Biographical Information
  • Unknown (looks 18)
Romantic Interests
Team affliction
Physical Description
Species Hedgehog
Gender Male
  • Fur: Dark purple with yellow and purple markings
  • Eyes: Demonic yellow
  • Purple power enhancing armor with yellow trimming
  • Black magic enhancing body suit
  • Speed and levitation shoes
Abilities and forms
  • Blade expert
  • Diablo magic
  1. Diablo fire
  1. Diablo Ice
  2. Diablo thunder
  3. Diablo wind
  4. Diablo darkness
  5. Diablo light
  • Martial artist expert
  • Magic infusion expert
  • Dark Aura
  • Invisible movement
  • Mach speed
  • Wide range destruction capabilities
  • Soul Blade
  • Diablo magic
  • Armored martial arts
Super Forms
  • Diablo Oblivion
  • Warlord Oblivion
  • Dialord Oblivion
Theme Songthumb|right|300px|Theme song and his voice acting (Love the craziness!!!) (Skulls so just viewer beware)
Instrument Profession
  • Piano
Created by

Memphis creator of light 16:33, August 20, 2010 (UTC)

History and present

A dark being from the nether worlds of Aibom. In his young years he was always a master of the arts of magic and bladed warfare. Some even went as far as calling him a genius with unlimited potential! Sadly he choose the path of darkness because he relished the fact that he would always be in the middle of a battle instead of being in peace. As of now he is a loyal Void Master and the power house that is called upon by them whenever they need a quick clean up of an opponent.


He is loud, cruel and hotheaded most likely due to all the battling that he has gone through. He is not big on sparing any one much less seeing them still moving with life. He tends to be a person who wants to raze a person completely before letting them escape. The only people he will be kind to are members of the Void and his loyal spy Feronite plus the deadly guntress Armaja and his ever loving Queen Sekebua. Don't anger him though or he will have no quilms about dispatching you.


Ookamoni the Wolf:

He respects him and holds him to high regards. Oblivion is always trying to impress him and if that means dispatching a whole village he will gladly do it for him. Oblivion sees Ookamoni as the evil older brother he never had.

Ba'al the Hedgehog:

He doesn't mind him but that doesn't mean that he doesn't like him. Oblivion tends to make fun of his stealthy style and likes to show off his magic and strength in order to tick him off. He is constantly bickering with him over for Ookamoni's attention.

Malevolence the Kitsune:

He tends to be shy around the only female of the group if this is a crush is still yet to be discovered. Although he is always interested in the style she works. He is highly resistant to her charm though and takes pleasure whenever she tries to use it on him.

Venator the Echidna:

Even though he doesn't trust him, he will always look to him for advice on how to kill his victims more quickly. Although he is quick to be annoyed by Venator and tries to stay as far away from him as possible.

Armaja the Hedgehog:

One of the few people that Oblivion will never raise his fist at. He is caring for his sister and will kill anyone who angers her. Tread lightly on how you treat her and if you befriend Armaja you also befriend Oblivion.


Another person who Oblivion will never raise his fist at, unless she wants to spar that is! He takes great pride in having such a beautiful, dark and physicotic girl by his side and if anyone messes with her they have to deal with him as well. Oblivion calls Sekebua his Queen out of respect for her power and out of love for the hold she has on his heart.


  • I asked Wh!te$tar to design me a Bass look from megaman and he out did himself.
  • He is a power house in both strength and magic.
  • He is relentless and will totaly destroy his opponents body before he moves on to his next victim.
  • The picture that is now posted was done by me.


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