Cquote1 It's a rough job and reaching the top. but all it takes is a calm mind to make things easier! Cquote2
Oestra in an interview

Rheda Alexandria is an anthropomorphic deer created by Mr.gameandfight on July 5th 2017. She is a recurring character in the series Valiant Hunters who is currently employed at Cavalry Corporation under the alias "Oestra" (Pronounced: Estrah) who is known as one of the highest ranking vigilantes of the entire network.


Oestra is a slim, tall and bright hippocamelus deer with straight white hair, short antlers slightly tanned skin and bright purple eyes. People of Authenia and even other planets consider Oestra to be extremely beautiful. Her casual attire displays as leotard with long heels and fingerless gloves which are all with yellow and white highlights. Outside of work, Oestra has a wide fashion sense and constantly changes her and hairstyle going out casually to swimming, to camping and even changes her pajamas frequently.

Aside from her fashion sense, Oestra has a tattoo on her forearm that reads "Knowledge is power, Ignorance is bliss" and wears a choker with a purple pendant that she always wears.



Being one of the few people of cavalry corp. to reach the highest tier and reviews of the entire company, Oestra is very noble, brave, selfless and righteous. She is willing to battle anyone regardless of power and reputation. This leads to another one of her defining traits which is her great fighting spirit that will lead her to be unhesitant to battle and confident in her abilities.

In the times that she has to herself, Oestra is an extremely outgoing person often getting into activities outside such as biking through the city, working out at the gym, flying around and doing yoga. But the one activity that trumps all the other things is shopping as she has a very huge fashion sense.

Oestra is also committed to all of her family friends and fans to where she is often spotted socializing with many of them. She is jubilant, respectful and helpful to the entire community even to the ones that do not like her.


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Light Generation

Oestra's main power is the generation of light. Unlike Rik and Karin who are capable of expanding the use of their elemental abilities, Oestra can only emit small bursts of light from her hands, feet and hair. She makes up for this by using the said powers to enhance her striking capabilities or create temporary halos of light that are casted around her. She can also be able to shield herself around her light by either holding her hands out to deflect a projectile or shroud herself temporarily to avoid oncoming damage. At times she has made situational uses of her abilities such as lighting a darkened room or blinding an opponent.

Known Light Generation Moves

  • Spark - Oestra thrusts her hands together in front of herself as two spheres of light coil around each other. When the two clash into each other, they create a big explosion which causes high knockback.
  • Flash - An afterimage of light launches forward but fades away as it moves further away from Oestra. The closest the afterimage is to attacking an opponent, the more damage it does.
  • Strike Enhance - Possibly one of Oestra's more trademark abilities. While striking, her legs and hands glow increasing her attack power and knocking her opponents back further than usual.
  • Heaven's Lashes - Oestra brings her foot forward and kicks repeatedly forward in a rapid barrage that creates the illusion of her having more feet.
  • Deflect! - Spinning around with her hands glowing or simply swiping her hand or leg in any direction, Oestra can be able to deflect or reflect oncoming projectiles.
  • Shroud - Similar to Flash, Oestra can temporarily encase herself in light to stop attacks.
  • Stunning Spark - Oestra simply snaps her fingers as a flash of light hits her opponents eyes temporarily blinding them.
  • Halation - Possibly one of her ultimate attacks. Oestra spreads her arms out as 6 make-shift halos form around her and spin around attacking multiple times.


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Theme Songs

In Respective Orders, Oestra has 2 theme songs. The first is Outlaw by It's Different and the second being Make Way by Aloe Blacc

It's different - Outlaw (feat

It's different - Outlaw (feat. Miss Mary) -NCS Release-

Aloe Blacc - Make Way (Lyrics)

Aloe Blacc - Make Way (Lyrics)

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