Omni-Viewer is a character that first appears in The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes as a non-playable supporting character. He is a floating screen with a digital face and member of the Chaotix Detective Agency.

Appears in (games)
English Voice Actor(s)
Casey Robertson (2010-present)
Time of creation unknown
N/A (reffered to as male)
High inteligence, transmitter, computer, Chaotix Detective Agency member
Team Chaotix


The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes

He appears as a non-playable supporting character. In the game, he is a member in the Chaotix Detective Agency and a very important one, although never fully explained how he became one in the first place. He is obviously the smartest member in it. He gives messages to the team from the President and the Commander and often gives them their missions. He appears frequently in the game as well as a guide character in the Chao Garden.

Sonic Adventure 3: GX

Omni-Viewer reappears in this game, once again as an unplayable guide character. He has some importance in Team Chaotix's storyline called Chaotix Inquiries. He also makes an appearance in the Final Story of the game, where he witnesses the battle of Angel Island.

The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Legend of the Golden Epics

The Omni-Viewer's role in this game is small. He again is part of Team Chaotix and appears to be giving advices, tips and useful information to the team. He doesn't have any gameplay purposes whatsoever. Omni-Viewer travels to the Place Where Planets Are Born along with the rest of the crew during Chapter 10.


Omni-Viewer is a flat television-sized, grey, floating screen with a digital mouth and eyes. He is a member of the Chaotix Detective Agency and serves as the team's brains. Hence, he is very intelligent and always assists the Chaotix in notifying them about their missions and mails. He has a pure British accent.


Although a lifeless robot, Omni Viewer has emotions and a character. He is the most intelligent member of the Chaotix and often complaints about working with idiots. Deep down though, he has grown accustomed to them and enjoys working with them in spite of losing his temper with them sometimes. Like the rest of the team, is has an unintenionally comical personality, which is accompanied with his British accent and gentlemanly manners.


Omni-Viewer has numerous abilities, which make him a valuable member fo the team. He has the ability to float, but unlike Charmy, he cannot carry much burden. In The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Rise of the Heroes, he is sometimes seen with some mechanical, spider like legs in his base which enable him to walk quite fast. In addition, he can extract data from computer networks, as well as open passages to the cyberworld so that the heroes can find evidence and information. Omni is also very eloquent and speaks with very good vocabulary. He is fluent in many languages but sadly, not in ancient Echidna language.

Voice Acting

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