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Cquote1.png I'm not gonna let this omniverse and everything beyond it get off scot-free for the evil that it and everything in it possesses; especially me! Cquote2.png
Ominous' lecture to Sonic and friends

Ominous(オミナス Ominasu), or his real name, Grey the Panther, is the main antagonist of Sonic Overload and Sonic Rectification. He is a gray and white panther with a deep-seated hatred for evil and conflict, including his own, and was willing to do whatever it takes to get rid of it for good. He has the power of Morality/Empathy Energy Manipulation, the ability to warp and manipulate the morality, feelings, and intentions of both himself and others. After having a miserable life with neglectful and abusive parents, uncaring teachers, and cruel bullies, as well as being forced to beat up a poor new student and being sealed for 10,000 years due to misconception, he gained both a deep hatred and pity for both himself and everyone beyond the omniverse and wanted to change it for the better of everyone, including himself.

Ominous is a usually calm, serious, enigmatic, and composed person with a modest and vigilant attitude. At the same time, he is also self-loathing, insecure, and pessimistic by nature due to how miserable his life was. He tries to do whatever it takes to end all evil and conflict in the omniverse and beyond to make sure that nobody has to experience any turmoil and pain that he's experienced.

Concept and Creation

During the development of Sonic Overload, Heroic412229 needed a villain that would stand out from most Sonic villains without being too out of place. He also needed him to be a more sympathetic and three-dimensional villain, similar to Merlina and Void. That's where Ominous came into form.

Originally, his name was going to be called “Zexus” but was changed to make a more appealing feel. During the process of thinking of a backstory and design for Ominous, Heroic412229 had some suggestions but were only prototypes for Ominous. One of the concepts was that he would be the polar opposite of Sid in terms of appearance and perspective.

Ominous' personality was used to show the themes of Grey and Gray Morality, Balance between Good and Evil, and Morality Kitchen Sink. He was also set up to be one of the most seriously taken, but not one of the scariest, evil, or intimidating, antagonists that Sonic and his friends have ever faced, despite his intentions being noble and good for everyone, including himself and his admirable traits.

Ominous's personality is supposed to serious, pessimistic, and self-loathing, but never to the point of being edgy or too moody like Shadow or Zor. His personality is more down-to-earth while still being self-loathing and pessimistic.

Ominous' design was made as a juxtaposition from his more complex traits and a subversion of expectations for not only his traits, but for usually villain designs in the series as well. This is one of the reasons why he was chosen as a panther in terms of species.


Ominous is a gray panther with white skin and small ears with white tufts of fur in them. He also has large, blue, separated eyes. He sports a short, spiky, haircut, a black nose, and a small fang. He also has a furry white chest and a thin, long tail with little to no fur at the tip. When he's wearing his cloak, most of his face is hidden, except for his eyes, which are depicted as large, glowing, and blue to hide his identity.


Ominous wears a long-sleeved, dark purple cloak that is held together by a zipper that looks like a blue and red empathy sign, has long coattails that are wrapped around a white belt with a buckle that also looks like a blue and red empathy sign, and has a black Japanese morality sign on the left side. He also has a white shirt underneath the hoodie. He also has white gloves with blue and red sock-like cuffs with empathy sign lines around each one. He wears light-gray pants and his socks are the same as his cuffs. His shoes are dark purple and have the same blue and red empathy sign in the front with a white stripe linning running up to the bottom of the cuff, as well as gray soles at the bottom of the shoes and a red/blue circle on the bottom back of each of his shoes on top of each sole.


Unlike most villains, whose actions are driven by a lust for power, control, revenge, or destruction, Ominous is an extremist who, after seeing all of the anger, greed, and torture that others have experienced, attempts to destroy all hatred, greed, fear, anger, conflict, suffering, sorrow, grief and evil in existence by any means necessary or at least the cause of all of it if necessary, even if it means using dark energy to destroy everything in existence, including himself. This, however, corrupted him into becoming cold, distant and insecure with having a deep and indescribable feeling of bitterness that led him into a somewhat nihilistic, misanthropic, and untrusting side on others, including himself, as well as gave him a very cynical viewpoint of everyone, including himself, having a dark side inside each one of everyone's hearts that must be destroyed before it affects each other, themselves, or others and makes things worse.

