The Nyx dimension is a horrid place. It is the home of Damia Nyx. She created it with her mind.

Sybolism to Reality

The dimension is filled with symbolisms. The sky is red and black like ther blood she lost from expirements. There are dark, and evil creatures. Also there seem to be multiple gravesights as well as a small haunted town outside of Damia's kingdom. These represent her village that was killed by Souzosha. Her kingdom is a dark twisted castle. It is surrounded by horrid winged creatures and deadly plant life.


There are many enemies here. There are beasts with mutated features that can attack at the first sight of anyone unfamiliar. They vary in attacks like clawing, biting, diving, punching, etc. There are also "generals" that people would have to fight. They are beings that were at least strong to an extent that were controlled by Damia. Damia also uses her mind to create obstacles and puzzles almost as if it were a game for any one foolish enough to challenge her. She also likes to create a carbon copy of the approaching threat. The person will then have to fight the clone to make it through. The clone of course being of equal strength and ability.

Kinetic Leeches~ This little pests are mutated bat like creatures that roam the sky and slowly drain magic and kinetic energy from people who posses them. While it does not physically hurt the victim at all it can severely limit their combat capabilities if these creatures aren't dealt with. They have this soul bind technique that drains the magic or kinetic energy.

Golem Crushers~ These monstrous creatures soar the skies looking to pick off victims by grabbing them and flying them to high altitudes and crushing them. They are somewhat hard to take out.

Nyx Warrior~ A typical land creature that is found most commonly within the realm. It will combat with it's large club of flesh.

Nyx Bomber~ These bothersome little creatures are bombs. It is best to defeat them by hitting them from long distance. They can explode into you causing some damage.

Nyamites~ These creatures are very troubling. They are indestructible. However they are a small bug that form in groups. They can eat and digest anything. It is best to run from them. They cannot go near water or lava.

Lava Behemoths~ Large titan like creatures. They are made of pure lava. They are very large almost the size of an elephant(though they stand on two feet). They have a variety of attacks mainly consisting of jump shockwaves and smashing.

Abyss Nyx~ These are horrid creatures. They can sink themselves into any dark materials and hide. They then lunge out in a spiral motion at opponents. They are quite difficult to defeat.


thumb|300px|right|The music that plays as a challanger gets closer to Damia.

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