Not to be confused with either of the Nova the Hedgehog characters. Nova the Wolf is an anthropomorphic 16-year-old gray wolf. She's rather tall compared to other characters due to her species, but is quite light in terms of weight.

Cquote1I'm gonna kill you all. Just watch.Cquote2 -One of Nova's more threatening lines.

This is the predecessor of Ash the Snow Leopard as the fursona of KHG. She is still her main character though.

New NovaW profie pic

Biographical Information
  • 15(Originally)
  • 16(Current age.)
Romantic Interests
LikesScaring people, causing mischief, fighting, playing video games, revenge, Shadow, Rouge, Pain, Bone, Scream.
DislikesShadow (At first), her enemies, being controlled, making hard decisions, too much light, people who are better than her, people who are annoying.
  • Noom Wen
  • Noom Lluf
  • Eggman
  • It also depends on her current goals
  • Insane (By most people)
  • Demon Queen (Only by enemies, rarely used as an affectionate remark)
  • Ms. Wants-to-Kill-Everyone (By people teasing her)
  • Nerd (Only by Sarge)
  • Ms. Emo (Only by Sarge, and only once.)
Team affliction


Physical Description
Species Gray Wolf
Gender Female
  • Gray fur
  • Gold eyes
  • Gray hair in an emo flip over her left eye, black hair in the back of her head.
  • Light blue shirt
  • Black pants (Loose as mobian, skinny jeans otherwise)
  • Dark blue high heels
  • White gloves
  • Fishnet sleeves
  • Black spiked choker collar

Sonic Riders outfit

  • Light blue strapless triangular cutoff shirt
  • Black denim mini skirt
  • Ripped tan tights
  • Dark blue sneakers

120 cm (4 feet)


70 lbs

Abilities and forms
  • Melt
  • Berserk
  • Moon Rage
  • Scythe Spin
  • Scythe Lazer
  • Dark hands
  • Dark Clay
  • Heel Kick
  • Piercing Howl
  • Dark Focus
  • Surge
  • Dark Harvest (Her Scythe in normal form)
  • Double Reaping (Her Scythe in Reaper form)
  • Twelfth Toll of Midnight (Her Scythe in Psycho form)
  • Full Crescent Blade (Her Scythe in True Insanity form)
  • All Chain Upgrade Scythes
Super Forms


Nova is similar to shadow personality wise. She is stubborn and prefers to do thing her own way. She tries her best to stay away from people in order to not become close to them. This is because of her fear of losing those close to her.

Nova can also be considered tsundere. Tsundere is a manga/anime term which indicates a character that is rough and and violent towards someone, but eventually warms up to them.

Adding on to the fact that Nova does not want to befriend people in fear of losing them, she often attempts to drive them away. In order to do this, she takes on a fake "insane" personality to mask her depressed one. There are very few people that know about this, due to the fact that she drives them away so they don't become close with each other. On top of this, if Nova is forced to travel/talk to any person, she acts in an unpleasant manner to give them the wrong impression.

It would also appear at time that Nova is truly insane though. Especially during the full moon, she also gains a special form merely labeled as "PSYCHo." In this form Nova has tremendous bloodlust and acts quite distant.

Very rarely, Nova can seem to be a bit flirtatious. This is much to her dismay though, as she only appears to be flirty to guys who think that her excessive giggling is a flirting show for them. It, as stated already, is almost never.

Very rarely, when Nova is physically attracted to a guy she will either stalk them or attempt to creep them out. She also becomes very determined to be with them, though she claims that despite all of this she still loves Pain.

Nova is also considerably violent when it comes to battle, and tends to start screaming and to more extreme extents, crying, when in battle.

History Before Being 15

In space, there was another alien race that rivaled the Black Arms. They were called the Nacyl. At one point of time, the Nacyl leader, Noom Lluf, declared war against the Black Arms. After a couple years of battle, the clear winner was the Black Arms. Many Nacyl wer killed, including, Noom Lluf. Seeking revenge, Lluf’s daughter, Noom Wen (Wen) took her mother’s throne as leader. She went to the place in which Lluf’s remains were kept and extracted some of the leftover DNA.

Wen vowed that she would insert the DNA into a mortal organism to do her bidding, including the task of ridding the world of Black Arms and anything related to Black Arms. She also declared that she would do so in at least 1000 years. Well, 1001 years later, she found a candidate in a newborn wolf named Nova. During Nova’s time in her mother’s stomach, her mother was injected with Lluf’s DNA by Wen who was disguised as her doctor.

