Norbert the Dragon is a character created by TipsyRa1d3n. He is an anthropomorphic European Dragon, very loosely based off of Norberta the Dragon from the Harry Potter series. Norbert is the founder of a group of Mobians known as the Eccentrix. They are a group dedicated to finding Mobians from all over the world who can't fit into regular society (due to having an eccentric personality, bizarre superpower/ability, unusual background, or being an unusual species/race unseen by regular society), and accepting them into their group as a member.

Norbert, as of now, deems himself the "King" of the Eccentrix, now having plans to build an "Eccentri-City" to house every member of the Eccentrix, along with any future members who may join.

Character Conception and Creation

"Norbert was the very first fictional character I had created, and he's come quite a long way from who he originally was. Back then, when I made him at seven years old, he was pretty much an Expy of Sonic the Hedgehog. Same personality, same powers, same super form, and he was even made to be stronger than Sonic! In other words, he started off as a complete Marty Stu. Thankfully that never showed up anywhere on the Internet.

Since that day, Norbert has been developing as a character exponentially, as he develops more unique abilities, a more definable personality, an original backstory...basically EVERYTHING an character should have. A lot of this happened during Role-Playing too, which is where Norb got a lot of his personality!

Now, he's his own person. He has his own set of friends, his own adventures, and his own little group of followers. Suffice it to say, he's come a long way from that Marty Stu I drew over a decade ago."

- TipsyRa1d3n


Norbert comes from an alternate zone than Canon!Sonic (zone as in alternate reality). He hails from a version of Mobius where the world is dominated by the mythical and supernatural. There exist whole populations of vampires, lycans, necromancers, ghosts, and even supernatural hunters to counter the bad eggs among them. They're common enough to come in many varieties, supernatural and hunter alike. Even the canon characters in this zone are different, as Sonic the Hedgehog himself has taken up an occupation as a Supernatural Hunter. Things are different and a lot stranger here.

Yet even in this zone, there are those who stand out and hail as champions. Norbert the Dragon is notable in particular as a veteran which spent over 1,000 years in the making.

Birth and Early Life

During Medieval Ages, there existed a race of Mobian Dragons which inhabited different regions throughout the world. The European Dragons inhabited various regions of Eurish, including the locations of modern-day Albion and Central City. These Dragons were giant, beastly, aggressive, and hostile towards Medieval Mobians whom they considered to be invading their territory. Their relationship was strained at first, but got even worse with the advent of Christianity, which highly clashed with their primitive beliefs and behavior. For years to follow, the Medieval Mobians and Dragons fought each other until at one point, the King of the land ordered Dragons to be slain on sight, believing them to be evil, unholy creatures.

Since that day, some Dragons started to migrate to other, less populated countries. Others decided to hide away from the public eye, their populations remaining unseen for centuries. Unfortunately, among these survivors, thousands of Dragons still perished. Norbert would have been one of these Medieval murder victims, were it not for sheer blind luck.

Before he hatched from his egg, a light breeze caused his egg to roll away from the nest, into a thicket of bushes. Mere minutes after this event did a group of knights break into his family's den, murder his parents, and smash the eggs of his unhatched siblings. This made Norbert the only survivor in his entire family. For the next nine years, he spent his days as little more than a barely sentient wild animal, eating livestock and sleeping under the tall grass. It worked, until one day when he was caught by a duo of knights as a nine-year old whelp. They had very nearly managed to kill him, impaling him on the back and the roof of his mouth with their halberds.

It was here that by sheer luck, he managed to dodge death yet again. This time, via two cloaked women who claimed to have been sent by God himself, to preserve Norbert's life. Because many people those day were extremely religious, and the two cloaked figures happened to recite some very convincing Bible Quotes, they were persuaded to let Norbert live, and keep him alive no matter what. After that, the two women nursed him back to health, gave him a name, and released him into a game-hunting ground in the forest, not too far away from the castle.

For the next 14 years, he lived there, feeding on deer and pheasant rather than the livestock being grown by peasants. He managed to get by just fine, until he reached 23 years old. There, an army of pagans invaded the land, laying siege to it with their deadly weaponry, which was far more advanced than most Medieval weaponry. Seeing Norbert as little more than a beast, they managed to wound him in a failed attempt to kill him. Knowing he couldn't possibly survive this siege for much longer, and that far too many places had fallen victim to these pagans, the King ordered his best wizard to take Norbert, and freeze him inside of a dormant volcano.

