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O The Bear

Name: O the bear

Age: Unknown

Race: Mobian

Species: Bear

Gender: Male


O is a massive bear mobian with roughed brown fur, light yellow chest fur, and thick black eyebrows. He has two large sabor fangs coming out of his mouth, one broken from the tip. O is roughly 7 feet tall and weighs up to 3,000 pounds of muscle and mechanical parts. Most of O's limbs and organs were replaced with armored robotic parts, leaving only his torso, head, lungs, heart, liver, and kidneys. A large bondage coveres up his stomach, from which was cut out and replaced by multiple waste filteration units. O's robotic arms are wrapped in industrial chains and are shaped in a cubic style.


O's personality is difficult to describe. He is usually angry whenever he talkes to his own kind, but he expresses his anger in a very calming way, and sometimes ignores anyone that wishes to talk to him. He is usually seen speaking to his family, which largly consist of robots that he creates. Whenever he speaks to them, O will act very social with them, and even become very laid back and happy whenever they are near. Unfortunately, O hasn't shown any form of happiness to his family over the recent years. He is now mostly seen giving them orders as his army, and will show little care for their existence in the slightest. O also appears to be very intelligent, showing knowledge of strategy and engineering.


Before O was what he is today, O was a short, obese bear mobian with blue robotic arms with combat pistons. O was known by few to be an incredibly complex engineer, able to construct mass amounts of robots with bits of scrap and in short time. He was able to create a robot capable of destroying a city in mere seconds only for it to be dismantled seconds later, and has even gone far enough to have people like DR. Robotnik or G.U.N fearing him. However, he was actually very incompetent and knows absolutely nothing about how he builds the robots to begin with. There were even times O created robots without Noticing himself doing so. This left some to believe that his ability to form robots is not in his free will.

O's interest in robotics came to him as a child; where he claimed to hear voices coming from numerous electronic appliances. This slowly inspired him to building his own friends and family with the various bits of scrap he finds in Follut. He even tried to become a robot himself by amputating his own arms and replacing them with make shift cybernetics. Unlike Dr. Eggman, O is not in any way interested in world domination. He only wished to create robots for the sake of having a family and friends. Unfortunately, he is completely unaware how dangerous they act around the Mobian race besides himself, and just believes the robots are simply "playing" while they cause devastating amounts of destruction.

O's past is completely obscure to the people of Mobius. No one has claimed to know of O as a child, his birthplace, nor his biological parents. O could only remember his adventures with an obscure robotic entity named "Big Bar". O said that he traveled with Big Bar since he was just a cub, as they traveled around Mobius. In almost every town they went in, Big Bar and O were always treated as a threat, and were attacked numerous times. Big Bar was aways reluctant to attack back for O's safety, but the battles would always leave Big Bar closer to death. One night, Big Bar collapsed in an empty field, having no more energy to go on forward. Just before he died, Big Bar told O to reach a place called "Follut", a forgotten place that O could reach if he walked only straight across the empty field. Upon reaching Fullot, O discovered that it was a large industrial area full of metal parts and scrap. In mere seconds, he began creating robots as soon as he stepped foot inside of Follut, creating his new family of robots. It was then O decided to transform Follut into a city with the help of his family.

Eye witnesses have stated that Big Bar was a large tripod, roughly 6 feet tall and 8 feet wide. No one has ever stated where the tripod came from, nor where it found the young bear cub, O. Investigators even attempted to find Big Bar's body only to find nothing.

It was roughly five months after he finally rebuilt the city of Follut for his Robot family. Meanwhile, G.U.N has been tracking and watching over O for that long period, and feared that he may be an ascendant to Dr. Eggman. In fear that he may attempt world domination (At least that is what they said) G.U.N placed O on the top most wanted list and gave anyone a large reward for his death or capture. As expected, A colossal army of Mobians and G.U.N troops attacked with every arsenal at their disposal to annihilate O. It was a vicious battle that left many casualties. After hours of battle past, G.U.N desperately launched a nuclear war missile down at the city of Follut in hopes of destroying O.

The Mobian army successfully escaped the drop, except for O, who was trapped in the city with his robots. Within the last minute, his own robots suddenly climbed up on each other by one thousand, and caught the bomb before it reached the ground. However, the bomb still exploded upon impact with the robots, and was still powerful enough to destroy the rest of Follut around them. The explosion wasn't far enough to reach O, but the blast caused his robots to explode from the impact and sent them toppling over O, trapping him with the radiation and impaling his body with broken parts. While able to hear the voices of his robot family, he also hears a deafeningly painful sound apon a family members death. due to what had taken place, O was forced to hear the deafening sound of his family's demise without any way of escaping.

years have passed and the radiation from the bomb slowly mutated him into a hulkish version of himself, which should've not of been possible. How he was able to survive for that long is a mystery to this day. Due to his new size, his legs were deformed completely and had to be replaced with robotic parts that he constructed with his barely intact robotic arms. He was able to remake some robots, but the experience left him in a state of anger and hatred towards Mobius, in which his robots acknowledged and gave O the opportunity to get revenge. They Taught O of his true abilities and trained him till he was incredibly intelligent, Powerful, and merciless. He is now a Revolutionary for the destruction of Mobius and G.U.N, and will stop at nothing to bring destruction to them as they did to him.


