This is an article about Odaka no Kaori, a character created by Bitbyte1214.

General Information

She is an unknown type of youkai, but it is known that she manipulates shadows. She has taken a liking to cherry blossoms and seems to have an interest in ribbons and desserts. She currently lives in Eienyoru with Lemon and the Phantom Quartet.


Kaori has long, blonde hair and violet eyes. She wears a dark purple western-style dress with a pale pink petticoat under it. Her muzzle is white and her lipstick is pale lavender. She wears long white elegant gloves that reach a little past her elbows and pale pink socks.


Kaori is usually a calm and playful person. She is usually found sleeping on regular days and commanding her shikigami, Lemon, to do everything for her. Despite being lazy, she is very powerful. Kaori also has a sadistic side, seen when she attacks random people in her spare time. She also has disturbing dreams, ranging someone being literally torn apart to thoughts of being drowned in liquid chocolate.


Much of Kaori's history is unknown, but it is rumored that she was created around 8046 B.C. She roamed Mobius for years, but after 2,000 years passed, she fell into a dormant state. Despite falling dormant, she holds knowledge of many things, but how she obtained the information is unknown.

Abilities and Powers

Kaori's main ability is to manipulate shadows. She knows how to bend light, shroud herself in shadow, and manipulate the shadows into spiritual ghosts that can literally suck the life out of anything that they have attacked. She also has the ability to take on a gaseous form, which is useful when fighting, escaping, or trying to get past something her solid form normally can't. She can also read the minds of others, though this power is rarely ever used.



Midori Hida

Harbors a strong dislike for her.

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