Unlike Dr. Eggman, who usually has a massive ego, Ominous is very vigilant, observant, sometimes secretive, self-conscious, pessimistic, cynical and self-doubting, as he usually tries not to believe that he is better or stronger than anyone and takes both his allies and enemies just as seriously as they do him, which is very serious, as well as treats them like a worthy opponent. At the same time, though, he is very persistent and refuses to give up or cower down when being defeated, as he sees it as a sign of fear and torture, unless he realizes what he has done and accepts it with fortitude and guilt.

He is also usually very calm, cool, serious, composed, stoic, sophisticated, patient and affable, though he can be distraught or disgusted when things don't go exactly as he intended at times. However, he rarely, if ever, gets angry or loses his temper, and chooses to suppress it, along with his other negative feelings and dark side, due to hating anger of any kind so much. Sometimes when confronted, Ominous would try to get people to sympathize and see his perspective, only to question, call out, and even blame them when ignored, dismissed or disbelieved. Despite this, he can be very admirable, courteous, loyal, and modest, especially when seeing his friends or foes succeed in proving their true potential and he usually takes rejection with a grain of salt. He even willingly decides to give in to his friends and foes requests and help them when in distress and is a person of his word. When he fails to meet others wishes, he always feels genuinely guilty and apologizes in return.

Also unlike most villains who refuse to take their defeat(s) and get distraught when defeated, Ominous chooses to accept his fate because he realizes that he deserves it when finally realizing what he's done. His contempt for evil and torture also has leaded him into self-hatred and inner guilt to the point where he usually tries to punish himself or cause self-harm when he finally realizes that he's doing the same thing that he was trying to stop. He also tries to reject redemption or remorse when he feels that he doesn't deserve forgiveness for being just as, if not more so, evil than who he assumes to be everybody else. This is the reason why he tries to destroy himself along with the rest of existence.

Despite all this, he can be at times merciful when he sees an person cowering down in fear in front of himself and others, due to his dislike for fear and torture and the fact that he doesn't want to repeat the same incident as he did to the new kid. He is also willing to save others when needed.

His bitter contempt for seeing others fear him and others has even caused him to see things like friendship, materialism ,and retribution as a sign of threat, torture, manipulation, and selfishness, in a word, "evil" and seeing that you sometimes can't trust anyone, not even yourself; which is what he usually indicates to Sonic and his friends when confronted in battle.


Early Life

Before Ominous turned out the way he was now, he was born and raised in a horrible place called "Shallow Valley". It was a dark, depressing, sinful, and oppressive place where most, if not all, people were either apathetic, jerks, or corrupt beyond belief. Crime and bullies were free to roam and do however they pleased; plants and animals were either withered, fled away, or killed in the process; the sky was mostly, if not completely filled with dark sky; the guards and other authorities were either overworked, uncaring, or just as corrupt as at least most of everyone else; huts were either run-down, filthy, or nearly unsafe to live in, and most of everyone else who had a slither of hope or happiness left in them in this area either lost it overtime, were forced to move, or had it all taken from them by either crime, poverty, or even death.

As a child, Ominous was isolated. There was no one he could trust; his parents were neglectful when they weren't being verbally, morally, or physically abusive due to him being the reason for inadvertently ruining their lives by virtue of their financial debt and mostly poor state ever since his birth. There was no one to give him a reason to think he did deserve to be loved when they called him a burden, told him he'd ruined their lives and frequently called him horrible words like evil or heartless. At school, it was more of the same, with teachers who had no patience for the quiet, bruised child who sometimes missed classes, and bullies who sensed his insecurities and relentlessly teased him, taunted him, beat him up when they felt like it and no one was watching.

