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Nova Sprite finished

Nova's Sprite. :D


Nova has magenta hair, with light blue and purple streaks that is fairly messy and spiky. She wears a black short-sleeved t-shirt, with a pocket with silver spikes on it, and a silver chain hanging from it. She wears black fingerless gloves with silver spikes all around it. She wears denim jeans and black flats. She sometimes wears magenta eyeshadow. She wears eyeliner and mascara, making her eyelashes thicker, and more pronounced. She has a long, cat like tail, with a glass orb at the end of it, with glowing fire inside. The fire changes color depending on her mood, a sign of royalty within her species. She will sometimes wear a silver crown with different colored glowing jewels. She has blonde fur, and teal eyes.

Secondary Outfit

Art trade nova by drrrfan13-d6a1jp12

Nova by DRRRfan13 on dA. :D

Nova will sometimes wear a light blue tanktop, and a pink jacket with a bow at the back, along with blue denim jeans and blue flats. She will be wearing purple hair with this outfit, with light blue and magenta streaks along in it, due to her color changing powers, which she often uses on her hair. She will be wearing magenta eyeshadow most of the time with this outfit.


Nova is very cautious, as it is a natural instinct that her species possesses. Her emotions are not well hidden, as her tail fire changes colors to show her emotions, causing her to feel awkward and strange simply because others know of her emotions. She is particulary considerate of others, but will always be honest and come out and say something when she has something to say. She speaks her mind, which often gets her into trouble. Nova cares a lot about nature, and can sometimes be described as a "hippie at heart."

Nova is also very aloof at times, preferring not to talk to people.


Nova was born into the Vuerna tribe: The Ignis Tribum. She’s the first daughter of the chief there. A while later, her younger sister was born, following her older brother Bentley’s seventh birthday. Star and Nova soon grew to be extremely close.

One day, Nova's father was murdered by a Vuerna she loved, named Aither. Aither then left, leaving Nova heartbroken. She then fell in love with a Vuerna official named Helios, who then proceeded to attempt to kill her, then her brother. Helios left them both for dead. Fortunately, they were healed in time for them to leave. Helios took over the tribe and ruled in tyranny as Nova and her family fleed.

Helios is currently looking for Nova, Bentley, Star, and their mother, to kill them and take over the tribe. However, the royals can retake power by killing Helios, or at least banishing him.


Pyrokinetics- Nova possesses the ability of pyrokinesis, where she can create fire. She can also create fire in many colors, and she can also manipulate heat.

Autochromokinetics- Nova has the ability to change the color of things.

Geo-thermokinetics- Nova has the ability to manipulate magma.


Magma Generation-

Petrification in Molten Stone-

Heat Absorption-

Heat Generation-


Fire Attacks- 


Colorblindess inducement-

Create/Generate/Absorb Colors- 



  • Marty the Serval - Nova is good friends with Marty, and she trusts him greatly. They did accidentally get married one time while Marty was drunk, and Nova was drugged. Nova and Marty eventually got divorced. Nova might harbor romantic feelings for Marty. Marty also saved Nova's life once when Helios was seeking to murder her and her family.
  • Star the Vuerna
  • Bentley the Vuerna-



  • Helios the Vuerna -
  • Barak the Vuerna
  • Aither the Vuerna- Nova has a burning hatred for Aither, as she did fall in love with him, only for him to kill her father and then leave her behind.

Romantic Interests


Nova is weak to water-based attacks, which would be normal for a pyrokinetic such as herself. She is also weak to ice based attacks, which can lower her body temperature and make it hard for her to create fire. She is also weak to telepathic or psychic attacks, which she is extremely vulnerable to.

Nova is also weak to shadow/darkness based attacks. She is also not very flexible and not all that durable, so she is easily overpowered.


  • Nova often changes her hair color, often to either light blue with purple and magenta streaks, magenta with purple and light blue streaks, or purple with light blue and magenta streaks.
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