This is an article about Opal the Cat, a character created by Kitten-Cookie on 01/12/2014.
Cquote1 Oh whatever! I'm 12, not 48! Don't mix up my age please! Cquote2
Opal the Cat

Opal the Cat


First appearance Opal the Cat
Game appearances
Real-world designer(s)
Creator (real-world) Kitten-Cookie
Voice Actors
American Voice Actor Tara Strong
Japanese Voice Actor Miyuki Sawashiro
Biographical overview
Full Name Opalescence Xiana Pelletier
Age Physically: 48

Chronologically: 12

Birthday February 29th, 1967
Birthplace Riverside City
Physical Description
Species Cat
Gender Female
Height 93.98 cm (3'1)
Weight 29 kg (63 lb)
Fur Blue
Skin Peach (ears only)
Eyes Red
  • Cyborg eye
  • Ripped red shirt
  • Ripped blue shorts
  • Gray-blue and white shoes
  • White gloves
Alignment and character traits
Alignment Neutral Good
Sexual Orientation Pansexual
Affiliation None
  • Tennis
  • Racing
  • Ripped clothes
  • Adventuring
  • Freedom
  • Amber
  • Losing
  • Inturuptions
  • Loud music
  • Balloons
Skills, abilities and powers
  • Spin dash
  • Grinding
  • Enhanced jump
Abilities and Powers
  • Psychokinesis
  • Crystallokinesis
  • Levitate
  • Harnessing chaos energy
    • Super transformation
Ability type Power

Opal Xiana Pelletier, better known as Opal the Cat, is a blue feline that is very sarcastic, and a hero to Mobius. She has psychokinesis and can levitate, and can use the chaos emeralds to her advantage. She weilds a gem sword and uses it in battle.


Opal is a dark blue cat with dark blue hair with a cyborg eye, and a normal eye. She has a ripped shirt and shorts, and white gloves.

Ocasionally, she would wear a slim white shirt with a brown jean jacket. Also withn green jeans and a pair of golden boots.


Opal is very calm, and a bit shy. She is very confident in what she does, and is willing to take alot of risks. She is helpful when she wants to be. She is, however, not very social, and agressive. Opal is very sarcastic as well, and will try to 'burn' someone and make them mad.


Coming soon

Powers and Abilities

Psychokinesis - Opal learned how to levitate items with her mind when she was very young. She wanted to lift a chair, and couldn't. She knew that her mother had the power of psychokinesis, so she tried it herself. She did manage to lift the chair, but she accidentally slammed it into herself. She had to train herself by practicing, and eventually mastered it. She can also levitate herself, and other humanoid beings.

Crystallokinesis - Coming Soon...


Super Opal - Opal's main superform, able to use when she aquires the chaos emeralds. When she is in this form, her fur turns a orange-yellow color. Her speed is doubled, and her psychokinesis is more powerful.

Weapons and Items

Gem Sword - Opal's main weapon, she uses it as a weapon and a defense mechanism. It has a gen on the tip, and its very sharp. She keeps it on her back most of the time. She sometimes uses it to climb things that she can't use her hands with.

Stick - Opal used to use this stick while battling. She found it in a forest, it's very spikey. She uses her Gem Sword now, but she still uses it in case she can't find her Gem Sword.


Opal cannot swim, so if she goes in water, she is kind of screwed. She almost drowned when she was trying to swim away from a robotic shark. She also is vulnerable to Pathokinesis users.


Not chosen yet.



Inferno the Fox - Opal is Inferno's older sister, by alot. Opal is 48 (technically) while Inferno is 27, as their mom was around 19 when she had Opal. They don't see eachother alot since Inferno goes to collage, but when they see eachother, they love to practice abilities. They maintain a really good relationship.

Canon Characters

Amy Rose - Opal and Amy are pretty good friends. Opal feels a bit bad for Amy because Sonic doesn't like her, but she can understand why.

Sonic the Hedgehog - Opal feels not so good when she is around Sonic, she thinks he is to arrogant and she doesn't like him that way. On the other hand, Sonic thinks that Opal is really cool, but not as cool as him.

Fandom Characters

Mia the Hedgehog - Opal's best friend, Mia thinks of Opal as sort of a idol, and usally tries to mimic what she does. Opal is a bit annoyed at Mia sometimes, but she is still best friends with her.

Foxy the Fox - Opal has only recently met Foxy, and thinks that he is good with machines. She sometimes goes to his house to visit.

Krista the Hedgehog - Close friends, they first met when Opal was stuck in a forest once. Krista helped Opal surivive and managed to find their way out.

Xanderine the Cat - Opal hated her at first as she was evil, but when Xander turned good, they became good friends. Opal is aware that Xander is a robot, and that they have A.I and stuff, but she still treats her like a living being.

Cassidy the Hedgehog - They are good friends, Opal met Cassidy after Opal was stuck in the forest. Cassidy knew who Opal was at first, and wanted to know her a bit better. They became good friends after a while.

Amber the Bat - Opal hates Amber with all of her heart. She knows that Amber always tries to kill her, or torture her. Opal hated Amber more when Amber almost killed Mia and Cassidy.


"You? Take over the world? Yeah Right!"

"I think I'm good for now Mia."

"I don't think your strong enough, not even I can do it."

"*muffled up voice" WHAT THE- *Boom*"

"Hm...nah, doesn't seem that smart."


Stat Name Stat Number
Attack 10
Defense 7
Speed 4.5
Magic 8
Charisma 7
Intelligence 6
Accuracy 9


Original Photos


  • Opal was the first fancharacter made by Kitten
  • Opal doesn't like her full first name Opalescence, so her enemies call her that.
  • Opal has hated dresses since she was around 3, dispite have been wearing a orange dress when she was 4-7.
  • Opal is the only character by Kitten to have a cyborg eye.
  • Opal is the most tomboyish character made by Kitten.
  • Opal doesn't have Hammerspace.
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