The Olympian Gods and Goddesses are the rulers of the world of Ancient Greece in the sonic the hedgehog series. They are divine immortals who control the forces of nature. They are related to the older Titans, their ancestors and chief enemies. There are now twelve major gods who rule over the country, the Olympians, all of whom are under the absolute rule of Zeus, king of the gods. They reside high above on Mount Olympus where they discuss affairs related to the mortal world or matters regarding monsters or disorders in nature.



Poseidon Hades Hera Hermes Athena Ares

Chrysós ílios(formerly) Hephaestus Apollo Artemis Aphrodite Dionysus Demeter Hestia Morpheus Phantasos Trivia Amphitrite Boreas Cupid Iris Muses Nike Triton

Powers and Abilities

The Olympians Gods and Goddesses are incredibly powerful beings that possess abilities such as: near omnipotence, immortality, superhuman strength, shape-shifting, teleportation, and omnipresence. The gods also possess energy based abilities, such as magic abilities and energy projection. They can grant powers to non-godly things, since some are capable of life-giving to objects or giving supernatural powers to who don't possess it with ease. However, unlike in myth, their superhuman physical capabilities seem more restricted.

Some gods have abilities related to their specific domain. For instance, Poseidon has control over water, and Apollo having control over the sun.

Though they are mighty, the gods do have weaknesses. Magic can harm them; also, they can't break through magic chains.

Olympian Gods and Goddesses

  • Apollo: God of the Sun, music, prophecy and twin brother of Artemis.
  • Ares: God of war, brother of Athena, and founder of Sparta.
  • Artemis: Goddess of the Moon, hunting, and wildlife, twin sister of Apollo.
  • Athena: Goddess of wisdom, sister of Ares, and founder of Athens.
  • Aphrodite: Goddess of love, and beauty.
  • Dionysus: God of wine and celebrations.
  • Demeter: Goddess of the earth, harvest, fruits, flowers and elder sister to Zeus, Poseidon and Hades.
  • Hades: God of the underworld and brother of Zeus.
  • Hephaestus: God of the fire, forge and fiancee of Aphrodite.
  • Hera: Queen of the gods.
  • Hermes: God of travelers, thieves and messenger of the gods.
  • Hestia: Goddess of the hearth and family.
  • Poseidon: God of the seas and brother of Zeus.
  • Zeus: King of the Greek gods.
  • presofone"chrysós ílios she used to be the goddess of gold and silver but she lived till 2020 where nightmare metal sonic killed her,sence she was so old(1500+) she turned into dust,the remains of her became a robot

Minor Gods and Goddesses

  • Amphitrite: Goddess of the sea and wife of Poseidon.
  • Boreas: God of winds.
  • Cupid: God of passion whose duty is to make others fall in love.
  • Fates: The immortals with the power of prophecy, who weave the tapestry of fate and history of gods and mortals.they failed to save chrysos
  • Iris: Goddess of the rainbow. She never physically appeared in the series but was mentioned in a song in Hercules and the Kids.
  • Morpheus: God of sleep.
  • Muses: Goddesses of the arts and proclaimers of heroes.
  • Nike: Goddess of victory. She never appeared in the series but mentioned in Hercules and the Poseidon's Cup Adventure.
  • Phantasos: God of nightmares, brother of Morpheus.
  • Trivia: God of trivia.
  • Triton: God and messenger of the sea and son of Poseidon.
  • Circe: The goddess of magic.
  • Narcissus: God of vanity.
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