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First Appearence Cries of the Fursona
Voice Actress

Reagan Gomez

  • Ebony Barbara Delicado (Real Full Name)
  • Nudge (nickname)
  • The Black Diamond
  • Lopunny
  • Bunny
  • B**ch
  • Gluttonous Pig
  • Fat Cow
  • Street Rat
  • Widdle Wabbit (playful insult)
  • Juvinile Delinquent (most common insult)
  • Disgusting Witch (by most of her enemies)
Species Mobian/Lopunny
Gender Female♀
Height 3'11"
Weight 90 lb
Level 75
Age 16
Fur Brown
Hair Cream (sometimes dyes it pink to look like a shiny lopunny)
Eyes Red Violet
  • Casual- Pink tank top (tokidoki), blue denim shorts, white gloves, gold hoop earrings, gold necklace, dark gray satin jacket, and various make-up and piercings
  • As a magical girl- Black and yellow leotard with bronze-yellow soul gem in the shape of a rabbit's head above the stomach area, grey dress coat with bronze lace and buttons, black and red top hat with a black heart symbol, and fancy clover cuffs
Birthplace Unknown location on Mobius
  • Cherice the Lopunny (deceased biological mother)
  • Unknown Biological Father
Romantic Interests
  • None
Alignment Chaotic Neutral (sometimes chaotic good)
Favorite Food Anything that she sees as edible.
Likes Anime, manga, jewelry, video games, cosplay, J-pop, Sanrio, Tokidoki, My Little Pony, sleeping, eating, food, sweets, fast food, money, her soft fluffy fur, cute things, flirting, basketball, roller derby, stage magic, shiny things, dancing, R&B music ,soul music, pop music, hip hop, rap music (some not all), parties, grief seeds, guns, cars, fighting, being lazy, feeling superior, stealing, smashing things, things blowing up, cracking jokes, pranks, messing with people
Dislikes Being told what to do, rules, authority, snitches, people trying to get her to change, being told she is fat, being exploited, being judged, being told to act like a lady, girly activities (most of the time), chores, work, low fat/diet foods, people touching her fur, people only noticing her big bottom or her breasts, shedding her fur, perverts, country music, intolerance/prejudice, being falsely accused, etiquette, things she finds boring or too girly, romance books/movies, dolls, dresses, skirts, losing, who she calls "losers", police/law enforcement, wannabe heroes, goody-two-shoes, show-offs, suck-ups, neat freaks, "chick-flicks" know-it-alls, crybabies/wimps, Amy Rose, Rouge the Bat, Maxie the Sylveon
  • Pokemon ability: Cute Charm
  • Magical Girl Transformation
  • Magical Abilities
  • Standard Pokémon moves
  • Unlimited hamerspace in her hat
  • Magic Ball

Ebony Barabra "Nudge" Delicado (そっと突く・ザ・ミミロップ)is a 16 year old anthropomorphic lopunny. She is the fursona of User:PuellaMagi Nudge Magica, replacing Fuchsia the Bakeneko. She is named after a character from the novel "Maximum Ride", but she is based on the lopunny belonging to User:PuellaMagi Nudge Magica. She is a magical girl that has made a contract with Nuubey.


As a child, young Ebony grew up in a foster home along with many other children. At first, she was very social, and loved playing with the other children, however, as she got older, and took an interest in battling (as most pokémon do), Nudge began to act more rough towards the other children, she would go as far as causing serious injuries, but she thought that she was just playing. As the children refused to play with her. She did not like playing dolls or other activities that most little girls enjoyed, she also developed numerous bad habits that also kept other children away. As she went through school, her aggression seemed to subside, however, when ever someone bothered her, something or someone was in her way, or she simply wasn't happy with something, she would try to eliminate the problem by lashing out. This behavior is what got her the nickname "Nudge".

Aside from trying to get her way, Nudge, like most pokémon, also fights to gain experience and learn new attacks, being a normal type, she could learn a wide variety of attacks, however, the more she learned, the more dangerous she became, and the more fascinated she became with becoming stronger, because of this, Nudge was not allowed to battle anymore.

One Wish



Base Stats
Stats Level
Stamina 4
Attack 8
Sp. Atk 5
Defense 8
Sp. Def 8
Speed 4
Reflexes 9
Magic 10
Psyche 5
Intellect 6
Total 70/100

Nudge, like alot of regular lopunnies, has the ability, cute charm. She is also very skilled with kicking attacks. As a normal type, she can learn a variety of moves; because of this, her moveset constantly changes. Being a magical girl, she can survive injuries that would otherwise be fatal, as long as her soul gem remains intact, she can also heal herself and repair her body with her magic.

As a Magical Girl

Nudge is a magical girl, meaning that she has made a contract with a messenger of magic and has gained the ability to undergo an intracate transformation sequence fully into a fully powered form at will, and is tasked to fight withes. In this form, her power doubles and she wields a magic cane that can turn into a whip. She can also use her hat as a "magic satchel" which she often uses to hide stolen weapons.

One of Nudge's signature weapons is a magic, orange and purple ball capable of expanding and contracting, however, unlike her other weapons, can only be summoned one at a time. This weapon is usually only used for smashing object, rather than attacking enemies.

