Oliver 'João' the Cat

Age 31
Height 4' 9"
Weight 98 lbs.
Gender Male
Species Mobian/Cat
  • Fur: Coming soon!
  • Eyes: Coming soon!
Attire Coming soon!
Birthplace (Fictional) Portugal
Romantic Interests None

Oliver 'João' the Cat (John in Portuguese) (オリバー 'ジョアン'・ザ・キャット Oribā 'Joan' za Kyatto), or better known by his full name João Ferrero is J the Hedgehog's rival in racing.

Physical Description

Oliver is seen always wearing his unique racing outfit, regardless on whether he is racing or not. The shirt's racing number is "37".


He is a pacifist at heart and will not attack unless if enemies would attempt to do so. Oliver is very kind torwards children and others alike. When not in racing, he is a highly trained mercenary, and is tasked to capture or kill the most dangerous criminals he can encounter. He was also an elite soldier for the past 40 years in the military before his retirement. It is unclear how he got into racing, but did not gained much fame as J already would. Perhaps he views racing as his favorite hobby as he would care more about eliminating dangerous enemies attempting to invade Mobius. He is also shown to tease Claude, due to his low self-esteem.


Oliver is an expert marksman when it comes to firearms, which has been filled with poison powers, which can deliver deadly damage at enemies. However, Oliver himself does not wields poison abilities, but excels wenn in hand-to-hand combat.


Due to his lack of kinetic powers, he will have to rely on weapons to defend himself. Even as a trained soldier, his running speed do not excel well and really hates water.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Racing (his favorite hobby)
  • Training (since he is, in fact, a mercenary)


  • People attempting to interfere with his job (unless they want to help him)
  • Water
  • Extremely bulky weapons

Character Interactions

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