Nova T. Vixen is the main character of the comics and in-development game for by Tokuism.


Nova is a average size vixen with completely purple fur side from her arms. Her arms are dark peach, presumably a tan.

Her tail is large and bushy, and her hair is in a large ponytail.


Nova wears a vest with her blue bra exposed, showing her stomach. The vest itself is light, so Nova can be fast and warm at the same time. She wears very small skin-tight shorts that don't even reach her thighs. She wears white striped knee-high socks (yellow in the picture due to an error) and black Dr. Martens. Alternatively she wears a ripped t-shirt and brown thigh-high socks. She wears goggles on her head, due to being an experienced mechanic. The goggles, have large, jagged cracks.

Character History

Nova was born to a single mother, Juniper, on Green Hill and has lived there ever since. Nova is not in school because she was homeschooled in many things. She is smart, but hates math a lot because she never had a good experience with it.

Nova has always loved video games ever since she was a young child with a DSi. She really doesn't like anti-game activists. She also has interests in music, literature, art, and science.

Hobbies And Personality

Nova likes video games a lot, as in the above paragraph. Nova is very kind-hearted and never wants to kill anyone, as she feels it's wrong. However, she can be very gullible and tricked. She can also be grumpy on bad days. She can be annoying to people, as she has a passion to whistle, giving her the nickname "Bird Girl" or "Recorder"

She also likes to snap her fingers wherever she goes, it doesn't matter where. She walks around and just starts snapping away, it makes her happy.

Nova makes friends rather easily, as she met Sophia at a library just by bumping into each other and they became fast friends.

Lastly, Nova is a skilled dancer, being very good at ballet and able to twirl her combat whip all around herself without a scratch.


Nova doesn't know she has powers just yet. She can turn into a super form, called Hyper Nova, (hypernova). She is quite skilled with a whip, and has it stashed in her inner back pockets, and only uses it in the worst of emergencies. (e.g. rouge demon on Green Hill, etc.) She is also semi-skilled at hand to hand combat.

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