As an INFP-A(Mediator),Novo is unique(while also claiming that everyone is unique),calm,confident,mature,wise,idealistic,impatient,vigilant,compassionate,caring,creative,honest,a lone wolf,and laid-back.When push comes to shove,he speaks his mind whenever he feels a different type of way.For example,he doesn't let people's words easily influence him and finds it hypocritical for people to judge one another for either no reason,based on a person's lack of intelligence,because of their own insecurities,or something different unless it's good judgement.He also has a habit of finding ways to ignore people that feed off anger.

Basically,he does what he wants and doesn't let others influence him easily.Despite this,he knows when to follow rules and knows that some rules are meant to be broken. Novo also doesn't like to stick in groups because he thinks it gets in the way of his freedom.



Skills and Abilities


Combatant: Novo trained in a variety of martial arts from Boxing,Street Fighting and Taekwando from age 6-8 ,to Karate at age 10-11,to Brazilian Jitsu at 12,Kenjuitsu,African martial arts,Saiyan martial arts at 12,Mixed martial arts,and Kung-Fu.

Swordsmanship: After 3 years of learning fencing and Kenjutsu from his sensei,he is capable of performing offensive and defensive fighting styles and techniques

Ninjutsu: He also makes a formidable and skilled ninja and is able to accurately throw shurikens,as well as other throwing weapons,and use Nature Release jutsu to his advantage.He currently wields three Nature Releases that are Lightning Release,Water Release,and Wind Release.

Determination and Strong Will: When it comes to wanting to protect his home,his family/friends,and everyone on the planet,he just doesn't find it in his heart to simply give up whenever everything is at stake. He even doesn't give up on times such as hard schoolwork,and so on.

Hidden Potential

Superhuman Speed and Agility

Superhuman Strength

Superhuman Durability




Cyclone Spin

Aqua Jet

Stone Edge

Earthquake(Atmos Mode)


Mirror Move

Water Wall

Stone Armor

Rain Dance


Origin Pulse(Atmos Mode)

Razor Wind




Chaos Control(Super Novo and Hyper Novo)


Atmos Mode

Super Novo

Hyper Novo

Dark Novo

Chaos Novo


-Two-handed heavy weapons leave Novo vulnerable;depends if he knows how to use it properly.

-Stamina gets drained if his power is used too much.

-Distance,mass,precision,etc. depend on knowledge,skill,and strength of the user and their power's natural limits.

-His wind powers/jutsu are useless against fire.

-His electric attacks/jutsu won't work against any rubber substance.

-He is generally weak to poison attacks;unless he has his scarf shielding his nose and mouth and something shielding his eyes.

-Ring limit(Super and Hyper).

-Time limit;no more than 24 minutes.(Chaos)

Trivia and/or Fun Facts

-Novo can also use Chaos Control by simply using a chaos emerald and harnessing his inner chaos energy for maintaining control.

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