Northern Island

Northern Island is the Northernmost Island in the Velmoris Island Chain, and the largest of all the islands in the chain.


Northern Island was the first island settled on by the natives of the island chain. Several ancient cities and towns were erected on the island, but all of those have since disappeared, along with their civilizations. One settlement remains on the island, Cerulean Village, until destroyed during the events of Bolt the Hedgehog.


Northern Islands consist of several zones. However, no zone appears twice in one game.

Zones in Bolt the Hedgehog:

Azure Hills

Granite Cave

Cerulean Rubble

Marble Mountain

Molten Lake

Lavender Meadow

Ruby Caverns

Electric Hill

Ancient Ruins

Windy Desert

Coastal Tide

Egg Mine

More information will be added as games are added.

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