This is an article about Oliver "Shield" the Bat, a character created by Monk the Cat on 08/16/2013.

Oliver, also known as "Shield", is a 16 year old, deaf vampire bat, with no powers.


Shield is a bat with average height and moderate muscle build. He has short, silver-gray fur that has a white hue. As a vampire bat, he has two extra long, sharp fangs in his mouth. He has peach-colored skin, showing on his muzzle, stomach/chest, arms, inner ears. and inner wings. His wings are somewhat large and feature a white, bony claw at the top folding point of each one. He also has light purple eyes.

He commonly wears black shorts, that don't restrict his mobility, and a black tank top. He also wears thick, durable leather boots, with tough black rubber soles. He usually wears black or gray gloves that have no cuffs, and are cut off at the fingertips.


Shield can be rather basic, when he is with people he trusts.  He is somewhat blunt, in what he says, and how he acts. He has a strong sense of responsibility, especially for taking care of his kitten. As a vampire bat, he sometimes has a craving for blood, but he doesn't require it to survive, so he can almost always control this.

Items in Possession

  • His shield(s) - A round metal shield that is about one and a half feet in diameter, and about an inch and a half thick. It is silver in color, with a small gold cross at the top right corner of it.
  • A shortsword - A short, single-edged sword with a barb at the end. He rarely, if ever uses this weapon, and mostly keeps it on a shelf, in its sheath.
  • A pocket knife - A utility knife with several basic gadgets on it. He mostly uses it for purposes, other than fighting.



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