Onyx is a advanced element, being a combination of Earth and Darkness.


Onyx takes the shadows of the Darkness and the hardness of Earth to create a warped crystalline element as dark as a midnight sky. Onyx is slightly faster than the normal Earth due to its Darkness element, but is less dense and easier to break, albeit still hard. Due to this, most of the Onyx techniques revolve around both defense and speed, with a lot of quick strikes and quick blocks. Onyx can be compared to a diamond with its strength of the material itself, however, it is not as strong as it.

Only the most advanced in Earth and Darkness can use it, as it's a pretty hard element to use to fully master. If used correctly, it can even outmatch the elements it's weak against. Ice renders the element completely useless due to freezing it, as does Corrison due to it melting the element to basically nothing. Onyx is extremely strong against fire due to the earth part of it preventing fire from doing much damage to it. Wind has almost next to no use against it, due to the earth part nullification of the element.

Strong Against (Offensive)

Strong Against (Defensive)

Weak Against (Offensive)

Weak Against (Defensive)





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