Ominous hated the people in his world for the way they treated him. He hated the cruelty, couldn't imagine how someone could hurt another person, even if that person deserved it (as he sometimes thought he must). Then, one fateful day, the leader of the bullies grabbed him by the arm as he exited the schoolhouse. Instead of beating him up, which he had expected, the bully dragged him over to where the rest of the bullies stood, gathered around another boy. Ominous had seen the boy that morning, but only in passing; he was new to the school.

The bully told Ominous that he had two choices: help them beat up the new kid, or take a beating in his place. Ominous couldn't believe his ears. It seemed like a nightmare, but he couldn't wake up. It was all too real. He felt sick to his stomach, but with dreamlike horror he saw himself stepping forward, taking a swing at the new kid, then another. Beyond the ringing in his ears, he could distantly hear the bullies laughing and jeering. As he walked away, there was blood on his hands, and most of it wasn't his.

The worst part of it was that for a terrible moment he had reveled in it, loved the power, gloried in the fact that he was not the victim, not this time. And for that, he hated himself, now as much as he hated the rest of the world, thus thinking that his parents were right about him being evil and heartless. Everyone could be evil, would be evil, given the chance, he was sure. The world was broken, broken, and –

Ominous would fix it.

He resolved that, then, with the blood of a boy whose name he didn't even know on his hands and bile in his stomach, resolved that he would wipe evil out of the world. It was the desperate promise of a betrayed child, but it was something solid for him to grasp onto in an existence made up entirely of cruelly treacherous ground. He would bind himself so he could do no evil, and he would find chains strong enough to bind the totality of being, one way or another. No one could know, because they would try to stop him, everyone wanted to do evil, but in the end – Ominous would fix it. Ominous would fix it, once and for all.

Ominous' New Powers

After that fateful day, he was reported throughout the area for what happened to the new kid and was seen as a criminal. He decided to go into hiding, leaving behind his abusive and neglectful family and built a new home in the forest as shelter. A lot of time passes and as an adult, he would think of what ways he could use to help him fix the world. One day when he was taking a nap, he heard a loud sound from outside and went out to investigate; It turned out to a small glowing orb. Confused as to where it came from, he picks it up and it starts to transform him into the dark and powerful morality/empathy manipulating being he is now.

After gaining his new powers, he decides to use them as a means to finally end all conflict and evil in his universe. After the gods saw this, they thought that he was going to use it for more nefarious purposes and decided to seal him into a frozen state at the Mystic Ruins to make sure that it didn't happen. After that, they gave him the name "Ominous" as a reminder of his seemingly heinous actions, as well as put him in legend to make sure no one ever tries to break the seal.

During his seal, he was forced to watch visions of people's conflicts and lives beyond the omniverse as punishment for his seemingly heinous attempts. After seeing all of everything's problems and conflicts, as well as thinking about all of the other horrible events that happened to him, he took a long thought about what just happened and decided that, since his new powers are limited to gods in his universe, he decided to make it his goal to increase his limits to beyond omniversal in order to save not just his universe, but many others as well.

Ominous' Release

After 10,000 years of ageless imprisonment and seeing depressing visions, Ominous was finally released from his seemingly eternal prison by an unfamiliar figure, at least in his eyes. An egg-shaped mad-scientist named Dr.Eggman and his two robotic henchmen named Orbot and Cubot, who wanted to release him after hearing legends about him created by the same gods that imprisoned him to use his powers for their own nefarious purposes.

Sonic Overload

Sonic Rectification

Powers and Abilities

After touching through a powerful Orb unintentional given by the gods out of curiosity, Ominous has gained a certain set of powers before his imprisonment. While his powers may be limited, they are still powerful in their own right. Because of his hatred for all evil and conflict of any kind, he normally uses them for psychic and painless purposes rather than physical and painful ones

Empathetic/Morality Manipulation

Ominous's main ability is his ability to manipulate the morality, feelings, and intentions of both himself and others. With this ability, he can change his opponents' morality to either good, evil, or neutral. He can also view his opponents' morality to show them who they are or might be on the inside. He can even change or take away his targets' dark or light side, being able to end conflict between him and/or others when needed.

