"And to think Divine Bliss is only some latex and a few bedsheets away [laughs]"
—Omono to Leon and his (Leon's) girlfriend Fiona.

Omono the Red Panda is a business tycoon and original member of the Akapanda tribe. After performing a forbidden technique using an ancient and evil artifact, Omono was banished from the tribe, but also gained immortality. The omnisexual panda soon found his way into the Panda Clan. He proposed many great ideas to the Grand Council that were financially beneficial, and wormed his way into their good graces becoming an adviser of industry, trade, and finances to the Clan.


Omono's father was a man of old ways. He was a wise an fearsome warrior. However he practiced witch craft to maintain his health. New age diseases couldn't be prevented by old age practices. Omono's father died of NIDS when Omono was in his teens. He told Omono to make sure that he would find a secret his father could not, immortality. Omono's mother was nowhere to be found. It was rumored she died giving birth to Omono, but others said she feed because she sensed a great evil in Omono. Omono began to research an ancient artifact that his father had trained him to retrieve. It was believed to grant immortality. Omono finished his research and went after the artifact. The combined efforts of his great ability with his rapier and his incredible intellect, Omono managed to gain the artifact. As it awoke it shook the ancient ruins it called home. The artifact spoke of a sacrifice Omono would have to make every 3 years. He would have to drain the life force of a person through a kiss in order to keep his immortality. Omono was then knocked unconscious.

When he awoke he was surrounded by some worried and other angered villagers. Omono was banished from the Akapanda and a brand placed on his lower back kept him from being physically able to return. This was perhaps the best thing to happen to Omono. Since Omono managed the family income and was a bookkeeper at a young age, he was well acquainted with saving money. That plus the fact that he was a brilliant tactician allowed him to create absolutely brilliant industrial ideas. When the Panda Clan's economy was ready to collapse, Omono stepped in and made these suggestions. This granted him the loyalty of the upper class and the Grand Council. Omono was appointed the adviser of industry, finances, and trade for the Panda Clan. This made him extremely wealthy. Soon factories were irrupted and some villages became towns. The Panda Clan's economy was jumping leaps and bounds. However, Omono became corrupted by the greed of wealth and big business. He started imposing harsh rules within his work sites, causing him to be hated by the majority of the middle class and poor.


Omono is crude, cocky, cynical and absolutely brilliant. A maniacal villain who not only is ruthless and spiteful, but is also the villainous hero. He has helped the economy for everyone so much, that he is actually a hero, but because of his cruelty and gluttony is despised. He is quite sophisticated as well. He knows full well the extent of his immortality and abilities and flaunts them. he is very capable of pushing some-one's buttons. Omono is omnisexual, only noticing physical beauty and not gender. He is very powerful, and well protected. Omono is so confident in himself that he will taunt in the face of his opponent(s) in any situation. Omono believes in a "necessary evil" and pushes strict labor so that his workers don't "slip up". Omono is annoyed somewhat easily, and being immortal has little regard for death. It's almost as if he doesn't understand it, and if he does, then it's apparent he cares nothing about it. Omono loves big business, especially brothels. He is a sexual deviant, who has a nature of self-indulgence, lust, and greed. He can be somewhat hilarious at times as well as sarcastic.


Omono is frighteningly skilled with his sword. The sword, like him is "immortal". it has been given the ability to deflect bullets and elemental attacks. Omono himself is very fast and has brilliant accuracy with any type of weapon. He has amazingly supernatural reflexes as well as stamina. He is skilled in hand-to-hand combat, though not as gifted in the art as his father. Omono is protected by his guards and servants as well, which range from regular guards, to mercenaries, to were-hogs. Omono is merciless in combat, and isn't impressed by much. He is also a skilled tactician, and usually thinks three steps ahead of his opponents.


Omono's main weakness is his heart. It seems to be the only focal point of damage. This can injure him heavily, if attacked enough and can paralyze him temporarily. Secondly if Omono doesn't absorb his soul before his time is up, then he will die. This almost happened once, when his arch-nemesis Leon the Panda, tried to steal his Urn of Souls. Thirdly Omono underestimates just about everyone, and can be left open for attack by this.


"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, and hope one day soon some-on will be making it for you. When life gives you power, use it to crush your rivals."


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