Solid Black

All you can see is black. You cannot hear anything, not even yourself.

Oblivion, also known as the Black Space, is an netheral dimension at the heart of darkness. This dimension is completely devoided of light and sound making the whole place both total silent and black. Whenever if there is footing in this dimension is uncertain as it is too dark to stand on.

This location is made up by user:Mystic Monkey for plot purpose in his game Ultimate Sonic and of course not canon to the Sonic games.

The purpose of Oblivion is for beings who are completely forgotten. While it is said the soul is considered immortal, it can only exist if there are those remembering it. If it is not remembered at all then it doesn't exist and fade into Oblivion.

Ecology, Notable Areas and Landmarks

Everything is black. As in no light, no life, nothing. Just black. If there is any unlucky souls or lives in Oblivion it is certainly lost and silenced forever.

Dark vs Light

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Mephiles the Dark ends up in Oblivion since he was erased from history after the defeat of Solaris. Solaris, by name will always be remembered in Soleanna as it's sun god of time, but Solaris itself was erased, thus broken down into it's prime elements to be lost in Oblivion. The Flames of Disaster extinquished forever in the darkness.

Mephiles wasn't consumed by the darkness of oblivion, but grew powerful from it.

Oblivion mainly consists of the Dark element which is perfect for Mephiles. With new strength and power he was able to open portals to Earth as well as return to Oblivion as he pleases. Oblivion now being his home.

Black vs White

SNN article Sonic Generations
"Floating without a body in a black limbo. Im gonna have nightmares for weeks."
Tails on his experiance in Oblivion.

Oblivion is the opposite dimension to White Space. During the events of Sonic Generations, Sonic's friends were erased. While erased their consciousness were trapped in Oblivion, they were not forgotten by Sonic and thus the White Space retains Sonic's friends bodies in white-combi state, restoring the colours of the locations free his friends from Oblivion.

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