The O-73 Light Machine Gun is a machine gun, often referred to as a "light" machine gun, due to it's low weight.

O-73 Light Machine Gun

Production Information
ManufacturerHammerforge Industries
Type7.92mm general purpose machine gun
Technical Information
Length110.9 cm
  • 10.4kg (standard)
  • 19.2kg (w/ emplacement tripod)
Effective Range2300m
  • 50-75 round drum magazines (75 round requires modification)
  • 50-250 round belt magazines (can be connected for prolonged fire, used for emplacements)
Known Users
Other Information
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Design & Attributes

Back during the early Col'nesian War, Eggman had the technology advantage, and so the remaining engineers decided to try to catch he and his "advisors" out. In order to perform this, an array of weapons and vehicles were designed and created. One of these was the O-73, and it was clear from the start that the gun was something special. A machine gun with incredibly rapid fire qualities, the firearm was light enough to be handled by a Col'nesian soldier, allowing them the use of a weapon with brilliant suppressive fire qualities, although a heavy tripod was provided for the weapon as well, allowing for these guns to be used in multiple roles - infantry, turret and anti-air mount. Secondly, the range was brilliant - although inaccurate, bullets could strike a target over two kilometres away, with a maximum "effective" range of 2300 metres. However, this so-called effective range was mostly seen in use as an anti-air emplacement or a turreted role, as most soldiers preferred to wait until the enemy was much closer, due to the smaller amount of ammunition they carried.

Infantry versions were fitted with fifty-round drum magazines, although a large number were modified to hold a second, twenty-five round drum on top of the fifty-round one, increasing the ammunition but decreasing accuracy due to the slight weight increase. By contrast, when set up on it's tripod, it could also be used with belt ammunition, with belts ranging from fifty to two hundred and fifty rounds, with each belt capable of linking to another for sustained fire. The trigger itself was a split-line, with the upper, thicker trigger section providing single-fire, while the full trigger itself allowed for fully-automatic fire. These guns were also mounted, serving as anti-infantry defensive weapons on the Stormpulse-type Medium Tank, amongst other vehicle kinds.

Post-war, these guns remained in service with the Col'nesian Army, and were also exported to Mobius, where they were used by the nation of Abbadon, where the weapons were used during a rebellion by the "Core Gunners" of the Black Star Rebels, and afterwards in it's standard role by soldiers in the military of the nation. G.U.N. was another regular customer, with many of these firearms being spread amongst the different divisions, although the Second Division received more of these guns, due to their ideology and love of ballistics and "old school" technology.


Standard from Manufacturer

  • O-73/23 - A variant ordered mid-war for a higher fire rate, the 23 was never taken up by Hammerforge Industries, who after developing a few examples, simply started on a new weapon.
  • O-73M Tankshield - Dubbed the Tankshield by the crews of the different military vehicles mounted with these, this variant was fitted to positions on armored vehicles, often in dual mounts, for anti-infantry purposes. Should the need arise, the weapons could be converted to standard infantry use, where they were notable for their heavier barrels. These guns were never mounted co-axially, however, due to maintenance needs.
  • OA-14 Machine Gun - Similar to the O-73M, the OA-14 was designed to be mounted on vehicles, although in this case the weapon was derived from the design to be mounted on aircraft. Quite a few variations of the design existed, allowing for it to be viewed as it's own firearm.

Customized Examples


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