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Galaxy is the side star on the sss show tho he only appers sometimes he is a main character strong powerfull and a somone You don’t want to make mad.


Galaxy design has him wear black pants and carry’s a magic book with him his hair is red and his shoe design is black also he used to have a tail


galaxy is one of the most powerful demons but he lacks judgment he will always try to put logic over a fight but if that doesn’t work he likes to be up and personal and he loves to show of his ego


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galaxy fire powers give him an edge in a fight using it to maneuver around his enemys and find a good weak spot and he can also use dark shroud abilities to be stealthy and come up with a plan And His dragon claw can cut through anything.


galaxy stealth abilitys give him and edge in a fight using his skill to fight enemy even without his stealth his fire armor and darkness fist punch through the competition Until every single on falls


coming soon


no weakness

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