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Odium Omnes

Odium Omnes 
is a Remnant of the dark creature Hamaveck the Hateful and represents his pure, dark hatred of all living things. Odium was created along with the other six remnants after Hamaveck's supposed destruction by the hands of the ARK's Eclipse Cannon. He is regarded as one of the most savage of the remnants and possibly represents Hamaveck's savagery when it comes to killing as well as his hatred.


Odium Omnes is characterized as having zero empathy, an unbridled hatred for all living things and a savage need for causing destruction. Having been born from Hamaveck's cruelty, malice and contempt for every living thing, Odium is widely regarded as one of the most dangerous creatures on Mobius. 

While many of the other Remnants act with a sense of intelligence and planning, Odium acts widly and madly without a seconds hesitation and acts purely on instinct. He destroys a great many buildings in Mobotropolis before he was stopped and each seemed to have no obvious connection to each other. Odium purely destroyed them to exercise his hatred of life on anyone he could find. He also didn't seem to hold very much value for his fellow remnants as he openly attacked Risus without any thought of hesitation, showing the same amount of hatred for him as anything and everything else.

Powers and abilities

Odium possesses the same standard abilities as all other Remnants, such as telepathic communication with his "brothers and sisters" yet he does not possess all the qualities as his whole personality Hamaveck. Yet he does have certain abilities akin to Hamaveck's.

  • Superhuman Strength - Odium possesses inhuman strength that approaches onto godly. He is capable of lifting huge structures, breaking through solid bank vaults with his fists, throwing a fully grown echidna (Knuckles) through a wall and running through entire buildings. He can also use this emmense strength to other effects such as causing shockwaves to overthrow his enemies.
  • Superhuman resistance - Odium Omnes also possesses a tiny layer of secondary skin that is less than a nanometer thick around his entire body that acts as a forcefield. He can be shot, stabbed, beaten, even had cars thrown onto him without a single mark on his body. He inherited this trait directly from Hamaveck.


In keeping with the fur color of all of Hamaveck's remnants, Odium Omnes takes the appearance of a black furred Echidna with particularly sharp fur quills. He also wears a black varient of Hamaveck's red coat and red versions of his black boots.


Odium Omnes' name literally translates into Latin as meaning "Hatred of all" clearly referencing his hatred of all living things.

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