Cquote1 Take care of the children love, nothing will change. I'll rejoin with you once I'm done. Cquote2
Olivier's final words.

Olivier the Culpeo is a rogue freedom fighter who fought his own government to ensure his people were free and was the main reason why Mavenland got rid of the cruel Aros rule and reformed Horai into Hordaiquan. He is often forgotten in history books and is only taught to those who dig deep into Hordaiquan's history.


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Olivier was a very cavalier Culpeo during his life. Records say he was a fighter, a fierce competitor. He loved to get personal and fight his enemies head on refusing to cower in corners or hide, regardless of the situation. He was warm blooded and full of a youthful craze that lasted through out his life.

Historians fall on agreeing that Olivier is very stubborn as well as lacking proper thought. Although some say he was resourceful and always had a plan to back himself up with in case of initial failure. A very brash and strong Culpeo through and through.

Something easily missed by most historians was his soft side. While being very unemotive at a glance, Olivier was a romantic. He was a deeply passionate canine, who ever he cared about was treated very well. He cared deeply for his wife, consistently writing her notes. Whatever she wanted, he'll do for her regardless of the journey.

He was a deeply emotional male. When saddened, he wrote small poems. He found writing to be an art just irreplaceable. The Culpeo practically wrote all his life, documenting various life events on his own. He sang melodies as well.

All around, he was deeply attached to whatever he was focused on in life, seeing it through until his end. As stubborn as he was, he indeed had a heart of gold.


Early Life

Olivier was born in a small slum in what is now known as Hordaiquan, Mavenland. He lived in a gated community that was very restricted due to the Keiros regime taking over much of Mavenland at the time.

He was born into a very poor but caring family known as the Kaddyks. His father was a construction worker who was paid a pittance and his mother a poorly paid nurse. His parents took great care of him and his younger brother Absolon. The family shared meals and made the most of what little they had.

As time passed for Olivier, the laws of Mavenland changed. Those who were of poorer class had to begin work at an earlier age. Olivier began working at age six with his father in dangerous construction areas. This was to help out his family in dire times of desperation.

Though it wasn't easy. Things got rough in the factories Olivier and his father were constructing. It got so bad the two were almost killed in the work place due to large fires appearing around the smelting chamber. Eventually while handling some hot iron, Olivier burned his left ring finger. Because the family was poor, he simply couldn't go to a doctor and take care of it. He ended up amputating his ring finger because it was burned to complete uselessness.

Ever since that mistake, Olivier's father forbid him from working construction again despite the fact that the family needed it. Olivier grew desperate to help his family.

Hardened Years

Now in his teens, Olivier began writing songs to sing out into the public for some money. While the boy didn't have much singing talent, he wrote good songs. He was a little off beat though, this caused many problems for him out in the streets of the slums. Gang members sought out to beat Olivier up just for being poor, others for his sad attempts at getting money.

Being forced into fighting, Olivier was beat down many times. This wasn't until an adult officer stepped in who was watching the gangs beat down on a skinny fourteen year old Culpeo. He assisted the canine and took out all the fighters doing him harm.

Olivier was shocked that anyone would vouch for him, but the officer replied with calmness. At the time Olivier wanted to learn how to fight just like the officer there who helped him. Months of secret training during the officer's free time taught the young Culpeo how to fight and how to parkour. By the age of sixteen, Olivier knew how to defend himself and quite well at that.

He kept trying to sing to gain money but it just wasn't working. The Culpeo felt there was more he could do in life. So, he began thievery. He began robbing high grade stores for money. He became quite known around the slums and a name rarely muttered with out distaste.

Eventually he got the money to help out his poverty stricken family and adjust to a better means of life. He later moved into a moderately classed area in Haras where he assisted his father in getting a better job for the family. Olivier was quite praised into his family.

New Life

During his time in the moderately classed area, Olivier met his first love, Vivian. From there the two came together after many series of events.

Life just wasn't complete for Olivier though, he felt he needed to do much more thievery to please his now small time girlfriend. During one of his heists, the young Culpeo discovered something tricky under the works in Haras. He overheard soldiers talking about enforcing labor around the slums of the city and killing all who oppose this rule, later conspiracy theories started to arise about how corrupt the late King Aros of Mavenland was.

A great famine started to kill most inhabitants of the poorer sections across Haras and Mavenland alike. Knowing what he knew and listening to the conspiracies, Olivier knew something wasn't right.

Now being nineteen years old, Olivier spoke to Vivian about causing a great change in Mavenland. Finally ridding the Keiros family rule. Originally she wasn't pleased with how dangerous the plan sounded. The Culpeo stubbornly took her to the slums of Haras and showed her just how bad the famine was. He pointed at the people killing each other just to put food on their table and described to her how a whole empire was feasting while the poor were dying.

Moving Vivian with his words, the two later teamed up and searched for a way to feed the poor. They started stealing food sources and killing merchants and guards alike who would stop them.

Aros caught onto this and immediately warned his officials of how dangerous the two were. He casted the group as a demonic duo. Claiming Vivian was a witch and Olivier a warlock. This was because of the wicked powers the two possesed to get away from each other. Olivier being a reflection manipulator, he often controlled items like knives which would reflect to be aimed back at enemies.

He did this with out his consent, items that would reflect like mirrors or shards of glass would just give him bad head ache impulses of which would cause the item with the reflection to bounce around.

Standard armored units had reflective metallic armor and reflective weaponry which made them easy targets to being made useless by Olivier's powers. It gave soldiers an unnatural fear of Olivier and Vivian, in addition those rumors about the two being a demonic duo just seemed likely.

