Nyel (pronounced NE-el) is a wandering cat-person.

Physical Description

In terms of actual physical build, Nyel would fit in perfectly with your average teenage Overlanders if you removed his cat ears and tail. In terms of clothing, however, he would stand out like a sore thumb. Nyel is almost always found wearing a traveling cloak, with a basic sleeveless-shirt and baggy pants underneath.


Nyel also has a large collection of jewelry, and is almost never seen without some on. He normally wears:

  • A ring on each hand
  • A bracelet on each wrist
  • Two armbands on each arm, located just above his elbow and just below his shoulder
  • A necklace or choker
  • Anklets

The gems in said pieces of jewelry vary depending on what he is doing. His average load-out is a follows:

  • Left ring: Ruby
  • Left bracelet: Lapis w/Zircon
  • Left armband(lower): Blue Sapphire
  • Left armband(upper): Blue Sapphire
  • Anklets: Emerald w/Onyx
  • Necklace: Amethyst w/small Sapphires
  • Right ring: Garnet
  • Right bracelet: Connected to a chain, which coils up his arm and attaches to the lower armband
  • Right Armband(lower): When said chain is attached, it has a Blue Topaz. Otherwise, nothing.
  • Right Armband(upper):Onyx
  • Chain: Blue topaz connected to the weight at the end.


Nyel is an introvert, meaning he's a more quiet, antisocial person than most. He gets more enjoyment being alone than in a large crowd, and because of this he generally tries to stay away from cities. There are times when he feels the need to interact with people he doesn't know, however, and whenever he does he goes to the nearest market city.

Although he doesn't enjoy being around strangers, Nyel possesses a strong urge to help others. He's stopped several muggings, helped to rebuild homes, escorted people from town to town, and has even protected a person or two from severe harassment. If he hears about a person (not a nation or the world, mind you) in trouble, he'll do his best to help them out, building a reputation as "A Good Samaritan" in a town or two.

Due to the number of mortal encounters he's had in his short life, Nyel no longer rears death and tends to have a sort of dry humor about him when it comes to the subject. "I'm still above ground and still vertical," seems to be his favorite answer whenever anyone asks if he's alright/ok.


Nobody other than Nyel knows anything about his life before wandering, and he swears he will never trust anyone else with this information.

When it comes to his life after starting wandering, Nyel becomes much less tight lipped. He'll talk openly about most of the things he's done during his travels with just about anyone after getting to know them, although some information takes much longer to get out…


Although Nyel would rather this information didn't get out, it is important for inter-character relations in the future.

Around a year after Nyel began traveling, he made the mistake of falling asleep near a G.U.N. base. When they picked up his strange energy signature, they sent out a team to investigate. After the teem determined him as the source, the took him into the base (still sleeping). When he awoke, he was on an experimentation table, striped of his enchanted jewelry and clothing. Afraid for his life, he let loose a blast of his energy, destroying most of the room, his bonds, and knocking those unfortunate enough to be in the same room through the walls. He then proceeded to blast his way out of the building as fast as he could, injuring many. Afterward, nearly every G.U.N. agent who had come into significant contact with Nyel's energy died with symptoms comparable to Mercury poisoning. Thus, they labeled him as a "threat to society" person and decided he should until the true nature of his abilities was "discovered and neutralized". In order to "bring him to justice" quicker, they placed a large bounty on his live capture(they don't want him dead, they want to study him).

Several bounty-hunters have gone after Nyel, but none have succeeded in doing either of these things, no matter how many times they crossed paths with him...


Cat Abilities

Because of his species, Nyel has several cat-based abilities. He can speak and understand the language of Felines (including exotic variations, like Tiger and Bobcat). He has sharper senses than a normal Overlander's, and can even hear into the Ultrasonic range of sounds. He is also possesses a much quicker reaction time than a Human's as well. Finally, through some strange identity paradox, he can change into a Domestic or Tigeroan cat at will.

Nyel's Energy

Nyel also possesses a strange, previously undocumented form of energy, which has no set name. A Lucan would refer to it as his "Aura" whereas a spell-caster might identify it as his "Mana". Some may even go as far to describe it as his "Essene". G.U.N. officially has named it "Mercurous" energy(read the next subsection to find out as to why). Nyel just refers to it as his energy.

Offensive Functions

When used for offense, is akin to Mercury(hence the "official" name), as it is highly toxic to organic life. The major difference is that Mercury is hard for the body to absorb in general, whereas Nyel's energy seems to be welcomed by any organism that comes into contact with it. This makes any and all attacks from this energy highly dangerous, and potentially deadly. Because of this, Nyel rarely uses it for direct attack, preferring to use it for its other functions.

Defensive Functions

When used for defense, Nyel's energy is able to diffuse oncoming energy-based attacks and assimilate them, adding to Nyel's reserves of power. If the attack is physical in origin, it will pass straight through the field of energy, unaffected. Because of this, Nyel always does his best to have some form of physical line of defense.

Enchantment Functions

Nyel's energy also can enchant gemstones. These enchantments vary from stone to stone, and are not the exact same as those normally found on gems. For example, the normally lightning enchanted gem, the Topaz, becomes a gem of luck if enchanted by Nyel. There are even variations to the enchantment based on the color variety of the gem. For instance, if a Red-Topaz were to be enchanted, the luck would affect romance. Below is a list of discovered enchantments, and their corresponding gems. Please note that this list is a work in progress, and may be subject to change and expansion.

  • Ruby - Stone of Healing
  • Sapphire - Stone of Protection
    • Blue Variety - Physical Protection
    • Red Variety - Protection from Energy
  • Amethyst - Stone of the Mind
  • Emerald - Stone of Dexterity
  • Diamond - Stone of Amplification
  • Topaz -Stone of Luck
    • Red Variety - Affects luck in Romance
    • Yellow Variety - Affects luck in gaining Wealth
    • Blue Variety - Affects luck in Battles
  • Pearl - Stone of Light
  • Iolite - Stone of Darkness
  • Lapis - Stone of Water
  • Garnet - Stone of Fire
  • Citrine - Stone of Thunder
  • Zircon - Stone of Ice
  • Tanzanite - Stone of Poison
  • Peridot - Stone of Nature
  • Onyx - Stone of Strength
  • Spectrolite - Stone of Being

Other Abilities

Here's a list of some other, not as prominent, things Nyel can do:

  • Nyel apparently knows how to make jewelry, as he never buys any and always has some to sell to the public.
  • Nyel also seems to know how to forge several weapons, such as swords, knives, his chain ect.
  • Nyel makes the aforementioned items from a special metal that he learned how to smelt himself. This metal is made up of Titanium, Mercury, and Silver.
  • Nyel has been caught playing a cello from time to time.


  • Nyel's name was inspired by the sound of a cat meowing, and User:Hunter1034 always makes a point to meow whilst saying Nyel's name.
  • Nyel uses a weighted chain for combat because it allows him to attack, trip, and disarm opponents from a distance, and is also non-lethal in most instances.
  • Nyel admits that he doesn't know is family name if asked, but it doesn't seem to bother him in the slightest.
  • Nyel is often followed by an entourage of cats, and if he walks into an area with many stray cats they may flock to him. This makes it hard for him to remain inconspicuous in urban environments.


Biographical Information

Appears: 16 Actual age: Unknown





Romantic Interests


Birthplace Unknown
Physical Description
  • Skin: Caucasian
  • Fur/Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Varies between Yellow or Green
  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Traveling Cloak
  • Sleeveless Shirt
  • Pants
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Himself
  • Enchanted Jewelry
  • Weighted Chain

Listed in section of same name

Super Forms


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