He can also change the feelings and empathy of his targets to make them feel whatever he wants them to feel, whether it'd be sadness, anger, joy, etc. He can also increase or decrease his targets' emotions to make them either extreme, mild, or neutral emotions.

He can also sense the emotions, and morality of others to know what they're feeling and how they behave. His morality/empathy powers can be used to take away his targets' morality and emotions as well as give them back when needed.

Physical Abilities

Besides his morality/empathy abilities, Ominous has some other abilities in his arsenal as well.

His third most prominent ability, aside from his morality and empathy abilities, is his ability to project energy from his hands for powerful energy blasts and beams, though this also makes him fatigue if too much is used.

Ominous has enhanced durability, able to withstand a large amount of damage to his body and can get back up with only a few scrapes and bruises, though he's not invincible and can get seriously injured or even killed if enough force is used against him.

He also has enhanced physical strength, able to land powerful hits on his opponents when needed, though he usually chooses not to and prefers to use his other abilities to help himself and others.

His powers also give him the power of flight, able to fly for long periods and distances overtime. Though he's not as fast as Sonic or Shadow at their maximum speed, he can still move and fly at incredible speeds.

Aside from those abilities, Ominous has the power of teleportation, able to teleport through short or long distances, though this requires more energy than his other abilities, much like his energy projection. This can make him fatigue if he uses it too much.

Ominous also has enhanced jump and quick reflexes as well, able to jump to great heights and distances along with being able to dodge oncoming obstacles that are coming at him with ease.

By harnessing the power of the Chaos Emeralds, Ominous can transform into his own super form called "Perfect Ominous" which is created by the negative power of the Chaos Emeralds, due to his inner hatred and turmoil from his dark past. In this form, Ominous' abilities increase to near-godlike form, able to expand his morality and empathy abilities beyond his normal capabilities. He also has near-immeasurable speed, strength, agility, faster flight, and is nigh-invulnerable. However, it can only last as long as it has enough rings to keep it going on. It also still has some of Ominous' other weaknesses as well, such as certain beings still being immune to his powers, being able to influence or intensify his targets on a psychic scale only, etc.


  • One of Ominous' most prominent weaknesses is his self-loathing issues because of him viewing himself as just as, if not more evil, than anyone else.
  • Another weakness of Ominous' is his self-conscience, inner insecurity, and how he tries not to believe that he is stronger or better than anyone else as a way to prevent him from being overconfident.
  • Psychic Shields or Psychic Immunity can block or negate his powers of morality/emotional manipulation.
  • Apathetic People are immune to his powers.
  • Those with strong or indomitable will are nearly immune to his powers.
  • Those who don't have a morality side or are firmly neutral can't be affected by his powers.
  • Ominous needs a lot of his energy to reach his full potential.
  • If he absorbs too much energy, he may explode within a large scale radius.
  • His powers can only influence and intensify his targets on a psychic scale.
  • The effects can be reversed by either Ominous' choice, or by his death.
  • Ominous isn't immune to his own powers.
  • Robots and other non-living creatures or objects can't be affected by his powers because they have no souls.
  • Too much use of his teleportation or energy projection causes him to fatigue more than any other ability he has.
  • Ominous' brain isn't immune to mind control or brainwashing, in spite of his morality/empathetic manipulation
  • Despite how powerful Ominous is, he's still not invincible, even in his super form, and can be hurt or killed very easily with enough power or force.


This character's sixstat code is 554454

  • Ominous can take a large amount of damage, though he can still get severely injured or even die from too much punishment.
  • With his energy projection and enhanced strength, Ominous can be able to deal a large amount of damage if needed, though he normally chooses not to.
  • Though not as fast as Sonic or Shadow, especially in their maximum speed, he's still a very fast mover, both on the ground and in mid-air during flight.
  • His reflexes aren't the best compared to Sonic and Shadow's reflexes, but he can still dodge obstacles when needed.
  • Ominous is very smart and a bit of a strategist, able to come up with plans that can be used to his advantage and tries to make sure he doesn't draw any attention to himself or his minions. Despite that, he's doesn't have as much genius-level intellect as Tails or Eggman, as shown when it took him a long time to build a complicated machine for his plan to get rid of all evil and conflict for good.
  • He doesn't regenerate from damage for a short while and can take longer to regenerate if too much damage is inflicted upon him.


