Onmund the Wolf is a character created by Monk the Cat. He is a Siberian Desert wolf (Yes, those exist), who is a refugee from his homeland. He has no special powers to speak of.


Onmund is slightly taller than an average wolf. He stands at roughly 3'09" tall. His body is shaped to leaner than most other wolves, having a longer muzzle and a leaner, muscular build. He has long, ruddy red fur that covers the majority of his body, while having a sandy white shade of fur on his belly, chest and muzzle. The hair on the top of his head is a paler version of the same ruddy red annd mostly sticks up straight and toward the back. His skin is white, as evidenced by the insides of his ears.  His eyes are almond-shaped and the irises are a greenish hazel color. He has a large black button nose. Though hidden by his fur, he has a collection of small scars, mostly on his arms and one on his cheek. While his feet are showing through his sandals, they appear to have normal toes, instead of being paws.

He wears an odd set of attire. It consists of what appear to be bandages wrapped around the majority of his torso and his forearms. He also has a few odd bandages wrapped around the upper portion of his head, almost like a headband. Over the bandages on his chest, he wears a light vest-coat, fastened by three pieces of golden string that hold the vest-coat on. The coat does not have sleeves, but has what appear to be small pauldrons for his shoulders. He wears a pair of blue jeans that come down to a point a little past his knees. On his feet, he wears a pair of sandals that have small straps wrapping around his legs, going up to the knees. Near-always holstered at his side is a long-barreled custom revolver of unknown make.


Onmund can be described as a deep thinker. He tends to look over every detail of information he is offered, then make a decision on what he thinks is the most logical. Being a survivor and deserter of war, Onmund holds a deep resentment for any sort of fights. He always tries to find a way around a fight, even if it is impossible.

This despise of combat will be thrown out the metaphorical window when something dear to him is threatened or taken from him, as he has shown to be rather brash and aggressive in these situations. This may be a result of his personal soldier's training, or that he has a deep sense of commitment to those around him, or both.

All in all, Onmund is a wolf who many people could find easy to get along with. He is very soft-spoken, calm and intelligent. With these traits, Onmund makes a natural leader and tactician. Though if a better leader were to step up, he would quietly allow that person to lead.

Onmund does have a few problems, though, such as his addiction to smoking cigarettes. Most of the time he can be found sitting in front of a camp fire, smoking a cigarette and staring at either the fire, the area around it, or whomever he is speaking to. He can also be seen as lazy, due to him rarely taking any more action than is needed to get through the day, but this stems more from him wanting to think and talk to people, instead of being lazy.


Birth and Early Childhood

Onmund was born as a normal wolf, to a nation of siberian desert wolves. He was born as a commoner to a fairly normal family, in terms of that nation. His clan had been engaged in a deadly family feud with another clan of desert dwellers (Who were siberian desert camels (Yes, those exist, too.)) for over seventy years at the time of his birth. This did not affect the young wolf, personally until he was about six years old.


When Onmund's schooling started up, he was also given a basic course on how to survive in case of an invasion. The same was given to all of the young cubs in the clan, in hopes that they would know how to survive. More classes and training were forced onto Onmund and the other cubs, as one of his classmates' father was killed in action by the other clan. Onmund grew to solemnly hate the camels that he knew were always looming on the horizon. His sense of duty and hatred were groomed so he would become a fine soldier in the future.

Teenage Years

After finishing his basic schooling, the wolf would carry on to receive even more training and schooling. It was during this time that he found interest in one of his childhood friends. The wolf known as Allyson would become his best and most trusted friend. They would help each other through the problems they faced and soon started loving each other. Onmund still continued his training and excelled at the use of scouting and flanking. 

During this time is when Onmund love of smoking started. He started up a small, local gang of wolves who would train each other through the methods that the academy would not. They all started to do various activities and gamle amongst themselves. Their friendship was deeply rooted in trust and respect, and nothing very bad ever happened to the group in their teenaged years.

Early Adulthood

After finishing school, Onmund went on to join a full-time military school, all while taking care of his girl and his gang. He was enlisted into the clan's militia at the rank of sergeant, and had his gang under his wing. Once they finished the last of their training, they were put into action as a light scouting and raiding group. Onmund eventually gave up on being separate and proposed to the love of his life. After she accepted, he promised he'd return as a war hero and make her proud.

Taste of War

When Onmund finally made it onto the battlefield, all his visions of fame and glory virtually faded from his mind. He was forced to perform dangerous scouting missions and raids into enemy territory. On one occasion, his group had killed an enemy scout and had checked his person. Onmund took the necklace that was hanging around the camel's neck and opened it, finding a picture and letter from the dead soldier's lover. This was a major blow to the wolf's mentality. He ordered his men to give the dead soldier a proper burial, despite their protests. From that day forward, he no longer viewed the his enemies as evil. They were the same type of people as him, they had families, they looked out for each other and they also had to put up with this dreaded war.

A New Chance

After a few more months of conflict, with one of their original six killed, Onmund's troupe were camped out at night near the enemy's territory. While Onmund was off to go scout out the nearby area for a new site for their camp, he heard gunshots. Rushing back to the camp, he found three more of his companions had been shot. He could see the last one running off into the distance, being shot down. Terrified, his mind decided the only thing he could do was feign his own death. Onmund ripped off his officer's jacket and threw it on the ground, grabbing the nearest materials and weapons, he ran. And ran. And ran. Until he passed out from exhaustion.

Life as a Refugee

When he woke up, he gradually made his way toward the edge of the desert, where he knew neither clan would be willing to follow. Making a small monument toward his fallen friends and lost love, he left for other parts of the world, eventually ending up near one of the biggest cities, in the forest outside of it. Though that was his main base of operations, he still would wander about, trying out new areas and never staying content in one for too long. That was how he has been up until the present, where he has made several friends and allies.


Being a siberian desert wolf, Onmund has a thick set of fur, which uniquely grants him resistance to both heat and cold. He has a good inner compass and is a skilled pathfinder, scout and leader. He also has a strong sense of survival and duty, which allows him to press on through more than the average person would be able to.


Onmund has a good deal of training with tradional western firearms. He knows his way around a good rifle, pistol (revolvers, mainly) or shotguns. He may have trouble getting adjusted to new weapons, if he were ever to find them, but he would soon be able to do well. He also is trained in the usage of scimitars and shamshirs, though he does not carry one on his person.

For non-combattive skills, he has a way with words, for a start. Able to talk his way through to get to people or resolve problems.


Onmund has an addiction to smoking. While this isn't too much of a real weakness, it may end up hurting him in the future. Onmund also has a habit of gambling away money, when he has it. However, he knows when he can't afford to lose important funds. Onmund is also slow to action, where his interests do not always lie. This can leave him open to surprises.

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