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Silver Trophy Voted Best Sidekick Runner-up of Winter 2016

Nulla the Hedgecat

Biographical Information
Romantic Interests pending
Physical Description
  • Fur: Light gray, w/ peach skin
  • Hair: Black, shoulder-length and wild cut
  • Eyes: Gray
  • Black full-body length hooded jacket, frayed and torn at the bottom.
  • Black bodysuit, seemingly made of metal "scales"
  • Gray steel breastplate w/ dark gray lightning bolt motif
  • White waistband
  • Haxorus-hide belt stolen from a Power Hedgehog hunter
  • Black gloves
  • Black greaves
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Nihlic Clan of Nihlus (Second-in-command)
  • Advanced combat - Hand to hand
  • Talented with Electrokinesis
  • Skilled with Nihlikinesis
  • Capable of manipulating the Transitory Mists
  • Leadership skills
  • Superspeed
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
AppearancesRoleplay:The Elemental Wars
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Nulla the Hedgecat is the second-in-command of the Nihlic Clan of Nihlus.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Nulla is of a moderate height and size for a female hedgecat, although like her best friend/superior Pianura the Hedgehog, she has a slim body and rather dominant muscle definition and a rather busty chest, and long bushy tail. She has reasonably short, curled quills and wild black hair that sits around her shoulders most of the time. By contrast, her light grey fur is often kept well-trimmed and maintained. Her eyes are grey and show a very intense view. Typically, Nulla has a rather upbeat smile on her face, but she is also known to keep a rather dark scowl on her face when disinterested or angry.


As part of the ever-militant Nihlic Clan, Nulla wears a black bodysuit created from small scales of black steel, a similar alloy to Flare's katanas. Over this she wears a grey steel breastplate with a pair of dark gray lightning bolts running down the pectoral sections. She also wears a white waistband, and over that an old Haxorus-hide belt claimed from the body of a deceased Power Hedgehog hunter who had strayed into the Mist hunting for rare Dragons. Atop of all of this, she wears a black hooded full-body jacket, which is heavily frayed at the bottom and cut in three places to give the appearance of a billowing cape when she runs. She also wears big, black knee-high greaves and black gloves.


Early LifeEdit

Nulla was the daughter of a pair of Electric Clan members, which was where she grew up. For the first five or so years of her life, everything was fine. Then her parents were accused of subterfuge and of getting to close to the clan's leaders and attempting to start a war with a much heavier armed outside force - G.U.N. Her parents denied this, but Nulla was astonished when they were cast out of their home by the vengeful clan members. Lost and unsure where to go, her family struggled into a small town, bathed in fog, where they were suddenly grabbed and blindfolded by a pair of soldiers who guided them to another clan, this one a lot more militant in outlook.

Greatest Friend Ever?Edit

Nulla was lost and alone in her new foggy home, and even though she was good with lightning, most of the other kids made her feel bad by showing her up constantly. That is, all but one. Another girl, this one barely a year older than her, instead took the young hedgecat under her wing. The girl introduced herself as Pianura, and told Nulla that soon, the two of them would start training for war against the other clans. As Nulla inquired, Pianura answered, and that was the start of a beautiful friendship. The two girls started training together in every form of combat used in the clan, with Nulla sticking to unarmed combat while Pianura learned literally everything, with both taking lessons in Nihlikinesis alongside their elemental and combat lessons. The duo constantly challenged one another to improve and this is what prompted both of them to master their native elements, Electricity for Nulla, Darkness for Pianura. Both of the girls, on Nulla's twentieth birthday, were revealed the truth - Pianura was to be the next leader of the clan. Nulla was ecstatic for her best friend, who then gave her a surprise - for sticking to learning all the styles and learning all the arts of a soldier in the Nihlic Clan, she had essentially groomed herself as Pianura's second-in-command. Overjoyed at that, Nulla set to work to be the best second-in-command ever in the history of the Clan.


A master Electrokinetic with dark gray lightning as her color signature, Nulla is not an easy target. She, like her best friend, knows all the fighting styles from within the entire clan, and uses these to fight with an unusual grace using only her bare hands. Nulla lacks her friend's skill as an orator, but instead makes up with it with the art of foresight and a keen sense of tactics and events. Some people rumor that she possesses a genetic skill allowing her to sense shatterpoints, although this is argued against by both of the girls. With her Nihlikinetic skills, she uses the "Eraser" set of moves to remove things from her surroundings to the Realm of the Erased, the feeder dimension for all Nihlikinetic powers. However, these take time to charge. Electrically, as a master, her power usage is flawless and well-timed, with high accuracy as well.

Electrical AbilitiesEdit

Nihlic AbilitiesEdit

Elementless AbilitiesEdit


Nulla is light-hearted and bubbly, but when the Electric Clan is mentioned, that mood quickly turns sour. She also is gifted with great foresight, and is often accurate in predicting the actions of enemy tactics and can come up with counters, as well as seemingly sense the critical points within a battle itself. Like her best friend Pianura, she has a strange interest in children's television shows.

Allies & EnemiesEdit


  • Pianura the Hedgehog - Pianura is Nulla's oldest and most appreciated friend within the tribe itself. The duo are as close as sisters, and that's how they act.




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