His Parents

Ominous had a terrible life in the past for many reasons, one of which is his physically, morally, and emotionally abusive and neglectful parents, Ashen and Smoky the Panther. His dad, Smoky, would often spank him hard with whatever he could find that was usable, such as an actually whip, whenever Ominous did something wrong he didn't mean to do or for even the most pedantic reasons. He would try to hold back the pain as he doesn't want to make his father spank him even harder due to his crying. His mother, Ashen, would angrily and constantly call him horrible words like a burden, heartless, cruel, or evil and that he didn't deserve to be loved because of how he inadvertently ruined his life due to him being responsible for their financial debt and mostly poor state during his birth.

Whenever he tries to call them out, or even apologize to them for what he did to them, they either tell him that there are worse people out there and that he should be lucky to have them around since they don't do things like try to kill him whenever he did something wrong, call him out for being the true abuser, ignore or reject his apology, or just punish him again. While he did hate the way his parents treated him, he didn't want to get revenge on them because he thought that it would prove to them that he was evil and heartless after all and he didn't want to make their lives worse than what it already was. Despite all the treatment he's been given by them and how much he hated it, along with what they've become, he still feels extremely bad about leaving them behind for thousands of years and not being able to make it up to them for inadvertently ruining their lives due to them wanting to love him before that happened. He even says that he sort of misses them after being away from them for so long.

The Bullies

The Bullies were even worse as, everytime they sensed his insecurities, they would constantly tease him, pick on him, and even beat him up brutally whenever they felt like it. One day, while Ominous was leaving the schoolhouse on his way home, he would be dragged by the leader of said bullies and told to either beat up the new kid he saw in passing, or take the beating for him in his place.

Ominous regretfully chose the former and, with tears in his eyes of guilt, beat up the kid to death while the bullies were laughing and jeering at him doing it. This cause him to hate himself just as much as, if not even more than, he hated the cruel treatment he's been given and thought that his parents were right about him being heartless and evil. Meanwhile, the bullies tattled on him to the authorities that he killed someone and he was deemed a criminal, which caused him to run into hiding in the forest as shelter and coverage.

The Gods of Morality/Empathy

While Ominous was having a miserable life and was thinking of ways to fix it, The Gods of Morality/Empathy were doing their jobs by controlling morality and emotions throughout the omniverse and beyond until one of their loyal servants accidentally dropped one of the many magical orbs from the sky that landed in the forest where Ominous was hiding in for many years.

When Ominous got the orb and its powers, they thought that the mortal panther was going to use it for more nefarious purposes and decided to seal him away in the Mystic Ruins before that could happen, as well as give him his nickname, Ominous. As punishment for his seemingly heinous crimes, they decided to force him to watch visions of other people's conflicts and turmoil beyond the omniverse to show him what it's like for them to deal with them. This sort of worked, but not in the way they completely intended as Ominous decided to use his newfound powers to fix and change the omniverse and beyond so that no one would have to deal with the same, if not worse turmoil that he's had to deal with.

Dr. Eggman

He first met Dr. Eggman after his 10,000 year imprisonment

Sonic the Hedgehog

When he first met Sonic and his friends, he was brainwashed at the time and didn't get a chance to show off his true self as he was shown to be a very malicious, cruel, and ruthless being due to the brainwashing.

Sid the Hero

Before he first met Sid, he was forced by the brainwashing to kill his parents before Sid got home. After Sid came home and found out what he did, Ominous was forced to do the same to his other loved ones in 36 hours if he doesn't meet his demands. This made Sid think that he was a cruel, malicious, and ruthless being rather than a tragic, tortured, and guilt-driven person who only acted this way due to being brainwashed by Eggman. It also made him Sid's reluctant arch-enemy until he was defeated yet freed and survived.