The effects of the alien DNA would force Nova into insanity during Full Moons, (which was a symbol of power for the Nacyl) granted her the ability to control darkness. She was also able to channel Chaos Energy through her body, though is not able to release it as powerfully as Shadow. As Nova turned 8, signs of Lluf’s destructive nature were already becoming evident within Nova. At one point of time, the Nacyls decided it was time to test Nova’s capabilities. They held a meeting for parents and children, though the only ones who showed up were Nova and her parents. The meeting was placed on a Full Moon night in order to see if Lluf had full influence over Nova. In order to provoke Nova to attack, they revealed their true alien forms and attacked her parents. But they overdid it. Nova, who was more calm then they had expected, was to afraid to defend her parents, and watched as they were killed by the Nacyl. (L) Once in human form again, they explained to Nova that the murderers would be found and punished, though in ruined Nova’s childhood.

As Nova became 15, she became much more serious, though she hid it so she wouldn’t have to endure harsh emotional pain as she did on her parents’ death day.


Meeting Shadow

Nova met Shadow when she was walking in an abandoned town alone. Because of the Nacyl DNA in her, she instinctively attacked him, but he dealt with her easily. (This was due to the fact that she did not know why she was attacking.) After her defeat, she tries to attack one more time, but fails form being weak. Shadow told her that he didn't have time for her, and that he was on an important mission. (For G. U. N.) Nova took this opportunity to train so she could possibly defeat Shadow, and forced him to let her come with him, even following him when he refused. (Nova reasoned that if she already hated Shadow she wouldn't become close to him.)
Soon after this, Nova decided that she would go her own way. Later she met him once again, though, along with also meeting Sonic. After a brief fight with Sonic to test herself, Nova goes her own way once again. before she left, she asked shadow a simple question, who was stronger, him or Sonic, which he did not reply to.
Along her way, she continuously met up with Shadow and Sonic, at one point fighting an enemy with both of the Hedgehogs' help. She also begins to like Shadow more and more, while she is still annoyed by Sonic.

The Truth

While travelling, Nova met a young human woman with pure white hair and purple eyes. The woman merely instructed Nova to call her "NW" rather than giving her full name. She told Nova that she was ready to defeat Shadow. Nova hesitated, because she now liked shadow, but listened, deeming it as something that wouldn't hurt either of them.
Nova seeks out Shadow again, and while greeting him, she unwillingly attacks him, much to both of their surprise. Nova's eyes became purple and her voice became distorted, and she attacked Shadow again. Nova at this point loses complete control of her entire being, and Noom Lluf takes over, and engages shadow in battle with Nova's body.
Inside of Nova's soul, it is blank, except for Nova and another human that looked like NW except older. The woman reveals that she is Noom Lluf, and that NW was Noom Wen, her daughter. She then explains that Nova is meant to be a mere tool for her. With this Nova attacks enraged. When both battles are done, Shadow has won the Lluf Nova body in physical reality, while Nova has barely managed to defeat the real Lluf in her soul. Nova regains consciousness in her body and hugs Shadow, apologizing for attacking. She then is about to tell Shadow why she attacked, but then a noise is heard and Lluf is behind them, apparently pulled out of Nova. She attacks again, but a Blue Blur dashes in and stops her, Sonic. Lluf is dazed for a moment, but then turns to her true alien form. A gigantic purple wolf with yellow spots. Another smaller wolf that looks the same steps up beside her. (Wen) shadow then pulls out all of the Chaos emeralds which he had gathered without Nova, and all three of them turn to their Super Form- Super Shadow, super Sonic, and Reaper Nova. They engage in battle with the aliens, and finally defeat them. after this, Nova explains all what happened, saying that she was sorry.

After Victory

After reigning victorious over the two aliens, Shadow and sonic take Nova to meet all of their friends, though she is still a bit rough on them and still acts her normal ways, even still taunting Shadow every now and then. Shadow is also still oblivious to Nova liking him.

All of Nova's rp stories take place "After Victory."


If you would like to discuss any possible relationship that you would like to have between one of you characters and Nova, please ask on her page :D

