This is an article about Oomingmak the Muskox, a character created by Somarinoa on 9/??/2010.
"You disturb my ancestral breeding grounds, enslave my people, and seek to steal what was never yours. You shall not prevail in your efforts, Usurper!"

Oomingmak the Muskox
Biographical Information
Age 30
Relatives None known by name
Aliases Mack
Physical Description
Species Mobian / Muskox (Ovibos moschatus)
Gender Male
  • Height: 5'7"
  • Weight: 240 lbs
  • Fur: Brown
  • Eyes: Violet
  • Haida-style Basket Hat (not worn during battle)
  • Haida-style cloak (not worn during battle)
  • Fur-Lined Boots
  • Fur-Lined Gloves
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Team Gelid
Allies Nanook the Arctic Fox, Harley the Duck, Team Boreal
  • Horns and thick skull
  • Barrel Charge
  • Stalwart Stance
  • Super strength
  • Super durability
  • Extremely resistant to cold environs
Other Information
Original Creator Somarinoa
English Voice Actor William Bassett

Oomingmak the Muskox is an incredibly powerful muskox member of Team Gelid. He is significantly older than his fellow teammates and is the de facto leader of the team. He is the son of his tribal elder, and his lineage's culture has rubbed off on him. He believes in the wisdom of his ancestors and uses this as a way to know how to react to a given situation.


Muskoxen are a large species of Mobian, and as such he looms over most other breeds. Even so, Oomingmak and indeed most of his species are still average by Human standards, standing in at only 5'7" and weighing around 240lbs. There is some variation in their fur coloration, but in Oomingmak it is a simple and standard brown hue. His eyes are considered beautiful and soulful, however, almost glowing with a vibrant purple.

As the next in line as heir to his tribal "throne", he feels it is important to keep with his peoples' customary traditions. Because of this he wears traditional male Muskoxen garb: fur-lined gloves and boots protect his extremities from the elements, and he tends to wear these at all times in his travels across Oloshka. Although he will remove it before battle due to the cherished quality and importance of it to him, Oomingmak can regularly be found also donning a shawl-like cloak and a basket hat, as is regularly worn by his people.

Background History

When the continent of Oloshka phased back into an existence on Mobius the most recent time, a mysterious individual whom the Oloshkans soon would refer to as "the usurper" was ready for it. Wasting no time, within 24 hours he had begun his invasion and quickly suppressed numerous settlements in the area; none stood a chance. It was only a matter of time before Kwethlosk, a Muskoxen settlement, was attacked. While they faired better than most other towns, they still fell, only to be enslaved through the use of specialized metallic monstrosities that operated as a sort of enslavement "armor" that made them incapable of controlling their own movements. Oomingmak escaped although only because his father tricked him into falling into a glacial cavern system. It took him all of a few days to figure his way out of the cavernous maze, but he was now far from the settlement and after meditation his ancestors told him to find others like him - others who were still free - to stop the usurper. He did just this, and went on a sort of pilgrimage, seeking and eventually finding others to aid his quest: these came in the forms of Nanook the Arctic Fox and Harley the Duck. With their team formed, Oomingmak set them out to liberate the numerous other peoples.


Oomingmak is a very powerful individual, and is known for two major techniques. The first of these is the Barrel Charge - he will charge forward a short distance, crashing through potential foes with his horns and hardened skull, before rolling forward in a somersault, landing on his feet to continue moving. The second technique is far more interesting; going into a defensive pose, his body becomes rigid like stone, and he becomes immovable. This is the Stalwart Stance; it is used by his people both to stop opponents from getting past them as well as camouflage, as they can be mistaken for actual statues. As such, villains such as badniks will oftentimes overlook a Muskox in Stalwart Stance.

Being a Muskox, he is also extremely resistant to cold environments, and can handle temperatures nearly reaching absolute zero. However, this padding can cause him to overheat should he travel into tropical biomes.


While not a species known for their weakness, this does not mean that they do not have any. First and foremost, the Oloshkan Muskoxen are essentially confined to Oloshka -- their fur is so dense that they will become quite uncomfortable in temperate regions and should one be so bold as to enter tropical regions, they can quickly overheat and suffer heat stroke, ultimately ending in death. Currently, there has been no plans made to construct their kind environmental suits, although it can easily be assumed that if Miles Prower ever meets them he would be willing to build them some; with that being said, their recent imprisonment within Badnik suits likely will make them quite apprehensive to accept an offer such as this. This apprehension could be considered yet another weakness should a disaster ever befall Oloshka.

Being large, powerful Mobians also means that they cannot move quite as fast as Speed types, who can easily run circles around their people. With hit and run tactics, this could spell the downfall of an Oloshkan Muskox such as Oomingmak.


  • Oomingmak the Muskox was created in September of 2010. He and Harley the Duck were created to fill out Team Gelid as a secondary team for a Sonic fangame based on a mystical continent based on Alaska, where Somarinoa is from.
  • Oomingmak's voice actor would be William Bassett, an American actor who did the voice of Cairne Bloodhoof, the Tauren Grand Chieftain in the Warcraft Universe.
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