His Minions

Ominous treats his minions with respect and honor. While he does call them his minions and does know that they might betray him someday for some reason, he does genuinely care for and love them, as well as treats them like the only friends he has, because he doesn't want to repeat the same mistakes his abusive parents made to him in the past. He also views them as his true family and they do make him only slighty disregard his beliefs, but not that much.


  • His Minions
  • Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik (While he was being brainwashed, formerly)
  • Orbot (formerly)
  • Cubot (formerly)
  • Metal Sonic (formerly)


  • Sid the Hero (Reluctant arch-enemy, formerly)
  • Team Sonic
    • Sonic the Hedgehog
    • Miles "Tails" Prower
    • Knuckles the Echidna
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Rouge the Bat
  • Amy Rose
  • Cream the Rabbit
  • Blaze the Cat
  • Silver the Hedgehog
  • Team Chaotix
    • Vector the Crocodile
    • Espio the Chameleon
    • Charmy Bee
  • Himself
  • Pretty much everyone else in the omniverse and beyond.

Theme Song

Ominous' theme song is Ominous. The lyrics can be shown here.

His second theme is Behind Blue Eyes by The Who. You can listen to it on here

His battle theme is the trans-Siberian orchestra version of Ominous.


Ominous' Voice

Ominous' Ultimate Plan

Ominous' new plan for his goal to get rid of all of the evil and conflict in the omniverse and beyond for good is to find a way to create a machine that instantly changes the morality and conflict of everything for the good of everyone in a painless, harmless, ray of light that brings no harm to others without drawing any attention to himself or without anybody getting involved or noticing. He will try to do this in secret without doing anything that a villain (or anti-villain) usually does that draws attention to the plan or makes others upset. This include no taunting, insulting, gloating, capturing, stealing, hurting, killing, conquering, destroying, manipulating, lying, tricking, using, name-calling, etc, as it would be wrong and go against both his moral principles and overall plan. If he has minions who don't want to cooperate due to either fear, skepticism, or doubt, he will be fair and either go along with them or do it himself so that everyone is happy. He might need to do it at night if he is easily exposed during the day. He will also try to make sure that nobody will find out if spotted without lying, manipulating, hurting, destroying, etc. If he is found out and is demanded to turn off the machine, then he will. If he doesn't like the way things are going if this plan succeeds or if everyone isn't fond by its effects or results, he will turn it off immediately. His plan isn't about conquering, corrupting, or destroying anything, nor is it about hurting anybody; it's about trying to change everything for the better of everyone, including himself. In summary; his plan involves changing everything without anyone even knowing or getting involved.