Shadow the Hedgehog

When Nova first met Shadow, she immediately attacked him because of the Nacyl DNA in her. But Shadow, who was looking for the Chaos Emeralds to defeat Black Doom again, who had risen from his death, defeated her almost as soon as the battle started. Nova tried to attack him once more, but he dodged and hit her to knock her out. Shadow told her he didn't have time for her and started walking away. Nova instead followed him in order to train so she could beat him eventually, even though she didn't like him. Despite Nova's efforts, she ended up liking Shadow more and more as they traveled together, eventually harboring a crush on him, much against what she had promised herself. (Though she logics that since he is immortal she will never lose him.) And though he is still somewhat mean to her, he's somewhat nice to him. While Nova loves Shadow, he only likes her as a friend. Because of this, Nova no longer fears for others, but rather the day she will die and no longer be able to be with Shadow. Shadow seems to like nova to some extent, but does not think of her as any more than a friend. He does help her in her fight against Noom Wen, though.
It should also be noted that Shadow does not know that Nova likes him, being completely oblivious to everything she does to catch his attention. Lately it seems that Nova is losing interest in Shadow though.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Nova met sonic while she was traveling with Shadow. She seems to not think of him very highly compared to Shadow, even at one point saying "You're running through your entire life at full speed. Haven't you ever considered how great it would be to be SOMEWHAT normal?"
The reason Nova dislikes Sonic is because of his tendency to run through everything without giving much though as to what he could be doing if he stopped every once in a while. Sonic is one of the only people that Nova uses her "serious" tone on.

Rouge the Bat

Nova seems to hold Rouge in high regard, mostly because she thinks that Shadow loves Rouge. (Which isn't true.) Rather than being jealous and acting mean towards her, Nova considers Rouge to be amazing, because she's can easily get Shadow to listen to her, something Nova can't do.

Dr. Eggman

Nova barely sees Eggman as a threat,even at one point asking Sonic "Why do you bother with such a nub?" Often confusing characters who have actually fought him. Nova actually does not know how smart Eggman is, and thus tends to thin he is useless and weak. Eggman despises her for this.

"Bone" the Cat

Bone the Cat sees Nova as an older sister (or possibly mother-like in more extreme cases) figure and she is one of the only people he feels comfortable around. Nova is confused at this, thinking that her personality would've scared off someone as sensitive as Bone. Nova was also the one who gave Bone his name, because of his white fur. Bone is also the first person to become a part of Nova's team, followed by Scream.

Scream the Bat

Nova generally seems to dislike Scream, due to his rude nature. She dislikes the fact that Scream continuously tries to flirt with (resulting in her hitting him on his head). Despite this, Nova respects Scream as a powerful person. She also cares for him as a teammate. It also seems that at times she is more gentle towards him, signifying that it is possible that her feelings are something more.

As of the arrival of Pain the Demon-cat, Nova seems to have lost interest in Scream once again, though still treats him as a close friend.

Memphis the Shining Demonhog

Nova has apparently known Memphis for a while. Nova also seems to have slightly romantic feelings for him, but seems to be unsure of her feelings. (Her love feeling being split between Shadow, Scream, and now Memphis.) This has also made Scream dislike Memphis as he does Shadow.

Pain the Demon-cat

Nova admires Pain and likes his quiet. Pain has a crush on her, but it is unknown if Nova returns the feelings. It would seem that she does, as she is often seen with him rather than Scream. Despite the fact that Pain almost always ditches school, thus spending less time with Nova, he almost always comes to pick her up after school.

Later in their relationship, it is obvious that Nova is quite in love with Pain. He is even one of the only people that Nova will ever cry for.

For more information, look here and here.


At first, the two were rather mean to each other and considered each other rivals, but more recently they are being nicer to each other, even forrimng Team FTW
they're rivalry is considered over, apparently Nova has added Sarge to the list of people to stalk often. She is still rather vicious i nature to him, though.

Amy Rose

Nova has an seemingly pointless dislike for Amy and views her as a rival. It may be because the two have a BIT in common.

  • They both wear dresses (Though Nova's is really a long shirt)
  • They both have two handed weapons.

Lightning "Selenia" the Hedgehog

Nova has a unexplained hate for Selenia, seeing her as annoying for an unknown reason. It may be because of the the fact that she "lost" to Selenia in their first encounter battle at Club Rouge, though Nova really gave up. Nova is considerably jealous of Selenia as well, which can be considered odd of her, as Nova is jealous of the fact that Selenia attracts the attention of men rather easily compared to herself.

Nova may, though, still view Selenia as a friend, using her fake "insane" personality when around her, which she only uses as a playful sign rather than an aggressive one, where she uses her "serious" personality on those she has distaste for. Nova also tackles Selenia for no reason, which she does to many of her friends.

Nova also say that she want to kill Selenia, also for unknown reasons.


At first when Nova met Capt, she had an extreme dislike for him, though considered him hot. She killed him anyway though, because he was evil. This lead to an argument/battle between Nova and Sarge, Sarge who had revived Capt. Capt later returns and warns Nova about what she had done.

Quite humorously, when Nova has seen Capt's vampire form, she thinks of him as even hotter, and has developed and unhealthy obsession with him, though she has mentioned that she loves Pain more than anyone else, including Capt.


