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Galileo Ogorki Konserwowe the Hedgehog
Biographical Information
  • Unknown (BearfootTruck’s universe)
  • 9001 (Picklehog’s universe)
Relatives Unknown
Alias *Gurkon (in his dragon form)

"You forgot the pickles!" (Picklehog)
“I recommend crunchy pickles!” (The Fakest Things Alive)

Romantic Interests Any beautiful woman
Physical Description

Alienhog (Picklehog)
Hedgehog/Dragon (BearfootTruck's universe)

Gender Male
  • Fur: Green w/ peach muzzle, arms and chest
  • Eyes: Green w/ huge pupils
  • Basic white gloves
  • High-speed friction resistant green/white shoes & white socks
Political Alignment & Abilities
Affiliations N/A
  • Super speed
  • Spin Dash
  • Fire breathing
  • Super strength (super form only)
Super Forms
  • Gurkon the Dragon
Other Forms N/A
  • Doing drugs
  • Being with women
  • Being sober
  • Women saying “no”
Voice actor(s) N/A

This page is for Ogorki the Hedgehog from ANY person's continuity.


Picklehog’s Universe

5 months ago, a Spaceship crash-landed in Mobius near Downunda. Tails and Sonic went there and they went like wow its a spaceman and then a Pickle-colored alien came out and copied Sonic's form, he now roams Mobius to find his missing family that crash-landed here too.

BearfootTruck's stories


Ogorki makes an appearance in "The Fakest Things Alive". In this story, he speaks broken Polish. Ogorki's first appearance is on Angel Island, where he jumps off and attempts to fly. Upon hitting the ground, he proceeds to hit upon numerous female characters, including Rouge, Amy & Bunnie. However, when Sally kicks him, he gets very upset and starts breathing fire. Then, Shadow arrives and kills him…well, not really. After being shot, he turns into Gurkon the Dragon and destroys part of the Great Forest. Finally, Gurkon is destroyed by Shadow & Blaze.

Unnamed Story by

It is planned that he or Scourge will be used as the subject in the story "Nice Guy", as the green hedgehog fakes kindness to manipulate an unsuspecting female who's just moved into town.


In “The Fakest Things Alive”, Ogorki is heavily implied to be a drug addict, although he's never seen doing any during that story. Ordinarily, he’s a pleasant & humorous little fellow, although it’s probably because he’s so high. However, Ogorki gets mad if women reject his advances. In his dragon form, he is very aggressive & ruthless.

Powers & Abilities

Like Sonic & Shadow, Ogorki has the power of super speed & high jumping. Also, like other hedgehogs, he can do the Spin Dash & Spin Jump moves, although he hasn’t been seen using either of those. He seems to have decent physical strength, although he’s no stronger than Sonic. Unlike most hedgehogs, Ogorki can breathe fire. When heavily damaged, he can morph into his dragon form, Gurkon.

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