Full Name:

Princess Nuryn Rosa Binti Haji Mohammad Rose Kurosaki
Also Known As:

'Princess Nuryn'

Princess(By Armaan)

Little Sister(By Armaan)



Nur-chan(By May and Bara)


The Light Princess

Nuryn-sama(By Aries and Taurus)

Nuryn-san(by Rosalie)

Love Interest/s:
Armaan Kurosaki





Mohammad Rose(father/deceased)
Yasmin Rose(mother/deceased)
Mustafa Rose(Older Brother)
Jasmin Rose(sister-in-law)
Armaan Kurosaki(husband)
Armaan and Nuryn's children (children)
Hana The Chao (Pet chao)

Neko Rose (Cousin)
Usagi Rose (Cousin-in-law)
Yuuki Rose (Nephew)
Sakura Rose (Niece)
Zangetsu Rose (Nephew)
Momoka Rose (Niece)
'Species:' 'Rabbit'
'Height:' '


'16 April'
11- years old

Princess Nuryn Rosa Binti Haji Mohammad Rose Kurosaki is a pink,female rabbit who is the daughter to Mohammad Rose and Yasmin Rose,little sister to Mustafa Rose .Nuryn is childhood friend to Armaan Kurosaki  and  Jasmin Rose.She has 2 unnamed children with Armaan.Nuryn can do Doll Magic, Healing Magic , Plant Magic and Light Magic


Nuryn was born to King Mohammad and Queen Yasmin during April 16.4 years before she was born her older brother Prince Mustafa was born.Nuryn kept a good relationship with her people and the palace's staff.She would often fight with her brother.Nuryn and Mustafa lived in the palace with their childhood friends Jasmin and Armaan.

When she was 6,her parents died protecting her,Mustafa,Jasmin and Armaan,After this Nuryn became very shy.Before her parents' death she met a female chao and decided to keep her and name her Hana.


When Nuryn was younger,she often fought with her brother,having a huge sibling rivaly.But all this changed after their parent's death.

Nuryn is consired to be polite and unique child.She is very kind,caring and friendly,often worrying about worrying about her brother.Nuryn has shown a huge love for flowers,anime and manga.She seems to be very creative and artistic.When Nuryn was 12-14, she is clumpsy,nervous,shy and unrelaxed around Armaan,due to her crush for him.She can be shy around unfimiliar people.Nuryn is a very sweet and kind princess,often seeing goodness in everyone and belives everyone has their own rights.

Nuryn treats her Dolls kindly. She treats the Dolls as people while others treat them as tools and objects. She will also go to great lengths to give them happiness even if it costs her life. Dolls arent the only thing that Nuryn treats kindly.She is quite kind to the people of her kingdom,believes that plants and pets are just like us and will do anything for her loved ones.


Nuryn has pink fur,brown eyes,the front part of her hair is pink while the back is black.


Armaan Kurosaki

Armaan and Nuryn hug

Armaan and Nuryn have been friends since childhood.He is very loyal and protective of her while Nuryn often worries about him.At the age of 12-14,Nuryn began to have feelings for him and acted shy around him.They deeply care for each and will do anything for each other.Armaan has almost died a number of times protecting Nuryn,leaving Nuryn to cry.Theny eventually confessed their feelings for each before The War.Armaan and Nuryn married each other and had children.When Armaan almost died fighting an emeny,Nuryn begged the enemy to stop torturing and said she will give anything,including her life. When Armaan heard this he turned into his Super Form.

Mustafa Rose

Nuryn tearfully hugs Mustafa

When the two siblings were younger,Mustafa and Nuryn fought a lot.But after their parents' death,this changed their sibling rivalry and decided not to fight any more.Mustafa and Nuryn care for each other deeply and show each other great respect.Mustafa is very over protective of Nuryn,for example when he heard of Armaan and Nuryn's engagement he nearly killed Armaan.Nuryn often worries about her older brother because of his huge responsibilities but Mustafa simply smiles saying "Its ok."

Jasmin Rose

May Chin


Nuryn sleeps with her mother


Light Magic Nuryn is able to have make light come out and she can glow/shine.

  • Plant Magic Nuryn is able to make plants grow any where
  • Whatever she imagines becomes real.
  • Doll Magic :Nuryn is a Doll Mage this means that she specializes in the summoning Dolls to do specific tasks on her behalf, be it from minor chores, recreation, to even fighting for her in the battlefield.

Quotes dont have to try so hard.You've tried your best so please stop,I dont want to see you get hurt anymore...."-to Armaan after a big fight

Please..bring back mommy and daddy,please...-Nuryn's prayer when she was a child

Big Brother wait!-when Mustafa is running really fast

Stop..Please stop this!Cant you see Armaan's hurt?I'll give you anything..Anything!Just please stop torturing,he's almost dying.I'LL EVEN GIVE YOU MY LIFE TO STOP HIS SAFFURING!" -When Armaan almost died fighting the emeny

"What do you think your doing?Dolls arent objects.Just like you and me,they have souls...they have memories...and they have feelings!They shouldnt be treated like this!As one as something is living,breathing and even until they die...they should be treated with love and care...I beg of you..STOP THIS TORTURING NOW!" -Nuryn's love for Dolls



  • In arabic,Nuryn means light
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