Nova acts in an insane to most other people other than the ones listed above, merely because of her fear of losing those close to her. She also sometimes deliberately finds ways to hate people to avoid questioning of her past. An example is Amy Rose, who she says "Doesn't take anything serious enough..."


Nova is, ability wise, quite versatile, though is a weak fighter when she is unsure why she is attacking.

(This is why she lost to Shadow in her first fight to him, as she didn't know why she didn't have much control over her body.)
Other than this, she is comparable in other characters in strength and ability. Most of her abilities are gifts from the Nacyl DNA within her body. She is able to control darkness, which is a trademark ability of the Nacyl. And similarly to werewolves she goes crazy during Full Moons, which was the symbol of Noom Lluf. She can create all sorts of object with darkness, including her scythe, which she is very skilled with. she also has a super form called Reaper Nova.

Nova seems to be very flighty when in battle, often disappearing into darkness and reappearing behind her opponents, then attacking.


Melt- Nova melts into the ground as a shadow, allowing her to bypass enemies. Only works for a short time before shooting her back out to the surface, though.
Berserk- Floats and wildly swings her scythe without control.
Moon Rage- a more powerful version of Berserk only available at night. Added on to the attack are shockwaves that appear on the ground as Nova smashes it.
Scythe Spin- Merely spins her scythe while making random movements.
Scythe Lazer- Nova stands still and spins her scythe once, and a darkness beam blasts in one straight line, the lazer covers the area of the scythe's spin.
Dark Hands- Nova brings up gigantic black hands made out of darkness. As she moves her hands the shadow hands move in unison to attack.
Dark Clay- Nova uses darkness to create random items. One often used product of it happens to be Dark Harvest.
Heel Kick- Nova merely kicks her opponent with her high heels.
Piercing Howl- Nova releases and extremely loud sound shattering howl.
Dark Focus- Nova can make a sudden burst of darkness appear anywhere she likes.
Surge- Nova transforms into a ball of darkness that has slight electrical properties, and will charge in random directions.

Nova's attack are not limited to these, but usually only have to do with darkness.

Also: Nova the Wolf's Weapons


  • Nova is powerful during the nighttime.
  • She is very quiet when she wants to be, and is a very good spy.
  • She is good at hiding her emotions.


  • Is very uncertain.
  • Is very stubborn and almost always refuses help from others.
  • She is weak when exposed to intense light.
  • Though she tries to act tough, she actually has a slight case of Necrophobia for others, especially her friends. Because of this, she has put herself in life-threatening situations.
  • She tries to handle everything herself.


"Ha ha... you're not even trying, right?"- Nova trying to be tough after losing to Shadow.
"Don't say anything, I don't talk to losers!"- When winning a fight.
"I... I lost?! No way! That's impossible... right?"- When losing a fight
"YEAH NO ONE CAN BEAT ME CAUSE I'M THAT AWESOME." -Getting an "S" Rank on a mission.
"Nearly perfect." -Getting an "A" Rank on a mission.
"I'd like to see you try this!"-Getting a "B" Rank on a mission.
"Hm... I just wasn't focused, okay?" -Getting a "C" Rank on a mission.
"There was something in my shoe, I swear!" -Getting a "D" Rank on a mission.
"Don't... DON'T LOOK AT ME I'M A FAILURE!" -Getting a "E" Rank on a mission.
"Nothingness... is a misconception. To me, anyways... nothingness is being so gosh darn empty that you think it's impossible to end... and then you think, 'how is their no end?' It's all really confusing... but is there's an end, there's a beginning... and that's what makes up 'nothing.'" -Nova explaining what she thinks of nothingness.
"...'Who are you' is such a rude way to ask someone's name... but skipping that, my name is Nova the Wolf." -Introducing herself.
Heh heh... if I could make clothes using Dark Clay instead of buying them, believe me, I would. But on a sunny day, they would melt right off, so I don't.

Theme songs



  • Nova is slightly based off of characters from the anime/manga Soul Eater especially her scythe.
  • Similarly to Shadow, Nova is immortal due to the alien DNA in her. She does not know this, though, and because she is not an experiment, a perfectly aimed shot or stab can kill her.
  • Nova was originally going to be a hedgehog.
  • Nova had gone through at least two designs before her current one.
  • Nova has gone through three names. They were Sky, Ghost, and finally Nova.
  • Nova's body is tough enough for Nova to not feel pain at all at times, though she will be weakened and in a way still feel pain.
  • The back of Nova's hair appears to be quite neat in Furry Dollmakers, but when KHG draws her it is jagged and uneven.
  • When referring to Nova's tail, KHG describes it as a "big, fat, spiky cloud."
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