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Ophelia the Chao.


Ophelia is a white Angel Chaos Chao that stands at a less than normal height, often said to be a runt. She has blue streaks at the end of her arms, legs, and ears, and has a purple halo. Her eyes are a clover green. She, unlike all Angel Chaos Chao, also had the "dot" that Chao have at the top of her head, along with her halo. Her dot is white like her body, and her wings are larger than normal, and are a light blue.

When in her vigilante costume, she dons a black ninja mask.


Ophelia is a sweet and innocent Chao who loved to play. She loves being complimented by her owners and adores them, thinking very highly of them. She has a very curious personality, and that does lead her to get into occasional trouble.

She is also very mischievous and loves to pull pranks, often pulling the whip-cream-and-feather bit on someone sleeping. She helps Cayo with his pranks, and is always seen forming her own as well, sometimes rivaling Cayo. She is also very imaginative, always pretending to go on adventures, like being a princess or a aviator. This vivid imagination allows her to be able to pull pranks on victims.

She is also very childlike, always wanting attention. This can make her hostile towards others like April and Alice, as they "take away attention" from her. She is very naïve, and that makes her susceptible to lots of things, kidnapping and pranks alike.



Her exact birth date is unknown, as is her age. But, she seems to have been born in July. She was born in Green Hill, and her parental Chao mother seems to have abandoned her. According to the creator, she was born a Chaos Chao, though this defies the evolution into the Chaos stage. She was eventually taken in by the Villan Phantom Sapphire, before he became an evil mastermind.

She then lived a happy life with him, but it didn't last. Phantom Sapphire soon took up a cruel personality, and started to abuse Ophelia, and starved her often. Ophelia soon ran away from him, and that led her to be untrusting of others. Eventually, she was found in Central City (it's not said how she got there, though a train was mentioned) by Cayo and Imre, and they were able to take her in.

Imre's Death

Ophelia was at the soccer practice with Cayo and Cade, and had heard of the bad news. She tried to follow Cayo and Cade when they ran off, but she couldn't fly that fast. She eventually caught up to them, but it was too late: Imre had died. She was last seen lying on top of Imre, who was being lifted into the ambulance, and sobbing hysterically.

One Month Later

Ophelia was seen playing a video game with Cayo, and she won easily. After that, she isn't seen very often, usually just following Cayo and trying to get attention.

It isn't until after Kasper agreed to become a hero with Tavor did she become more important. She begged to become a hero too, and Cayo gave in, and she soon was given her own code name and mask. She tries to help the brothers, but often is too klutzy to really help.


Ophelia does actually posses some degree of telekinesis, and she can lift things with her mind. This power does have its set backs, as it does make her very tired, but it has been shown to be very useful as well. She cannot pickup very large items, anything over twenty pounds really, but she can propel them with great force, making them dangerous.

Ophelia also has some degree of super speed, for a Chao at least, and seems to be a speed type/run Chao.


Ophelia has extreme flexibility and can bend her small body in almost unnatural ways. She also has a heightened sense of smell, and that is often used for comic relief, being able to smell fruit from across the city.

She also seems to be naturally stealthy, and her light, small body allows her to be able to sneak around easily, so she is often used to help with stealth missions.


This little Chao knows a wide variety of skills.


Ophelia's weapons are steel bladed shuriken that she is able to use to deflect or throw, offering her an offensive and defensive advantage to her adversary. She doesn't aim to kill with them, and they are actually dulled to prevent that.


Her combat style is pretty wild, and it revolves mostly around boxing, though her punches have more speed to them than force. This leads her to be more of a defensive fighter, and she'll rather dodge than throw punches anyhow.


Having ran away left her with some street smarts about surviving. She can easily forge for berries, and even hunt down animals for food, such as fish, even though she is in fact a herbivorous animal.


Being that she is a Chao, she can not communicate as easily as the rest of the gang. She is also very small and fragile, so she is easy to hurt.

Her telekinesis can also weaken her, as it does leave her very tired if she lifts something heavy or if she over uses it. She can't fly very fast either, so she's pretty slow.


While just a pet Chao, she still has relationships with others.


Imre and Ophelia were very close, and Imre loved Ophelia and gave her just about anything, spoiling her to the extreme. Ophelia admired him for being able to convince Tavor to keep her, and is still very grateful for it to this day.

Cayo and Cade

Cayo and her are great fighting partners and friends. They team up for just about everything, fighting and pranking alike. They also love to play together, as seen when Cayo lost a video game match to her.

Cade and Ophelia get along fairly well, but neither really interact with each other. They still love each other, and Cade loves to talk to her about anything, and she loves to listen.


Ophelia and Kasper get along very well. Kasper often reads to her and Ophelia loves it; especially fairytales. They play together a lot as well, and seem to be great friends.


Tavor and Ophelia don't get along very well. While Ophelia is grateful that he relented and let her stay, she still is made at him for almost casting her back onto the streets. Tavor finds her attention seeking annoying, especially when he's trying to talk to April.


April and her get along okay, but Ophelia tries to steal attention from her with whoever she's talking to, especially Imre or Cayo. Otherwise, they get along great.


Alice and Ophelia do not get along very well. They both are attention seekers, and they always try to out do each other, even with the little interaction they have with each other.


Isla and Ophelia get along well, and Ophelia often helps Isla with her lab work when she comes over. That isn't to say that they don't get in each other's way every now and then. Ophelia does try to steal Isla's spotlight, but Isla doesn't really mind it.


  • According to the creator, Ophelia was born and Angel Chaos Chao. This is technically not possible, as this stage is only achieved by adults reaching the possible last stage of evolution.
  • Ophelia was named after the young female in Shakespeare's Hamlet, who ends up going mad and drowns herself.
  • Because she can not speak, she can't have a quotes section.
  • Imre and Cayo can under her completely, so that hints that they can speak and understand the Chao language.
  • Ophelia loves to play with Cheese the Chao, Creams Chao, anytime she can.
  • She seems to be the only Chao in the entire series.
  • Intrestingly, she also was not born in a Chao Garden, and was born in a small cave a few miles away from one.
  • She was originally going to be Phantom Sapphire's assistant.
  • She loves chocolate, even though Chaos are on strict fruit and nut diets.
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