Notch is a adventuring treasure hunter. Althrough when not looking for treasure he will fight for good.


Notch was a robot being built by Eggman on Eggman's Moon Base. He was normally a fox. But while half robot he escaped. He used the robot powers he had to destroy Eggman's robots. And used his not fully prepared flying and crash landed into Mobius. He was found and turned back into a Fox.

Apperances in Roleplays


Notch is a fighter. He can run fast. And climb. He can sorta run up walls. Only for a few seconds. He falls down then. He tends to dropkick foes when they do not notice.


Eggman has a switch that when fully charged can harm Notch badly. Eggman wanted to give him something to finsh him if Notch ever betrayed him.


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