They gained about as much acclaim as they did infamy in the streets of Haras. While being heroes to the poor, they were mortal enemies to the majority of those enslaved by the Keiros agenda. This caused Olivier and Vivian to fake their deaths and revive as hooded figures.

The outfits and ideas came straight from Vivian whilst, Olivier made weaponry for the two. He knew it was an all out war and he wasn't about to let Aros rule.


Now aged twenty-three, Olivier and Vivian create a full fledged duo known as the Lanun (later written down in history books as the Vieux Lanun). They assassinated major figures like commander Bulgrat who lead the Navy Squad (Early Navy Fist), his Aros' apprentices, and eventually Aros himself.

This was done through years of training and preparation. The Lanun expanded itself by training the poor and bringing them into their ranks, creating a work force driven to fight off hordes of Navy Squad soldiers.

This lead to the siege of Mount Redwood, the king's quarters resided in Mount Redwood as well as many military barracks. This was all done by the Lanun and the duo of Culpeos managed to kill Aros themselves.

Late Life and Death

All was peaceful and a small democracy took place in power at the time of Mavenland. Now being in his late thirties, he settled down and still actively worked into the Lanun. He later had children with Vivian and helped continue future generations of Lanun soldiers respectively.

Things were quiet for Olivier until his family's identities were discovered. Thus, a full fledged assault on the Kaddyk family struck during Olivier's later years. Being the man of the house and a caring figure to his children and his wife, Olivier ordered Vivian to flee from the house with the children and find safer ground, promising to join with them.

Battered and old, Olivier fought until his last breath. He died at age fifty-seven, never given a proper burial and no evidence of the body ever being found.


Vivian the Culpeo

His first love and eventual wife. Olivier first met Vivian during one of his walks around the richer parts of Haras, Mavenland. While originally pestering Vivian with his stillness and constant stuttering in his voice, he eventually made her smile though he was initially denied of an opportunity with her.

After moments of following her about to get to know her better. It turns out while heading home, the beautiful canine was caught in a mishap with an obsessive follower. Harassed by the disgusting pervert, Olivier steps in and tells the creep to step away from Vivian. Refusing to comply, Olivier beats him down breaking his legs and lower jaw.

Amazed but still scared about his rescue, Vivian hesitantly opens up to Olivier giving her name and gratitude. Olivier immediately gives her his name and the two are acquanted.

Olivier met up with Vivian quite often during his time away from family. He wrote her letters, stole roses to give her, even stole jewelry just to impress her. To a fair degree, it worked. They eventually became a couple and long time partners in the Lanun, even having eventual children.

Olivier felt so pationate about Vivian he gave his life for her at his death, he truly loved her and nothing was going to change how he felt for her. Even late into his life he continuously wrote to her, sung her songs, and of course stole her items of any kind. What she wanted was hers in the matter of several hours.

He felt blessed to have had her by his side, never to let go of one another until his eventual death.


Reflection Manipulation

Being very inexperienced at this powerful ability, Olivier never really got to understand how complex and strong his powers of reflection manipulation were. He had serious headaches causing him to impulse and control reflective items such as knives and metallic items that glimmered with reflections. This caused weapons with reflective surfaces to just be plain innefective against attacking Olivier.



Taught by a secret service officer, Olivier learned advanced parkour techniques at a young age, He found out his nails had an intensive grip of which allowed him to climb up buildings with ease, lacking any need of serious grip. By age fifteen, he was considered very skilled at this art of parkour and was made untouchable by anyone who swore on trying to track him down.

Hand to Hand Combat

Again taught by the secret service officer, Olivier knew how to fight hand to hand. He learned a brutal art of combat which involved counters and bone breaking manuevers. He was known as Killer K because of his habbitual habbit of snapping his enemies necks after fighting. He became quite the master at this art. He fought the same way he would fight with his bare hands with his hidden wrist blades. 


Olivier learned how to use guns and eventually created himself smaller wrist guns along with wrist blades. He learned how to fire fire-arms by over seeing Navy Squad soldiers line up and use their rifles and revolvers. He often stole guns to appeal to his members. He wasn't a skilled marksman, but he did get the job done.


Olivier was not perfect.

Though he's initially head strong in battle, it will most often lead to his own death. The culpeo would always burst into rage in the middle of a fight. He doesn't hold back and has many problems with keeping his temper cool. If family or close friends are threatened, he will definitely enter an angered phase and completely ignore coordination in his attacks. This evidently lead to his death as he would recklessly fight as an old man and lost stamina and footing, leaving him opening to death blows.

He was not as combatly proficient as the history books write him off to be. Modern tactics could easily thwart Olivier in combat and there were many flaws in his fighting style. It was purely offensive and in general one can not have purely offensive combat with out understanding the enemy at hand. Olivier was a flawed fighter, despite all of his training. It was due to the combination of his tactics and Vivian's mind that got him successful.

Olivier is indeed generally powerless. He didn't understand his own powers and rarely used them if ever. This could be quite bad for him because of the fact that he has no elemental resistances and could easily be beaten down with elemental skills if the kinetic so pleases. 


  • Olivier has French roots, making him another French character of mine.
  • As you can tell, this character is HEAVILY based off of Assassin's Creed's concepts.
  • This is another co-operative project between me and HauntedAlchemist.
  • Olivier is an ancestor to Lloyd and Jazper. He existed during the Haras revolution which lead to Haras being renamed to Hordaiquan.
  • The time period Olivier existed in is based off of 1920s Industrialization, Victorian steampunk, and the infamous rule of Stalin including Russia's famine.
  • Olivier was written down as a legend in many history books in Mavenland, however in areas of Keiros rule, these books are burned and his Lanun are spoken of very negatively.
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