dangerous situations, such as times of pressure against those angry with her writing.



Oieal Cilia the Colonaian Seedrian

Oieal Cilia is the father of Opia Cilia, one which raised Opia well to survive throughout the vies of the endangered circumstances of their clan. For him being one of the higher ranks in the ancient clan--the Orvians--he had the task of allowing his child to be born in the fire so that Opia would adapt to it. To him, Opia is a near mirror image of her mother, and was the one fated to bring on her legacy following her death. So, in this case, he did his absolute best to take care of her amidst all of the chaos in anxiousness that their clan could possibly be eradicated by the Colonaian Council and the Flock Council. When it came down to teaching Opia on how to survive in the forest, he was an expert. Opia did her best to embrace the very effort that her father put for her so that she could sustain herself from all dangers ahead. However, at times, she would find the reason to argue with him that he knew much of nothing in order to become monetarily successful in the country of Colona. Still, to Opia, Oieal failed to argue back and allowed her to hold the conversation. Her father was also known for protesting against the Colonaian Council. This was possibly the most bonding time that the two took a hold of, because the protests are the motivation of Opia Cilia's mission modernly. Overall, the two are the closest of relatives, because Opia seemed to learn much from her supportive father.

Salomnie Cilia the Colonaian Seedrian (Deceased)

Opia Cilia never had the opportunity to meet her mother, because Salomnie (her mother) died nearly ten minutes after the birth due to burns from the inferno she was obligated to produce labor in. Despite this, Opia Cilia would often have visions of her mother running in an open field, holding Opia as a newborn--therefore meaning that Opia may have some remembrance of her mother somehow. In much time, she is curious about how her mother was like, and finds herself attempting to mimic so.

Tathen Banchy the Colonaian Seedrian

Of the closer relatives that Opia attached to, there is Tathen (Cilia, at the time) who is older than Opia by four years. Opia Cilia can sense a feeling coming from Tathen that Tathen is resentful for Opia's birth in response to the death of their mother. However, Opia does notice that Tathen showed the best of acting when it came down to being honest to her, and she was able to detect his lies without a trace of disposition. Tathen, known for being a liar, is the practice piece for Opia to manipulate her abilities the best way possible and improve them. Even this, Opia found comfort in hunting with Tathen, which is another specialty of his. Opia looked to him as a role model when it came down to brawn and survival in the forest. She also expected him to protect her when she fell into trouble--which he did.

Despite all this, one of the most agonizing situations to her was when she was the first to figure out that Tathen engaged in romantic intimacy with someone named "Rewina", and impregnated her. Opia felt betrayed, because for so many weeks, Tathen covered it from her. Opia also did eventually meet his to-be wife, and Tathen always defended her from verbal harm from Opia. Opia became angry against the female, and wished that Tathen would recognize his mistake of doing so. Once Tathen and Rewina got married, Opia felt relieved of the conclusion, but maintained a subtle anger against the two of them. Even though she was angry with Tathen about this, shortly after, she became sympathetic that he was forced to migrate to Rypheris by fear of the Colonaian Council. Overall, they have a dark mark on their relationship, yet remain in peace when necessary.

Rewina Banchy

When Rewina Banchy entered Opia Cilia's life, Opia was somewhat envious of the time that her brother devoted to Rewina. Opia was used to Tathen hunting with her and such, but when Rewina came into Tathen's life, all of the attention of Opia was stripped. Opia was destroyed of the matter, and used verbal insults to subdue Rewina of her place in the family. She used many tactics to drive out Rewina, such as placing guilt on Rewina that she was possibly responsible for the coming child's distaste for life when it came. Rewina, as Opia saw it, was not tolerable to the countless offenses of insults, and therefore fought back at a later time with the assistance of Tathen. After Rewina got married to Tathen, Opia remained on the better note with Rewina by exchanging pleasantries--although they were most times relied on sarcasm. In total, the two remain with fire in their hands to fire at one another, ready to resist when the time comes.

Uratta Banchy

Although the child is nearly three months old, Opia feels that Uratta has responsibility for what her parents did. When Opia is babysitting the child, she often reminisces on the decisions that Uratta's parents have put upon herself, and resents against it. Opia has the smallest of memories in comparison to her own birth with Urattas, pulling the two closer together.

Newspaper Colleagues

Urnest Westons the Armadillo

Of the first executives in Opia's self-made branch of the Colonaian Time Scope, Urnest Westons was there for her to have it all began--the Colonaian Royal Post. Urnest Westons is Opia Cilia's closest friends, because they both met at the Colonaian Universal Institute and learned from one another the material that was necessary to proceed. They would go out and study together, with the assistance of Novaci the Otter as their mentor. Sometimes, they would go out and have picnics--a hobby that Urnest knew Opia enjoyed to connect with nature. Most of all, the two have the most connective moments together in order to convey their sorrows under the Colonaian Concil. At one point, they were dating. They wanted a child together, even. However, Opia felt that the constant tasks in the relationship were getting in the way of her goal, and that was to oppress the Colonaian Council. Therefore, she denied the relationship and moved on to better things--her news anchoring position. With this, Opia did not totally cut Urnest off of her choices to date and eventually marry, but her mindset put it on hiatus. Altogether, the two remain the closest of friends and share their romantic pick-up lines every now and again.

Quinta Pillipa the Cat

One of the first executives responsible for the presentation of Opia Cilia's self-made branch of the Colonaian Time Scope, Quinta Phillipa was present at the very beginning of the Colonaian Royal Post. Opia Cilia treats Quinta with some sarcastic humor that occasionally angers him, only because he sees it as making him the laughingstock of the group between him, Urnest Westons, and Opia herself. However, to Opia Cilia, they are good friends, and would do nothing to intentionally harm his character.

