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"I Truly wish you never saw freedom as an insult, brother. But it is clear that you have gone too deep. "  Omega Supreme, Or just "Kiresatch", is the deceased adoptive father in the Original Timeline. He was usually up to his crown in warfare when Gigabites was split in two, plus raising raven when he first arrived. Once Raven grew up , he stress was reduced by a landslide and he decided to turn Raven into a soldier, and was marked for assassination by Nega, which was after the final war.


Omega supreme is a 1,000,000,000 year-old robot that has blue eyes.He wears Gold and gray colored armored plating during his reign. He has black wings literally as a part of his back since they were welded onto his back. He also lost an arm during his time as a war veteran. He also wears a jagged crown on his head as an obvious sign of his power.

Omega Supreme (redesign)


Omega was a kind and welcoming soul that took the liberty of welcoming others to his dimension. But when it came to Raven, he became greedy and ambitious for what Raven needed. He also never was the type to listen to other people because of the future of Cyberspace and making Raven their mascot. He also sounds desperate when it came to the Final War


There is literally no information of his birth, but it was believed that he was created when the Atomos Stars collided, and blew up, coming in contact with various metals only to be reconstructed by gravitational pull and linking various metals with one another, Forming both Omega and Nega Supreme. However, he and Nega started anew and decided to craft a world known as "Giga bites". As time went on, Omega and Nega were at related peace. But something stirred up both parties to point fingers at each other. It is believed that Nega declared war in Western Giga bites(cyberspace) to seize the throne and rule all of Gigabites. Desperate, Omega recited the ancient code of separation."Keoar zalwer, i'ghs fiqasok, Keoar zalwer, i'ghs fiqasok. O serfok dewq sievn jedigh condexxed prio zegher, Zeeeen Gazokk! The ritual succeeded in separating the sides and Cyberspace was formed. Omega then buried it somewhere in the most secure and well-guarded area in his palace, naming it the Elder Scroll.

As time goes on, Omega ages and is looking for a way to ensure the survival of Cyberspace. He eventually finds the 5-year-old Raven while Omega came to Mobius. he adopts him, makes him mascot, and trains him. However, In Raven's teen years, Omega tells him about Negaspace and says the Raven is the next leader or, "Kiresatch". At the same time, constant war between Cyberspace and Negaspace has begun. However, Omega will soon recognize his fate.

Just minutes before the final assault, Omega tells Raven to hold on to the scroll, learn its secrets, and use it rightfully. Then the war hits and Omega dies as the palace around him crumbles, and Cyberspace becomes "west Negaspace."


Powercore Destruction

Gamma Blitz 

Axel Kick -Omega charges high amounts of electricity in his feet. Once he does, he grabs the target as he does a back flip on the target, sending them a far distance and most likely defeated.

Gliding Dash

Omega's Reign

Resixius Oblitimidous -" Ultimate Annihilation "  Omega summons a massive quantity of electricity and radiation and keeps doing this as he turn dark green, ththen a violet, until finally black and red. At the apex of his strength, he takes to the sky, and slams into the ground, causing a massive eaqrthquake, and to intensify it, he starts firing all over the area with two HUGE guturrets mounted on his arms. after that's done, he releases the remaining energy by triggering a radial blast of energy, shutting everything down, and filling the entire area.


Cyberspace Linguist

This is his only Skill, considering he is entirely  an Alien Robot, he can solelt speak this language and can interact with the environment with the some of the remains of his palace.


Omega's never has been able to upgrade his armor prior to his death, which has decayed and rusted overtime.

Omega will get up tight if someone asks why Raven is half-Cybernetic

Omega has grown very weak over the years, putting him in danger of rusting apart.

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