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Sporty Nudge
Series She was alluded to in Sonic Angels, but never appeared herself
  • Ebony Barbara Delicado (Real Full Name)
  • Nudge (nickname)
  • Black Diamond
  • Lopunny
  • Bunny
  • Baby Girl
  • Sista Girl
  • Playboy Bunny
  • Barbie (to make fun of her middle name
  • B**ch
  • Hood Rat (most common insult)
Species Mobian/Lopunny
Gender Female ♀
Height 3'7"
Weight 81lb
Level 65
Age 16
Fur Brown
Hair Cream (sometimes dyes it pink to look like a shiny lopunny)
Eyes Red violet
  • Casual-  Pink tank top, blue denim shorts, white gloves, various jewelry and make-up
  • School Uniform- Brown and white fuku sailor outfit with a red necktie and brown plaid skirt, small rectagular framless glasses
  • Black Diamond- Black and yellow corset with bronze-yellow diamond shaped soul gem above the stomach area (hidden), grey dress coat with bronze lace and buttons, black and red top hat with a black heart symbol, and fancy clover cuffs
Birthplace Unknown location on Mobius
  • Roseanne the Lopunny (deceased biological mother)
  • Unknown Bilogical Father (unamed due to spoilers)
  • Danni the Leavanny (older foster sister)
  • Isaac the Bufalant (foster father)
  • Multiple younger foster "siblings"
Romantic Interests Dacen "Dex" the Hedgelynx
Alignment Neutral (sometimes good)
Likes Anime, manga, fashion, shopping, video games, cosplay, J-pop, My Little Pony, sleeping, eating, food, boys, money, her soft fluffy fur, cute things, flirting, teasing, basketball, stage magic, shiny things, being pretty, singing dancing, R&B music, pop music, hip hop, rap music (some not all), parties, hanging out, anything "gangster", what she calls "swagger", making jokes, burping, farting
Dislikes getting her fur wet or dirty, people who are prettier than her, people who have things that she dosen't, being judged, being told to act like a lady, ladylike behavior, people touching her fur, shedding her fur, perverts, country music, intolerence/predudice, being falsely accused, being rejected, losing, being touched without permission, wannabe heroes, goody-two-shoes

Ebony Barabra "Nudge" Delicado (そっと突く・ザ・ミミロップ)is a 16 year old anthropomorphic lopunny. She is the fursona of User:NudgeHipsterLopunny, replacing Fuchsia the Bakeneko. She is named after a character from the novel "Maximum Ride", but she is based on the lopunny belonging to User:NudgeHipsterLopunny. She is a magical girl that has made a contract with Nuubey.




Nudge, like some regular lopunnies, has the ability, cute charm. She is also very skilled with the move, Bounce. However unlike a regular lopunny, she is able to learn attacks that her species wouldn't normally be able to learn such as psychic. Being a normal type, she can learn a variety of moves; because of this, her moveset constantly changes, but she always keeps the moves Bounce.

Black Diamond Transformation

Nudge is a magical girl, meaning that she has made a contract with a messenger of magic and has gained the ability to undergo an intracate transformation sequence fully into a fully powered form at will, and is tasked to fight withes. In this form, her power doubles and she can turn her magic cane into either a bow and arrow (heart) a sword (spade) a shield (club) or a pistol (diamond) by inserting what apear to be playing cards into her cane. The symbol of the card detmines which weapon the cane becomes while the number determines how many times the weapon can be used before it returns to its original state.

She also has a signature move utilizing the joker card known as "Joker's Roullette" which is similar to the pokemon move "metronome".

As a Witch

Main article: Charmayne

If Nudge were to fail to purify her soul gem in time, or fa into despair, her soul gem would shatter and turn into a grief seed, and the she would transform into Charmayne, the witch of arrogance.


Nudge is a normal type, so she is weak to fighting types, she is also very iritable, defenisve, insecure and emotionally sensitive. Being a magical girl, the more she uses her powers, the dimmer her soul gem becomes, so she must keep it purified or else she will turn into a witch. If her soul gem is separated from her body for too long, she will begin too die slowly, and if the gem is destroyed, she will die instantly.


Nudge can be described as having a very "ghetto" attitude. She is loud, catty, pushy, and very sassy. She has little regard for anyone who she thinks is not "cool". She can be very hard to get along with, but can be sweet and friendly in her own way. Nudge also very flirtatious, but she will only flirt with a guy who she thinks is "cool" or has something that she wants, otherwise she just pushes them aside. She absolutly despises goody-two-shoes and wannabe heroes. Nudge gets jealous very easily and will immediately challenge any one who she sees as a "threat" even if she cant win. Nudge has little regard for manners and does not care about being polite or ladylike. She is also very impatient, and has been known to push (or "nudge") something out of her way, her impatient behavaior is how she got her nickname. However, despite her harsh exterior, inside, she is actually very sensitive, caring, and insecure.



  • Rouge the Bat- Hates her lack of manners, they breakout into catfights alot, but not as much as with Fuchsia
  • Amy Rose- Finds her rude and abnoxious.


"Oh hell no!"

"Black Diamond Power, Make up!" -The first time she transformed, making fun of Sailor Moon.

"Oh no you didn't"

"B!tch please!"

"No s#%t, Sherlock!"

"Say that again, if you want an @$$ whoopin."

"Nope, you stand out like a fart in church."

"F*ck with me, and and I'll beat yo scrawy @$$ down!"

"Ugh, I look like a prom queen barbie." -Nudge having to wear a formal dress.

"It's impossible to cop my swag!"

"Now thats some bulls***!"

"Well then this playboy bunny's about to whoop yo scrawy a**!" -RP:Genetix

"Wow, *sniffles and starts to cry* I didn't know you actually felt that way."-Nudge falling into despair, showing her true emotions.


  • Nudge replaces Fuchsia for fursona.
  • She was named after the character from Maximum Ride of the same name, but she is based almost entirely on my lopunny on Pokemon Black.
    • She also shares some (but very few) similarities with said character.
  • Nudge does not know how to use chaos control.
  • Nudge occasionally dyes her fluffy cream fur pink to look like a shiny lopunny.
  • Nudge's lips were originally supposed to be pink, but they were changed to peach-orange to compliment her skintone.
  • Like all lopunny, she hops instead of running.
  • As Black Diamond, she was originally supposed to wear black and white striped stockings with red shoes, but the made her legs look terrible.
    • She was also supposed to wear a black and white masquerade mask in order to draw attention away from her breasts, but this was replaced with a gray dress coat.
  • Nudge's favorite MLP character is DJ Pon3.
  • Nudge's favorite anime is Fruits Basket.
  • Nudge's favorite singer is Rhianna.


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