Olive the Fox is the daugter of a famous writer, Olivia the Hare and pro superstar wrestler, Yugo the Fox. She the older twin sister of Brainy the Hare. She is the final member of Team Gals, thanks to her brother.

Olive the Fox
Biographical Infomation

  • Post-Heartless Saga Gen I: 15
  • Yugo the Fox (Father)
  • Olivia the Hare (Mother)
  • Brainy the Hare (Younger twin brother)
  • Funky the Sauirrel (Future Son)
  • Joy the Chao (pet)
  • Daisy the Fox (Future Daughter)
  • Goldie the Fox (Future daughter)
  • Cookie the Fox (Future daughter)
  • Oliver the Fox (male counterpart
  • Oli (by Brainy)
  • Geek
  • Nerdy (by Groove)
  • Cutie (by Ursula or Betty)
  • Cousin (by Hardrock)
Romantic Interests Groove the Squirrel


Olive have light brown fur with short, but wavy aunburn hair and amber eyes. She is slightly taller then her friends. Her outfit is tan shirt over a black shirt and tan skirt with black shorts under it and brown boots. She wears special glasses.


Growing up in the peaceful south of mobius, Olive was always studying to become a doctor, just like her great grandfather used to be. She was always distant from other kids and didn't play outside, always reading and studying in school, because of this she didn't fit in with anyone or play sports, but that will all change in her teens years, with the help of her brother of course.

Post-Heartless Saga

At 15 years old, Olive join Team Gals, thanks to her younger twin brother, Brainy the Hare, who asked the two members to let her join them. Ursula the Mongoose was happy to have a third member join the group. Olive tried to say somthing, but her brother say she needs to get out, have fun and make friends. Olive found herself having fun with her two new best friends, Ursula and Betty the Hedgefox dancing. Olive fell in love with her classmate, Groove the Squirrel, however, Groove is unaware of her feelings and makes fun of her, with Hardrock standing up for her. Olive plays triple neck guitars and her hobby is swimming. Olive then begin to have second thoughts about being a doctor.


Unlike her friends who can control fire, Olive control ice as she was train at a early age, how ever she can't control it as it will harm those around her when she is scare, when one time she froze the pool because Groove scare her with his sea monster masked.  Olive is strong pacifists as she does not believe in fighting.


Olive is very shy, meek and have low-self esteam, she don't like to stand out to much. Because of this, most people forget she there or in the room, sometimes the teachers forget she in the classroom. She more out-spoken when with her friends and brother and begin to enjoy life itself. She cares alot about others and always help them out if there hurt. She also adores Chao and she goes to the Chao gardren to take of them. She good with stragey and often plan what to do next.

Friends and Foes


  • Ursula the Mongoose -
  • Betty the Hedgefox -
  • Brainy the Hare -
  • Crazy the Power Hedgehog


  • Team Gals




  • Along with her brother and Crazy, Olive has not appear in the Heartless Saga.
  • A running gag in the story is when she get's scare, she often freezes people around her.
  • Her original power where flames, but change them to ice.
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