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Obyxx the Obsidian Nightmare Matthias the Obsidian Nightmare

Biographical Information
Age 20 [physically and chronology]

Cubia the Hidden One[creator]

Mordrid the Obsidian Insanity[brother]

Matrix the Obsidian Corruption[cousin

Lucifer the Obsidian Disease[cousin]

Alias Nightmare[real name], Oby[only i can call him that :P]
Romantic Interests N/A
Physical Description
Species Soul Hedgehog, Obsidian
Gender male

Fur color: Translucent Black

Eye color:red

Attire black jacket, black pants, black shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Obsidian Army
Weaponry Obsidian Broadsword Terror
Abilities Obsidian Nightmare

Obsidian Barrage

Nightmarish Cage

Obsidian Blast

Regeneration Teleportation

Super Forms N/A
Other Information
American V.A. N/A
Japanese V.A. N/A
Theme Song(s)
Appearances N/A
Origanal Creator Makuta294


Nightmare was created when Matthias the Shining Darkness was reborn into Matthias the Crystal Dreamer. When Matt turned into Nightmare by a cloaked figure (who was Cubia) Night mare attacked the closest person to him, which was Destiney. He felt lustul towards her and tried to kiss her but Destiney turned into Darangel and kicked him into a tree. Nightmare realizes that Darangel was a litemon and attack with more vigor but stoped short when Heina appeared. He quickly turned into Matt who was unconcous and can't remember anything. Many times later, Nightmare could take control of Matt's body and started harassing Destiney, most of the time when she was with her boyfriend Ryan. Each time Nightmare harassed Destiney, he was beaten by Darangel and Ryan. He soon finds his brother Insanity but after a breif battle between Insanity and Darangel, Insanity fell in love with Darangel. Nightmare then deemed Insanity has a peice of trash and that he should die for loving a Litemon, thus Nightmare started crushing Insanity's mind with his mind but Darangel saved Insanity and beat Nightmare. After numerous attacks on Destiney and Darangel, Nightmare soon started to despise Destiney and no longer had feelings for the outer. When he went out in search of Matrix the Endless Void, due being told by his master that Matrix had an Obsidian inside of him, he found him talking with Destiney. Nightmare thought this would be a good chance to take out the female hedgehog, so he knocked down a tree to crush Matrix under its weight, grabbed Destiney by the neck and started crushing it. Matrix knocked back the tree and was about to attack Nightmare but he started shuddering and was turn into the being know as Matrix the Obsidian Corruption. Nightmare was about to finish off Destiney but Corruption, being Nightmares superior power wise, told him to drop the girl. Nightmare did as he was told and both Corruption and Nightmare left through a Dark Portal. Sometime later, Nightmare came upon Destiney again and was about to when he started shaking uncontrolably. Suddenly Nightmare was forced out by the willpower of his host, Matt, and easily defeat by him. So Nightmare retreated back to the Dark Dimension to warn his master of this development.


Nightmare has a cruel sense of love, thus shown how he loves to harass Destiney, even in front of her boyfriend. He does show a deep hatred of Litemons, even though he is a newborn Obsidian. He hates and despises his brother after learning that Insanity was in love with Darangel, thus stating that Obsidians and Litemons are enemies and can never love each other.


  • Nightmare was created at the same time as Crystal dreamer in the winter of 2010.
  • Suposely, he has a daughter, but it isn't known yet.

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