O's ability to communicate with robots was explained after a G.U.N scientist secretly studied his brain while O was working on Follut. At first, scientists believed that the voices O heard were actually hallusinations brought by psychological phenomenon. However, analysis of O's brain proves to be more complicated than speculated. O's mind is able to connect to a network of electromagnetic nerves connected through the earth to electronic appliances, giving him the ability to communicate with other wave frequencies. This allowed him to receive updates about the world around him from the various robots he spoke to while they collected data. This could of given O access to unlimited knowledge, but O never attempted to use his powers beyond speaking to his robots normally.

After O was attacked by the nuklear bomb, another study was done on his mind to discover his ability took a dramatic turn. O's connection with electromagnetic energy became unstable, and was able to manipulate the energy frequency of anything it came across.  This power was given the nick name;

"Structure Debase Theory"

SDT is O's ability to manipulate the energy signitures of any object and force them to go against their natural order. SDT is best described as a peice of disrupting data on a computer, forcing software to glitch and break upon contact with the code. For example, O is able to manipulate fire into acting like a laser, or even act cold to the touch. Structure Debase Theory is also able to manipulate the energy signiture of chaos energy, forcing anything that uses it into an unstable state. Unlike most energy abilities, SDT is completely invisible and can only extend outwards from O and will only detatch from him if it was programmed to linger around an object to manipulate it. Some of the various abilities O uses with this power are listed below.


With "Blink" O can manipulate the force impact of his punches or kicks. O is only able to use this ability once after the first hit, and has to activated again the next time. Strangely enough, blink does not amplify his strength. This ability is actually mimicing the first impact O made, and repeats it 50 times in a single move. In other words, A single punch becomes a rapid punch from the first hit. Blink will then disable itself after it makes impact with something and has finished its animation.


Clutch is a move that manipulates the natural order of an entity based on their energy signiture. It is an invisible blast of energy that extends or retracts from O's body like an arm. Upon contact, it forces anything it touches into an unstable state. If an animal was to be hit by Clutch, it would suddenly contort into impossible angles and shapes, appearing much like the creature from "The Enigma from Amigara Fault". The effect of Clutch will continue even when O is away from whatever was affected, and can only be disabled by O or if anything disrupts his powers.


If O ever wanted to keep someone alive after they were close to death, O will place the body in a bubble of invisble energy that he holds in his hands. The body will be unable to move while floating in place, and will instantly die when O lets go of the bubble. No matter what state the body was in, The corpse will remain alive unless the brain was damaged in any way. O also uses this ability as his force field, which is able to keep him alive no matter how much damage his body takes. This ability is able to nullify multiple energy signitures that come across it, and has also proven to nullify blunt force.


With the move "Release", O creates a bubble around himself that rapidly sends an energy signiture around his body and brain. This move, when activated, will allow O to amplify his brain activity to extreme levels, allowing him to perceive everything faster than his brain normally would. When this happens, everything around O will appear to suddenly slow down till time is literately frozen around him. On the contrary, he is actually moving and thinking with incredible speed, making everything else seem much slower. When O walks up to something in mid action, It will continue its action if it enters the bubble. If a creature was to enter the bubble around O, it will either die or will become heavily brain damaged the instant it tries to walk out without O disabling the bubble. This is because the dramatic change in mental energy is too much for the mind to handle, and will cause the brain to collapse if O didn't disable the energy bubble before entry.


O surrounds himself in an energy bubble that blocks out sound and even turns him invisible. This ability also appears to be able to cover up his tracks by manipulating his center of gravity.

Special Abilities

Compared to most of Mobius, O is a force to be reckoned with. O's body is capable of withstanding heavy damage due to Structure Debase Theory keeping him alive. He can lift up to 80,000 tons with his body alone. He is also capable of traveling at incredibly high speeds, going fast enough to match only a quarter of the speed the famous "Sonic the Hedgehog" can travel.



Robotics engineering

Close quarter combatant


leadership skills


The energy around O doesn't actually leave Him like normal energy. SDT energy is only able to stretch itself away from O while still connected to him, and retract back on command. The only time the energy source will leave his body unless it made contact with a physical object other than O. O's energy cannot grow back, and requires him to collect back the energy he used. If O drains out his energy, his body will be put in a paralyzed state until a small bit of energy was put back in him.

O's arms are fit with special devices that allow O to use Structure Debase Theory energy. If O's arms are detached, he will not be paralyzed, but will not be able to use some of his powers.

Present O as a sprite

O's first appearance in sprite form

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