Cquote1 What would you say if I told you I could grant you any wish you desired? Cquote2

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Nuubey is an incubator (or a "mesenger of magic") who who hails from an alien race that has the ability to grant wishes in echange for their contract to become a magical girl. Nuubey's most unusual trait is the strong bond he shares Nudge and Angela.


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Nuubey is part of an alien race known as "incubators", because of this, he can grant a wish to any girl who contracts with him, though he can only grant one wish per contract. Once the wish is made, he removes her soul from her body and places it inside a soul gem, thus turning said girl into a magical girl. He also cannot be seen by anyone other than magical girls and candidates, however, unlike most incubators, he can take the form of various creatures (usually a chao or a small animal) to make himself visible to those (except for humans) who couldn't normally see him.


Unlike most of his species (exept for Juubey), Nuubey is able to show emotions such as fear, anger, pain, excitement, and love, however, he shows very little of said emotions exept for love. He is even shown feel a sense of responsibility towards Nudge, for this reason,  he does not try to push her to becoming a witch, I fact, he even went as far as risking his own life to protect her. However, at first, he was only intrested in his "mission" until he began to grow atached to those who contracted with him.

Contracted With


"If you contract with me, I will grant you one wish."

"No! I won't do that!"

"Om nom, grief seeds, yum!"

"Can Kyubey do THIS?" -Nuubey bragging about his abilities.

"Thats right, ANY wish you desire, but remember, all decisions have consequences."

"Well, there is no rule stating that magical girls HAVE to be heroes."

"You see, with out the soul gem, your body is nothing more than a lifeless corpse."

"If afraid to say that that is not Nudge, it is but an empty shell."


  • Unlike Kyuubey, Nuubey is not a villian, he actually cares about Nudge and Angela, and does not want them to become witches.
  • No matter what form Nuubey assumes, he cannot be seen by humans or overlanders, unless capable of contracting.

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