Oceana, the Goddess of Waves
Lake Oceana
Debut Appearance
Luna the Porchidna (best friend), Splash, Julia, and many others.
Peace, tranquility, springs, waterfalls, etc.
Villains and other things that disturb the peace.
Theme Song

"How…could they do something like this!? Those were innocent people that they’ve slaughtered! I won’t let them get away with this!!!"
Dimensional Chaos Part 5

Oceana, the Goddess of Waves (pronounced "Oh-shan-uh"), also known as Shannah, is a character from SolarBlaze's episodic fanfic, Knuckles' Chaotix: Elements of Power. She is the younger sister of Volcana, the older sister of Frostina, and the dimensional counterpart of Splash. As with her older sister, Oceana has made her debut in the fourth episode, Dimensional Chaos.


Naturally, being Splash's dimensional counterpart, Oceana's personality is very much like hers; kind, caring, and peace-loving. She does, however, happen to have minor differences. She's noticeably more serious than Splash, and as such, she most likely would not find Charmy's puns to "bee" very funny. If she did, then she's more likely to get over them a lot quicker.


Just as Volcana is to Scorch, Oceana is Splash's parallel dimension counterpart, and the middle triplet. Thousands of years prior to the Elements of Power series, Oceana and her sisters were involved in an uprising incident that eventually led into the three sisters getting sealed up, due to the fact that their powers were seen as a potential threat. Many years later, during the events of Dimensional Chaos, Luna, who was double-checking the traps that she set for thieves that come to steal the treasures that she protects, ended up finding Oceana and releasing her from the gem.

Oceana then thanked her, stating that she's willing to do anything to repay the guardian for her act of kindness. Luna then explained to the Wave Goddess that she was in the process of preparing herself for the "dimensional invaders" that Dr. Nega spoke of, and Oceana volunteered to help ward them off. Little did they both know, however, that they were merely being manipulated by the deranged doctor into doing his dirtywork for him...

Episode 4: Dimensional Chaos

Throughout the course of the story, Oceana, Luna, along with the former's younger sister, Frostina, did whatever they could in order to prepare for the arrival of the alleged "dimensional invaders", including donating blood samples that would eventually be used for Dr. Nega's "Parallel Goddess Experiments", which consisted of PG-001/Stonia, PG-002/Woodra, PG-003/Electra, PG-004/Tornada, and PG-005/Goldra.

As Dr. Nega was in the process of transferring the power of the Lunar/Elemental Emeralds over to PG-005/Goldra, the machine ended up malfunctioning at the last second, causing all the emeralds to get scattered throughout various locations on Ringstar Island. In order to find them a lot faster, Oceana, Luna, and the others split up in separate locales in order to look for them. Eventually, Oceana ended up coming face-to-face with Splash, who was accompanied by Charmy Bee, Marine the Raccoon, Professor Porkenstein, and Zippo the Rabbit. Infuriated after hearing Nega's fabricated story about the group, Oceana furiously attacked by unleashing a tidal wave on them. Due to having similar powers, Splash was able to deflect the wave, and prevent herself and the others from getting caught in it.

Although Splash attempted to reason with Oceana, her words, for the most part, ultimately fell on deaf ears. The two Goddesses fought a close, evenly-matched battle, but before it could go any further, Luna (along with Knuckles and several others) showed up to vouch for them. The Ringstar Island guardian then went on to explain to Oceana that everything Splash and the others told the former was true, and that they were merely being used as tools in Nega's plan. Realizing that she was wrong, Oceana apologized to the group, and decided to join them and help put an end to Nega's scheme.

EoP Christmas Special #2

In this story, Oceana was one of many guests who were attending a Christmas party that was being held at Cream and Vanilla's house. When it was later on revealed that "Vanilla" was actually Metal Sonic Version 4.0 in disguise, Oceana fought alongside all the other heroes to defeat him and put a permanent halt to the monstrous machine's ambitions for universal domination.

EoP Christmas Special #3

As with the previous story, Oceana attended another Christmas gathering at Cream and Vanilla's house to celebrate the holiday season. During her stay at the party, she was unable to truly enjoy herself, due to the fact that Luna had gone missing hours prior. As it turns out, Dr. Nega was the one behind her disappearance; he was holding her for ransom, demanding all seven Lunar Emeralds in exchange for Luna's safety.

Infuriated after learning of her best friend's capture, Oceana, along with all the other heroes, took it upon themselves to cross back into the Lunar Dimension to stop Nega once again and rescue Luna. After Luna was freed, Nega revealed his reason for wanting the Lunar Emeralds. His intention was to use the jewels to fuel an ice creature by the name of "Cryos" (pronounced "Cry-awss"), the dimensional counterpart of Chaos. After Cryos was unleashed, Oceana and the other heroes fought a fierce battle against him until he was defeated and resealed.



Dr. Nega

"I have to say, Doctor… I really commend you for all the work you’ve done so far in fighting for such a noble cause. You have my respect."
Dimensional Chaos Part 5
"I'm wasting my time talking to you… You’re just an animal!"
Dimensional Chaos Part 18

When the two of them first met, they initially remained on good terms with one another. After Oceana got acquainted with Dr. Nega, she ended up getting a good first impression of him, and they often engaged in friendly conversation. Oceana had next to nothing but respect for Dr. Nega, and was completely unaware of his true, evil nature. While Oceana most likely considered him as a friend, Nega did not think the same about her, seeing the Wave Goddess as nothing more than a mere pawn to be manipulated.

Whenever the two of them were in the same presence, Dr. Nega often put on a facade, treating her with as much friendliness and politeness as possible (even to the point where he allowed her to eat in his kitchen while she was going hungry). However, the moment she left his fortress, he usually wasted little time in trash-talking Oceana behind her back (aloud or otherwise), mocking the Wave Goddess for her obliviousness and sheer naivety to what was going on around her.

Later on in the story, after Nega's true colors were shown, any and all respect that Oceana had for him up until that point had officially flown out the window. Oceana's hatred for Nega continued to grow as the series progressed, frequently referring to the deranged doctor with derogatory names such as "Nega creep", "Nega sleaze", etc.

Luna the Porchidna

Although Luna's on good terms with the Parallel Goddesses (including Goldra, to a certain degree), Oceana is the one that she's closest to. The two of them first met in the third chapter of Dimensional Chaos when Luna released Oceana from the gem she was trapped in. Wanting to repay Luna for her act of kindness, Oceana agreed to help her ward off the so-called "dimensional invaders" that were supposedly coming to terrorize the island. Throughout the course of these events, Luna and Oceana ended up becoming best friends and developing a sisterly bond. This was especially apparent during the third Christmas Special.


  • The "Nega creep" and "Nega sleaze" insults that Oceana frequently uses when referring to Dr. Nega are references to the DiC Entertainment dub of the Sailor Moon anime.


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