Quinta, just as Urnest does, has some romantic connection with Opia because of her smooth words and attractive appearance. However, Opia denies Quinta for his "weakness in the workplace", and rejects him openly in contrast to Urnest Westons. Opia notices that Quinta often makes snark remarks to Urnest Westons, and has to immediately correct him of his actions. Opia fears that Quinta would be resentful with Urnest in the group, and then cause the breakage in the newspaper line. Therefore, Opia would use her deceptive tactics against Quinta to have him thinking that she has "feelings" for him--just to go back on topic of the newspaper.

In total, the two have their strong relationships as partners to obtain the truth, as well as express themselves in suppressing the Colonaian Council.

Novaci the Otter

When Opia's brother Tathen recruited Novaci the Otter in order to provide mentor-ship for the education of the Colonaian Universal Institute, Opia was rather excited of the matter. Novaci, in comparison to Opia Cilia, is quieter in speech and wiser in action. Often, Novaci would be the person that would accomplice her amidst her issues of politicians, and therefore able to grant advice when in dire pressure. To Opia, Novaci is slightly the charm of speech, and comes right on time whenever she needs him. As a matter of fact, she does not even have to request him to come most times; he does that instinctively when he senses danger for Opia and her occupation--even her physical safety. They have come to be good friends, and Novaci does his greatest at getting assignments accomplished for Opia--for free. The best way to describe the two's relationship is an owner and intelligent butler forming ties to protect one another.

Wvia Coahan the Skunk

As any job seemingly requires to have, Opia found herself a rival in the anchoring branch for the Colonaian Broadcasting Station, or the CNBS. Wvia Coahan the Skunk, the "prettiest" voted anchor on the station, deems the "desperate" Opia Cilia as the lowest anchor on the squad. After all, when Opia entered the telecommunications industry, she was disliked for her anxious nature and soft speech. Opia, an envious person in competition with Wvia, makes it her best effort to overthrow the idol and put her truth into the picture. Although Opia does engage with the truth to broadcast it as salty as it may be, she also teams up with Wvia occasionally to "sugarcoat" it--and as always--find fault in Princess Penelope. Opia Cilia, as she sees it, has a rival, and that would be Wvia Coahan the "Beautiful."


Princess Penelope the Puppy

In Opia's efforts to overthrow what she calls "rebels", Princess Penelope the Puppy would be the place to start. Beginning with the coronation of the "rebel" from the Final Revolution, Opia Cilia became bitter against the Colonaian Council and their king at the time--King Uwa Iwa. Opia started the quarrel between her and the royal, however the royal makes it worse by pressing executive action against people's rights. Penelope, aware of the histories and affiliations among the Flock Council and Opia Cilia's father, began to call Opia "Oieal" in the place of her father. Opia was resentful against this action at first--minding the banishment of her father and the understatement in the name-calling. However, she began to see the positive note of it further on, seeing that she was the "mouthpiece" to what was right for the kingdom--control. As Princess Penelope attempts to show the issues of "squalid" propaganda tactics and manners toward the common people, Opia comes back with a flaw in the government around her in order to have executive disposition. It is a silent war between the two of them.

Zak-Ryder the Hedgeghog

Opia Cilia has slight more favor for Zak-Ryder compared to all of the other rulers in her geographical region. Since that Zak-Ryder welcomed Opia's father, Oieal, and her brother, Tathen, after the two being ejected from the country of Colona to Rypheris, Opia expresses her gratitude to the Conqueror by completing favors for him when he asks. Opia lets herself be the mouthpiece for Zak-Ryder in order to overthrow the Colonaian government and pull the people into a belief of freedom and prosperity. Even then, they often have their clashes on their ideals of government. As Zak-Ryder believes in the embrace of culture to lure country inhabitants, Opia pushes toward a group of leaders that are the ideals of righteousness. The two yet remain on subtle terms of arrogance, for the both of them have a common enemy--Princess Penelope and the Colonaian Council.

Devoyva the Conqueror

Devoyva is possibly the closest of leaders to Opia Cilia, for the reason that cultural influence is the best stratagem against Princess Penelope the Puppy. Devoyva grants the options of the people to swim in democracy, where the people have the rule in what takes place--for particularly everything. Opia and Devoyva are in agreement with the rule of the people, but not the factors of general population. So, as Devoyva makes requests to Opia to write in favor of democracy, she would normally contort his message in her favor--against government altogether. Even then, she relies on her agreement with him that the people should have decision in the matter.

Burdose Iince

Until Princess Penelope took over the reign of power, Opia Cilia believed that the Flock Council was an essential to government matters. For the most part, Cilia admires Burdose Iince because of his strength in controlling the Colonaian government, as well as being able to accommodate with propaganda alongside her. Now, she believes that the system of government itself could show itself as one of the most deceitful systems of society. Even then, they have their casual conversations, and gives her mission to transform the modern Flock Council into a democratic oligarchy.

Other People

Wosetashel Namen

Wosetashel Namen, a nine-year-old rich youngster and child of a wealthy Colonaian Council member, has Opia Cilia in anger when she sees the child speaking with her target--Princess Tuwark. Opia Cilia had once physically quarreled with the child in turn to expose Penelope with the private knowledge of engagement. As Opia Cilia notices that the rich child adores Princess Penelope to the point of considerable iconic virtue, she also recognizes that the child is gullible, and is capable of asking much from her parents. So, although Opia Cilia has disposition for the child, she occasionally uses her to get truth for money or encapsulate her capable good heart to a dirty, wealthy, greedy outlook.

Character Theme Song

Ridge Racer Type 4 - Urban Fragments


  • Some people, written in the general Colonaian Time Scope newspaper, claim that Princess Penelope Tuwark may or may not be related to Opia Cilia.


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