"Why use up all your love and devotion on only family and friends when there are far others who need it as well?"
—Questioning Sonic about why he cares about his friends more than others.
"Hello, Sonic the Hedgehog, how are you? Eggman told me all about you and your friends. It's nice to meet someone as famous as you."
—Ominous meets Sonic
"I'm not gonna let some heartless, black-hearted, selfish, manipulative hedgehog and his evil, cruel and unforgiving friends break my cool and keep me from stopping the evil that everything and everyone, including me, has! It's just not right!"
—Ominous angrily lecturing about how he won't let Sonic and his friends stop him
"Don't you see? All we do is treat and single out others who aren't our family and friends like dirt and the worse part is that we don't realize it until it's too late, we're called out beforehand or even not at all. But when we see others, especially our family and friends, do it, we encourage or justify them without thinking about the consequences or feelings of others being at the mercy of others' wrath. Friendship... Possessions... Obsessions... Anger... Fear... though most of them can be great things to fight for, it can't be at the expense of others. Can't you see how wrong it is?! This is what I intend to change. This is what we all need to change, for me, for you, FOR EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING IN EXISTENCE!"
—One of Ominous' motive rants.
"Wait… what am I doing? What's wrong with me? What have I've done to everyone? I'm not supposed to cause all this conflict "
—Ominous's psychological breakdown.
"I never would be doing this if we were in the right, but we aren't! We can't just go around, ruin others lives through retribution or carelessness and then brush it off like it was no big deal or as nothing happened at all without thinking of the consequences it could have on either ourselves or others or even apologizing afterward, especially to those who don't deserve that much! It's just not right! We're all not right! Everyone in existence, especially me, is not right! It's not seeking justice, it's being vindictive!"
—Ominous calling out both Sonic, his friends, himself, and everyone else.
"Okay, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said all those things to you or anybody for that matter. I don't deserve any pity, remorse or justification because I was the one being a heartless jerk, not you and all of us... just me. You guys don't have to follow what I've said."
—Ominous apologizing for what he did.
"You know how ironic it feels? During all my time trying to end all conflict and turmoil in the omniverse and beyond, I never really wanted to hurt anyone in the process, including you. But it looks like you've left me with no choice!"
— Ominous seeing the irony of his battle with Sonic.
"I see how we all do it. We try to break each other and others down further and further with us. Because when we're finally broken, you finally give in to the darkness you have inside you... Take this one, for example. You've stripped him of everything. His self-respect, his sanity, his dignity... Why would you keep going after everything beyond this heartless omniverse has done to you...? This omniverse and beyond is a prison... I did what I did because I wanted to free everyone from it... To teach everyone a lesson... To bring everyone to their senses. I won't let you break me any further, you heartless hedgehog! Help? HELP?! I've been trying to help everyone, the moment I had enough of this omniverse and beyond! Because of what IT is doing to itself! Because of what IT is doing everyone! And because of what IT did to me! I'm evil... you're evil... WE'RE ALL EVIL!!!"
—Ominous having his epiphany and emotional breakdown.
"You think that you can let this go on...? You think you can let it keep going...? No! You can let this happen... I can't let this happen... We all can't let this happen... I got to stop it before it gets any worse...! Only I know how it will all turn out everyone and everything!"
—One of Ominous' possible emotional breakdowns
"This wasn't what I normally choose to do, but I guess I have no choice but to fight the so called "heroes"-playing hypocrites. I'll make all of us learn... That there is no good in any of us. In fact, there is no good at all in this heartless omniverse and beyond."
—Ominous lecturing the heroes about how there's no actually goodness in anyone or anything.
"I just love it when we all have to spend every waking moment of our lives from beyond this h-heartless omniverse, like a bunch of equally heartless people like you and me!"
—Ominous sarcastically telling the heroes that he loves it when we all have to spend the rest of our lives as heartless, evil, and no-good beings in the omniverse and beyond.
"Thousands of years ago, there was one panther who, after seeing everyone's faults, including his own, decided to teach everyone in this heartless omniverse and beyond a lesson. Now, the time has come for him to change everything, starting with this planet! And forever shall this heartless omniverse and beyond rue the name -- Ominous!"
—Ominous' possible monologue about his intentions before introducing himself.
"Oh... I see what we all are trying to do. We're trying to break each other and others down mentally if we do something we don't like, huh? Well, guess what? I'm not going let that happen. We all think that we can do that and get away with it, but I'm not gonna let us. We all think that we can break everyone down, but I... I'm going to pick everyone up and make sure we stay there."
—Ominous thinking that everyone, including Sonic, his friends, and himself, are just trying to break everyone mentally if we do something that we don't like, and that he's the only one that will keep that from happening.
"End of the line, Sonic."
—Ominous after he's almost about to purify Sonic.
"We all think we need this dark side and those negative emotions. Me? I'm certain we don't need them. After all, they only causes us trouble. But they're a part of us... the part we need to repress."
—Ominous talking about how we all don't need our dark side and negative emotions.
"It's a wonder why we all always show the worst in ourselves, including me. See how we let our dark side control us? It's written all over our faces. Anger, obsession, insecurity."
—Ominous wonder why we let our negative emotions get the best of us.
"Please don't encourage them. We'll only just make things worse. That's what we all do, make things worse. I intend to change that for good."
—Ominous trying to lecture Sonic about encouraging his friends to go after him.
"There we go again. Do we understand why we all do things like these? I think I know why. We all like it when our dark side takes over ourselves and others."
—Ominous thinking he knows the reason why we let our "evilness" control us.
"We all don't care what we do or who we hurt, as long as we get what we want. And when others get in the way of that, we try to either break or manipulate them just so we can continue to do or get whatever we want without thinking of the consequences."
—Ominous thinking that we all have bad intentions for our actions and hate it when others stop us.
"Letting ourselves do bad things wasn't enough, was it? See how we encourage others to do the same? We've force our heartless behavior into others and watch them follow with glee or denial. It feels good, doesn't it? Unleashing our berserk buttons, brush off our mistakes, blaming them all on someone who's not important to us. In fact, we even do it to those that are important to us, sometimes. We've done many of these terrible things and mistakes and more just to watch others suffer, to lie to or ignore others, including ourselves when we do it as if it never happened at all."
—Ominous thinking that we all like to do bad things and encourage bad things onto others for pleasure.
"But don't we all know some horrible things that we couldn't possibly have realized before when we let our emotions get the best of us?"
—Ominous questioning if we've known some mistakes they we've hadn't known before due to our emotions.
"Don't we all see? Even though we've allowed ourselves to get away with them and even forgotten about them, our consciences can't help but remind us of them, if we even have one. We know what we've done. We've known them all along. We all need to stop lying to ourselves, including me. We can't hide from what we feel. We can't hide from what we've done."
—Ominous' psychological and moral rant.
"Now then. This has gone on far enough. It's time for all of us to stop."
—Ominous when he's about to change everything.
"Finally, I shall have the chance to change everything!"
—Ominous when he's about to get rid of all evil and conflict in the omniverse and beyond
"We're all evil in our own special way, including me."
—One of Ominous' usual "We're all evil, including me" statements.
"I'll show us how heartless we all are."
—Ominous getting ready to battle Sonic and his friends.
"I will purify all of us from our sins."
—Ominous using his morality/empathy abilities on the entire omniverse and beyond before Sonic and his friends can stop him.
"You think you're so good, so kind, and that you can never do anything evil! I've seen most of every, if not completely every, horrible and questionable thing and experience that we all have done and been through in this heartless omniverse and beyond! You're heartless! You're evil! Say it! Say that we all are heartless and evil, including me and you!"
—Ominous angrily lecturing Sonic and his friends during his emotional and moral breakdown.


