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"This shard was a mystery to me, I never knew it's power until i touched it, It gave me a new found power i never even thought i would tap into. My will to fight has never been greater and now... if evil threatens my home, I will be there... and i will be waiting! - Ion explaining what the shard is capable of.


  1. Ion the Hedgehog


This Fusion Shard is unlike any other, This has a seal that allows the shard to Reform to its Non-Shattered State is one of the few shards to contain a power unlike any mobian can comprehend. Ever since Ion got this shard, he is pretty much godly in terms of power, however he is still mortal and knows he can't let this kind of power overwhelm him and corrupt him. This also gives him new abilities that is exclusive to him.

Atomic Sway

Atomic Sway is a Move that lets him dodge projectiles that is near instantaneous, without breaking a sweat.


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