Opalescence the Cat is a character created by Darkest Shadow. She is the grandmother of Lina and Christina Transon. She lives alone, her husband long gone, patiently awaiting the next time she gets to see her grandchildren until her passing.

General Info

Opalescnce Fiona Monnie (neé Versamine) is a sixty-three year old retired woman who currently lives alone in a small house in Tamaruin City. She prefers to stay inside and quilt blankets. Life has been different for her ever since her husband passed many years ago, she changed emotionally and mentally.

Opalescence frequently remorses the death of her husband, Francis Jr.. She was fifty-seven when he passed, but even though it was years ago, she still feels as it was yesterday when he fell down the stairs.


Being born and raised in the south, she has a distinct southern decorum and mannerisms. Soft and sweet, she is very enthusiastic and in tune with her emotions. She is generally seen as a happy woman who cherishes her family over everything else. There is nothing she loves more than seeing the success of her grandchildren and watching them grow up.

However, although she appears very happy when she is with her family, she wasn't nearly as happy as when she was with her dear husband. With her husband, she was much more lively; her world had purpose, she had someone to rely on when she was weak. She remorses his death very frequently, crying alone sometimes.

Physical Appearance

Opalescence is a cat with golden blonde fur, standing at three feet and one inch tall. She looks very healthy and beautiful for her age, with a few wrinkles on her muzzles. Her eyes are a beautiful maroon color with golden curly blonde hair that goes down to her shoulder blades. Her tail is long with a fuzzy end that she usually sits on for comfort.

Her outfit is very simple. Normally, she wears a beautiful baby blue dress with a multicolor flower pattern that goes down to her knees. For footwear, she usually wears dark brown slippers with a white fuzzy trim on the top of each shoe.


Opalescence is much more intelligent than she looks, in fact, this comes in handy as for her own 'superpower', as she calls it. She has the power of seeing visions when she makes direct contact and closes her eyes. She can see their secrets, what they have been up to, and if they lie about things. She uses this to keep the conversation going most of the time. Carly knows of this gift, which is why she doesn't hug her as much as her grandkids do.

She also has musical talent. When she was sixteen, she noticed how popular playing the fiddle was, however, she wanted to play an instrument a little different;the viola. Same shape, different sound, she preferred the lower voice of the viola over the fiddle's E string. She was a natural talent, transposing the southern folk songs from violin to viola, making them sound like it came from a simple fiddle.



Christina the HedgeCat- A fashion icon known globally for her hot-topic clothing lines and her overall physical beauty, Christina is more than happy to have Opalescence to be her grandmother. Opal admitted that she prefered Christina over Lina, since she was the one that actually liked talking to her. Christina looked upon Opalescence as her own personal diary, as she knows all of her secrets. Christina knows that she is always one call away, and she even gives her free backstage passes to all of the pageants she was in, all of her fashion shows, and more. Especially after the death of her beloved, Christina feels closer than ever to her.

Lina the Hedgehog- Rising rock star, now in the hard rock band known as Toxic, Lina always loved her grandmother. Though she wasn't as closely connected with her as she is with Christina, Opalescence, still loves Lina with all of her heart, even though sometimes Lina can find her very annoying.

Carly the Cat- Opalescence and Carly have a completely healthy mother-daughter relationship, but Carly tries to distance herself from her mother. Now that Carly's kids are old enough to drive, she lets them visit her on their own time. Carly doesn't visit her as often as Opalescence stops by her house. Carly also finds her mother to be quite annoying sometimes when things don't go her way.

Francis Jr. the Cat- Her beloved husband, Opalescence cherished Francis with all of her heart. They were very, very happy together for thirty-seven years until his death shook the entire family. He was her protector, her gentlemen, and sometimes even her knight. Opalescence would do anything to keep him back, dreams of him ever yday, an shed still talks to him through her prayers.

Gold the Hedgehog- The ex-wife of her daughter, Opalescence still loves Gold like he is her own. Carly constantly tries to make him stay out of her life, but her mother shares a strong connection with him and finds him to be the best thing that will ever happen to Carly.

Tempest the Hedgehog- Just like her granddaughters, Opalescence doesn't like Carly's new husband. Though she acts like she does love him and that they will be perfect for each other. She knows that marrying him was a terrible thing to do.

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