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This character exists primarily or exclusively within Julia Finitevus's continuity. Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of any other Sonic fanon continuity.

This is an article about Nyota Kovut, a fan-character created by Julia Finitevus!
Cquote1 This is not proper Guardian behaviour! This person- This is who I am supposed to train?! Are you serious?! Cquote2
Nyota Kovut, outraged by Rhyna's personality

Nyota "The Khan" Kovut is a female Echidna born two thousand years after The Genesis Series, and is the thirty-eighth host of the artificial intelligence known in ancient Echidna text as "The Khan". Nyota coexists with "The Khan", and both of their personalities are blended to create one being. Because of this, Nyota has the memories of all the previous hosts. She is also the first female host of "The Khan", which produces some tension in her life. Nyota, being the host of "The Khan", is supposed to train the next Guardian. However, it proves difficult since the heir happens to be a a pirate named Rhyna the Echidna.


Nyota, before becoming "The Khan's" host, was a very sociable girl. She was extremely talkative and often annoyed people with her jabbering. She was also self-confident and enjoyed life. 

Once she became "The Khan's" host, she was suddenly secluded and preferred to be alone, a sharp contrast to her previous personality. This was a trait that had been passed down from the first host, however, so this was an expected change. However, Nyota also became a bit jumpy and could easily be startled. She also lost her self-confidence and often talked negatively about her previous hosts. Nyota also often has trouble separating herself from her previous hosts, making her emotionally vulnerable. 

Nyota often speaks in strict formal speech, with quite a bit of casual speech mixed in. This is because of the "The Khan's" age, although Nyota states that her first few hosts didn't speak in that manner. She added that the way she spoke came over a long range of time.


Nyota, being "The Khan's" new host, has thirty-eight lifetimes of memories. This gives her a large amount of experience in many situations, and increases her IQ level to a height never achieved by any normal Mobian. Nyota has great knowledge in a wide range of areas, going from complex science to hand to hand combat. Nyota also uses her memories to compare different situations in order to come up with multiple solutions. 


Nyota is emotionally vulnerable due to the fact that she often confuses herself with previous hosts. This sometimes causes her to temporarily adopt the personality of a previous host, which can pose a danger to the people she cares about. Nyota frequently talks negatively about her previous hosts as well- making it to where she has to force herself to use solutions that her previous hosts would have come up with. This is sometimes impossible for her, posting yet another danger to her friends.


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Nyota is an albino Echidna with silver bangs and she also has a streak of red fur on her forehead. Nyota, like most Echidnas, has purple eyes and her skin is also a peach colour. She has a scar that is on her right eye, as well as a deep scar on her right wrist. Nyota typically wears a black tank top with grey shorts, dark blue combat boots, and teal fingerless gloves. She also wears a gold chain necklace with a small viridian crystal pendant.

Additional Quotes

"Even after two thousand years... the world still hates me for the genocides committed by my first host. But you know what? I- er, I mean he, was comforted by the fact that... his purpose... had not yet been fulfilled. And it kept him calm during his execution." - Nyota speaking to Rhyna

"Unfortunately, I am uncertain as to our chances of survival in this environment. I cannot come up with any reasonable calculations." - Nyota, trying to calculate chances of survival

"I have been a man thirty-seven times. I know what it is like to be madly in love. And trust me when I say... you never get the girl." - Nyota speaking to a friend 

"My, my, you are even more stubborn than my first host's daughter- and he thought she was stubborn!" - Nyota talking to Rhyna

"Nothing like an idiotic pirate lady like her to be the worst Guardian in all of Echidna history!" - Nyota complaining about Rhyna


  • Nyota is named for Nyota Uhura from the new Star Trek movies. Isn't that awesome or what?
  • Nyota's inability to separate herself from her previous hosts is actually a trait shared by Ezri Dax from Star Trek Deep Space Nine.
  • Nyota's last name Kovut is actually Tuvok (from Star Trek Voyager) spelled backwards.
  • Nyota is voiced by Zoie Palmer, the same person who played the Android on Dark Matter.
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