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oblivion wisps looks like rocket wisps with 8 tentacles in the bottom and has 5 eyes and is striped a color a bit lighter than dark crimson .its color is dark crimson


oblivion wisps like to give people color powers just so they can control them and destroy things they hate.they are also known to be mischevous occasionally hiding peoples favorite things from them.they enjoy watching wisps play instead of playing with them.they like to interuppt conversations and like to learn new languages.explains why people see oblivon wisps talking.

color powers

when an oblivion wisp lends a person its color powers(sonic using drill cyan etc)it allows the user to create corruption explosions at will.if the wisp has a good bond with the user the time with the power will be extended.the corruption explosion like a regular explosion destroy things.unlike regular explosions the people caught in the explosion will be Corrupted (basicly zombie.)for 5 minutes but the user of the color power can revert the people at will.sometimes the user can  be hypnotized


the color power is of course temporary and of course if the user doesnt revert the corrupted people back in time they may infect him too.oblivion wisps are a bit over confident.exept for some