  • Ominous is the second character, as well as the first villain (or anti-villain) ever created by Heroic412229.
  • Ominous is supposed to be a "magneto-type character" who's not wrong, but goes about things the wrong way.
  • Ominous' real name is “Grey the Panther”.
  • His favorite food is Fish Curry.
  • Before he was developed into an anti-villain, he was a full-on villain in his debut game, Sonic Overload. This was due to being brainwashed by Eggman into accepting his evil side in order to help him take over everything.
  • One of Ominous' biggest fears is his fear of letting his inner evilness and sins get the best of him.
    • He's also afraid of the dark at times due to his imprisonment.
  • Ominous might have PTSD, due to his tragic past and behavior.
  • Ominous may represent both reformism and extremism.
  • Unlike other villains or characters in general in the series who think they deserve better than what happened to them, Ominous thinks that he deserves the opposite because he thinks of himself as being just as, if not more, evil than what he assumes to be everyone else in what he also assumes to be a heartless madhouse and prison of an omniverse and beyond that we all live in. Plus, he doesn’t truly understand empathy, love, or friendship the way the heroes do, thinking of it as a sign of manipulation, selfishness, threat, torture and evil. In retrospect, he rejects redemption because he thinks he doesn’t deserve it.
  • His favorite flowers are both Lilies and Anemones as they both mean and represent purity, luck, and protection from evil.


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