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Tropes A-Z

Action Girl: Duh

Ambigious Disorder: Nudge has numerous health issues, none of which are named

All Guys Want Cheerleaders: One reason most guys don't like Nudge

Anti-Hero: To a T

Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: Some of Nudge's activites include stealing cars, vandalizing monuments, and throwing rocks at wasps' nests

Art Evolution: Her magical girl for is currently being redesigned to resemble lopunny's mega evolution

Artful Dodger: She is pretty happy living on the streets, stealing, and running from the police

Bad***: Nudge is the chaotic neutral version of this

Bada*** Longcoat: In her magical girl form

Barefoot Cartoon Animal: Mostly because I couldn't draw shoes on her

Bezerk Button: Talking about her behind her back, trying to make her do something, among others

Big Beautiful Woman: To those who find her beautiful

Big Eater: Nudge is the Queen of this trope

Bizarre Taste In Food: Some of Nudge's favorite food combinations would gross most people out

Black Magician Girl: To a T

Blessed Are the Cheesemakers: Nudge LOVES cheese, too bad she isn't allowed to eat it

Blood Knight: She loves to start fights

Boisterous Bruiser: And how!

Brawn Hilda: How most men see her

Brilliant but Lazy: Nudge is actually quite intelligent, to bad no one will ever know

Bruiser with a Soft Center: Very much, she may be rough and tough, but she can be sweet when she wants to

Bubblegum Popping: Another Character Tick

Burping Contest: Don't ask

Calling Your Bathroom Breaks: Nudge is infamous for this, mostly just as an excuse to get out of something

Character Tick: She can often be seen eating something or chewing gum, or when she is bored, picking her nose

Chaotic Neutral: Nudge does what she wants, when she wants, good or bad

Closet Geek: More like closet otaku

Cluster F-Bomb: Nudge is notourious for this, especially when frustraited or when telling someone off

Cool Bike: That she STOLE!

Crossover: Being a Mobian Lopunny, who happens to be a magcial girl

Cut a Slice, Take the Rest: Almost always

Cute Bruiser: To those who find her cute

Cute Witch: See Cute Bruiser

Dark Action Girl: Subverted, she's not evil, just a bad kid

Dark is Not Evil: Subverted, its not good either

Dark Skinned Blonde: Her hair is actually more cream colored than blonde

Deadpan Snarker: At times

Delinquent: And how!

Designated Girl Fight: See Blood knight

Did You Just Flip Off Cthulu: She would, since she has no sense of respect, especially not for authority

Does Not Like Shoes: See Barefoot Cartoon Animal

Eating Contest: One of Nudge's favorite activities

Excrement Statment: Don't ask!

Fan Disservice: Nudge is a common source of this, as she is often portrayed as undesirable or repugnant

Fat Comic Relief: She is often a source of comic relief, though it doesn't always have to do with her being fat

Fat and Proud: Despite other people calling her fat, Nudge thinks of herself as very sexy, see Fan Dissevice

Fat Girl: Downplayed, she's not obese, but she is more than 20 lbs overweight for her species

Fragile Flower: Suprisingly so, under her bad*** exterior

Gamer Chick: To a T

Gasshole: Don't ask!

Hammerspace: Her hat in her magical girl form provides this

Hair Flip: Nudge often does a nonchalant variant of this

Hartman Hips: See Real Women Have Curves below

Hates Baths: The reason she only bathes when she THINKS she needs to, which is when she FEELS like it

Inappropriate Hunger: Nudge is infamous for this

In Name Only: Nudge was named after a character from the novel "Maximum Ride", other than both characters being of African descent, the similarities end there

  • In fact, she actually has more in common with another character from said novel

Jabba Table Manners: She is a very messy eater, she HATES using silverware

Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Very much so

Kick Chick: Well, she IS a Lopunny

Killer Rabbit: Downplayed

The Lad-ette: Nudge is the Queen of this trope, minus the sex

Lady Swears A Lot: At times she can be this

Leotard of Power: Her magical girl outfit

Limited wardrobe: Justified, being homless, she only has what she finds or steals

Loving Bully: Subverted, If Nudge has a crush on a guy, she will tease and harass, but never hurt him, however she only does this to hide the fact that she has a crush

Magic Hat: Her magical girl outfit

Magic Staff: Her weapon of choice, which can doble as a Blade on a Stick

Magical Accessory: Her soul gem

Magical Girl: Duh

Magical Girl Warrior: Nudge is the chaotic neutral version of this

Master of Illusion: One of her magical abilities

Mighty Glacier: Nudge is very strong, and has better defense than a normal member of her speices, but she also much slower than most Lopunny

Minor Living Alone: A 16 year old girl litterally living on the streets

Morph Weapon: The "ears" on her staff can grow longer and sharper, she also has a magic ball that can change size and density

Neck Lift: She does this in order to get her point across, or simply intimidate

Nobody Touches the Hair: Another Beserk Button

No Guy Wants the Amazon: See All Guys Want Cheerleaders

Noodle Incedent: ALOT, but you don't wanna know

Obsessed With Food: Oh so much

One of the Boys: When she was a child, she also gets along better with males than females

Only Known by Their Nickname: Nudge's real name is Ebony Barbara

Opportunistic Bastard: Nudge pretty much lives on this trope

Oral Fixation: Usually a lollipop, gum bubble or a pocky stick

Otaku Surragate: To a T

Of Course I'm Not A Virgin: Averted, contrary to what many might think, she is still a virgin, she hasn't even had her first kiss yet

Paste Eater: She loves the taste of glue and paper, she even once swallowed a cell phone

The Pig Pen: Downplayed, See Hates Baths

Parental Abandonment: She was abandoned shortly after birth and has been in and out of foster care ever since

Phantom Thief: As a magical girl

Playboy Bunny: Her magical girl outfit resembles this

Product Placement: She wears a tokidoki shirt

Rascally Rabbit: And How!?

Real Women Have Curves: Nudge is much more "bottom heavy" than most female characters

Sassy Black Woman: She is the funny animal version of this, being voiced by the same actress who voices Roberta from The Cleavland Show

Sexy Jester: Her magical girl form, if you find her sexy

The Slacker: Sometimes

Sour Outside, Sad Inside: She can be seen as this

Spit Shake: Her standard method of greetng people

Stage Magician: Her magical girl form is based on this

Stock Animal Diet: Averted, She doesn't like carrots that much

Stout Strength: Nudge is very strong, despite her weight

Sweet Tooth: Nudge loves sweets

Super Strength: Not as strong as most examples of this trope, but still pretty strong

Tank-Top Tomboy: She wears a pink tank top

Teens are Monsters: Downplayed, see Jerk With A Heart Of Gold

This Is For Emphasis, B*tch!: When bragging or talking down to sombody

Tomboy: To a T

Tomboyish Sidetails: Her bangs resemble this

Tomboy with a Girly Streak: She may be a tomboy, but she loves cute things, doesn't mind wearng pink or make-up

Transformation Trinket: Her soul gem

Transformation Sequence: Like all magical girls

The Trickster: At times

Trash Talk: Nudge is quite fond of trope

Tsundere: Nudge is type A

Vulgar Humor: Any joke that comes out of her mouth

Who Wears Short Shorts: Her civilian outfit

You Are Fat: Most common insult towards her

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