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Ontager Fisk is a Mobianized Ursaring and a wandering rogue. He is frequently seen in the company of Therilde Jonasen and Ashaen Rooka.

Physical Description

Ontager has the coloration of a non-shiny Ursaring; primarily brown fur with a tan muzzle, as well as a circular marking on his chest that is also tan in color. His tail is round, somewhat similar to that of a Mobian bear, and he has longer fur on his shoulders. He also has black hair.

He stands about a foot taller than the average Mobian, and is quite brawny in physical form.



Base Stats
(even higher w/ Guts)
Spcl. AtkAverage
Spcl. DefGreat
SpeedGood (normal)
Great (w/ Quick Feet)
ReflexesGood (normal)
Great (w/ Quick Feet)
Other Stats

Being an Ursaring, Ontager has incredibly high physical strength. However, he almost exclusively uses physical, melee-range attacks; the only attacks of his that have any reliable range are Earthquake and Stone Edge (and the latter is still rather short-range). He also wields a morning star in combat.

Genetic Ability: Guts

Guts boost physical strength by roughly 50% when under the influence of a negative status condition (I.E a burn, paralysis, poisoning, etc.).

Genetic Ability: Quick Feet

Quick Feet boost speed and reflexes by roughly 50% when under the influence of a negative status condition (I.E a burn, paralysis, poisoning, etc.).


Most likely due to being a Normal-type Pokemon, Ontager has an odd resistance to Shadow energy. While he is not outright resistant to any status conditions, his genetic abilities of Guts and Quick Feet make him quite a bit more powerful in terms of physical strength and speed whenever he's affected by a status condition.

One of Ontager's attacks, Facade, has its power literally doubled when the Ursaring is suffering from a status condition.


Ontager doesn't appear to have any specific Elemental weaknesses. His lack of reliable ranged attacks puts him at a disadvantage against foes who don't need to get in close to attack.

Guts and Quick feet do not stop Ontager from being slowly harmed by poison and severe burns (but the latter status condition does not cause his physical strength to drop).

Friends and Foes






Most people would take one look at Ontager and write him off as a brute; he's gruff and doesn't like to say more than is absolutely necessary, and he's not exactly the friendliest-looking guy, either. But while it's true that he can get downright ferocious when angered, he's generally pretty laid-back, and rarely seeks out combat, instead preferring to go at his own pace. This doesn't mean he enjoys putting up with other people's bullshit, however.



Biggest Fears



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