As a Witch

Main article: Charmayne

If Nudge's soul gem were to become overwhelmed with grief, it will shatter and turn into a grief seed, and then she would transform into Charmayne, the witch of desperation.


Nudge is a normal type, so she is weak to fighting types attacks. She is also slow and sluggish compared to her species, mostly due to her being overweight. Nudge is very hot-headed, defensive, insecure and emotionally sensitive and insecure, if she is told off in a in such away, and actually feels bad for what she has done, she will break down in despair. Being a magical girl, the more she uses her magic, the dimmer her soul gem becomes, so she must keep it purified or else she will turn into a witch. If her soul gem is separated from her body, the body will loose its pulse and become lifeless, as her body is merely a husk controlled by the soul gem, and if the gem is destroyed, she will die instantly. Nudge is also very easily intimidated, despite what she says about herself.


Nudge can be described as having a very "ghetto" attitude, which is most noticable in her speech and use of urban slang. She is often sassy, rude, crude, and very pushy. She is also described as being a tomboy, however, some would say that this is an understatement. She can be very defensive to the point where she will immediately challenge any one who she sees as a "threat" even if she can't win, as she always jumps on the oportunity to fight. Nudge is very reckless, and has no consideration for the damage to the people around her. She is also very hotheaded and impatient, and has been known to push (or "nudge") what she sees as the problem out of her way, her impatient behavaior is how she got her nickname. However, despite her harsh exterior, inside, she is actually very sensitive, caring, and insecure. She would never cause serious harm (ateast, not intentionally) for no reason. She is often very hard to get along with, but can be sweet, friendly and humorous when she wants to be. She can also be very loyal those she actually cares about. On rare occasions, Nudge likes to flirt with guys who she thinks is "cool", though it takes alot for a guy to do so, otherwise she just overlooks them. She has a strong dislike towards those who she considers goody-two-shoes' and wannabe heroes, she often looks down on them and thinks that they are pathetic and naive. She also dislikes females that she sees as "prissy". Nudge also has little regard for hygine, and is very reluctant when it comes to cleanining. She is also very lazy and gluttonous, as she loves to eat while not caring about her weight or health. She has very poor manners and does not care about being polite or ladylike, this often seen in her "foul" sense of humour, as she makes many sexual and "bathroom" jokes which most find to be disgusting, but she finds hilarious.




"Black Diamond Power, Make up!" -The first time she transformed, making fun of Sailor Moon.

"You gonna eat that?"

"Don't you give me that bullcrap about 'helping people' and 'justice'."

"Snitches are b****es who belong in ditches."

"Let me guess, you're gonna save the world or some b.s.? Loser!"

"I ain't a criminal, I only been arrested ten times."

"Yeah, I'm like a munchlax/a stunky trapped in a lopunny's body."

"I ain't fat, you just too skinny."

"Who you callin' fat? Stringbean!"

"Don't waste food. I'll kill you!"

"I wouldn' be caught dead wearin' that."-Nudge having to wear a formal dress.

"Nah, that's way to girly for me."

"Wow, that sounds like a lota hard work, count me out."

"Nope, you stand out like a fart in church."

"Nah, I'll do it when I FEEL like it."

"Whatever, you don't know me."

*Belches loudly* "Did you say something?"

"Oh hell no!"

"Oh no you didn't!"

"Oh, you wanna go, b!tch?"

"No s#%t, Sherlock!"

"Now thats some bulls***!"


  • Nudge replaces Fuchsia for fursona.
  • She was named after the character from Maximum Ride of the same name, but she is based almost entirely on my lopunny on Pokemon Black.
    • She also shares some (but very few) similarities with said character.
    • She actually has more in common with a differnt charcaracter from said series.
  • Nudge's voice sounds similar to Roberta Tubbs from The Cleveland Show.
  • Nudge is somewhat similar to Kyouko Sakura from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
    • Both are known for their glutinous appetites and hate it when people waste food.
    • They both wear jeans shorts and a jacket.
    • They are both lad-ettes.
    • They are both egoists who don't take heed of the damage to the people around them.
    • They are both magical girls who fight just for grief seeds rather than to protect people.
    • They are both considered "bada**" magical girls.
    • They both can often be seen with something sticking out of their mouths. (Kyoko, a pocky stick; Nudge, a lollipop).
    • Both have put their wishes in behind them after they failed, and moved on.
  • Nudge steals guns, in a simmilar manner to Homura Akemi.
  • As a magical girl, she was originally supposed to wear black and white striped stockings with red shoes, but they made her legs look terrible.
    • She was also supposed to wear a black and white masquerade mask in order to draw attention away from her breasts, but this was replaced with a gray dress coat.
  • Nudge occasionally dyes her fluffy cream fur pink to look like a shiny lopunny.
    • In addition, when she transforms, she can alter the coloration of her outfit to complement her fur.
  • When not transformed, Nudge wears her soul gem as a charm on her necklace, instead of a ring like most magical girls. On the back of the charm are runes that spell her first name, Ebony.
  • Like all lopunny, she hops instead of running.
  • Nudge is lactose intolerent.
  • Nudge's favorite MLP character is DJ Pon3.
  • Nudge's favorite anime is Skip Beat.
  • Nudge's favorite singer is P!nk.


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