Oni is a lean built young man with semi-long dark green hair that ends passed his shoulders, emerald green eyes that are slited to look like a dragons eyes and pointed ears. He wears a dark brown kimono with a cream colored obi, straw sandals and tabi socks.


Oni, like many of the members of the Necks of Orochi, is sadistic, cruel, evil and loves to make people suffer. He is also somewhat cocky and arrogant and will taunt his opponent. Oni also doent quite get along with Muramasa and the two of them would constantly argue with each other. Also it is known that Oni has a slight fear of Lilith.

It is known that Oni is so sadistic that he once murdered an entire familly only to test his strenght and his new powers. But he isn't as sadistic as Chihana.


Oni was born from the Yamata no Orochi as the 5th head. It is unknown when he and the rest of the Necks were born.

It is known at some time later Oni murderd many families to test the limits of his powers. Also he is the one responsible for the murder of Chikane the Dog's foster mother Masaki Yukiteru when he had attacked her and her husband Haseo Yukiteru. Both didn't want to give him Chikane so he decided to kill the two of them and then take Chikane. He brutaly killed Masaki while she was protecting Chikane and Haseo suffered life threatning wounds but he lived. Chikane managed to drive him away when she used her powers to defend Haseo and herself.

Oni had sworn that one day he would make Chikane suffer in the worst way possible.


Oni has the power to control the earth, he is also very strong and he is the strongest member of the Necks. He also carries around a long battle staff which he uses to fight his opponents. Also with the battle staff he is able to control the earth and summon it at will.



Kankuro (older brother)

Lilith (older sister)




Muramasa (sometimes)


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