While the war waged on outside for decades to come, Norbert remained in a death-like sleep for the next 1,000 years. Only to be awakened once more, in the most unexpected of ways.

1000 Years Later

A millennium after he was frozen, he awoke unexpectedly due to the volcano he was placed in being reawakened. Specifically by Eggman, as his building an HQ there made the volcano active once again. Since he had not used his body at all for that period of time, he woke up in his cave alone, scared, blind, deaf, numb, and barely able to move. His entire past reduced to little more than a bad dream he can't remember.

It took him days to crawl away from the volcano, and another day of being awake to use his arms and legs. After a week he found himself able to walk and grab things. Albeit the first thing he sensed when he was fully able to use his body again was treasure. In the still untouched King's Vault, there was an entire hoard of gold coins, jewels, adorned armor, silver and golden goblets, and most intriguingly...a golden cross-shaped sword, adorned with gemstones. An old ceremonial weapon which had, for centuries, remained untouched and unwielded.

Norbert found himself interested in this shiny, gem-decorated blade. It just so happened to be another twist of fate that he discovered a spirit residing in the sword. More specifically, the sword's original creator. He explained that this sword is a very powerful Holy Relic, capable of vanquishing almost any evil imaginable. Even if that evil is little more than an undisciplined child. It's far more dangerous than many Holy weapons, so the Spirit in the Sword started communicating with him in an attempt to uncover his character. He spent the next few weeks carrying it around, and this allowed him to discover more about himself. His personality, his feelings towards Mobians with a Dark or Demonic nature, his feelings on Christianity, his love for treasure, and eventually his ego. He found his strengths, and flaws by being with this Spirit for those few weeks. Eventually, Norbert came to a decision.

"I honestly don't know if I'm a Christian kind of guy. It honestly sounds kind of iffy to dedicate my life to slaying these guys, because not ALL of them are bad! Look, I tell you what....I won't slay dark. I'll slay evil. If you think about it, the two are entirely different things. Sometimes you can have a good demon. Sometimes you can have an evil angel. But you know...I think there's been ENOUGH shed blood coming from non-regular Mobians. I think it's time we change things up a bit."

There was the right answer. The ability to distinguish Dark and Supernatural Mobians from actually evil people. A skill that very few, if any people had any ability to see for themselves. Because of this, he had the right to use this sword to its fullest ability, to protect the weak and fight back against the truly wretched. Which, suffice to say, he found trouble much sooner than he expected to.

Founding the Eccentrix


He has a big ego, as he obviously enjoys having the Eccentrix be identified with a logo shaped just like his head. He likes to inflate his ego too, usually dressing up like a king to make himself the center of attention in a party or a meeting. As well as participating in public speakings, because "I'M GONNA ON TV!!!" He's also greedy, hoarding treasure in a cavern, and being attracted to gold and precious gems to the point of wanting to steal them. That particular habit he's trying to cut on his own.

But aside from being greedy for attention and gold, Norbert is a surprisingly swell person to be around. For starters, he created an entire organization dedicated to taking in people who can't find a place in society, and giving them room and board.

He's all around diplomatic, usually looking to solve problems so that no one gets hurt. He doesn't mind sending in forces to fight for someone, but will never get involved in genocide. Nor will he reduce himself to "one side" because as far as he's concerned, that'd undermine the whole point of him being an accepting, kingly figure. He figures Mobians who are Dark, Demonic or Undead are every bit as Eccentrix-worthy as any other Mobian. Because of this, many of his best friends are Dark or Demonic in nature. His ability to be accepting has made him an adored figure by many people who have affiliated himself with the Eccentrix.

He's not very smart. Nor does he act very mature from time to time, sometimes having tantrums and sulking if someone deflates his big head. Albeit he has his moments of brilliance. Almost but not quite as impressive as his bravery and charisma.

He holds the members of the Eccentrix to extremely high value, and will do just about anything to see them safeguarded and leading a good life. He'd fight an entire ARMY to rescue one member, even give up his own life if need be. He'd pay for their college tuition, or their entire bailout fee if they got sent to jail. He'd cut off an entire alliance if he knew that they hurt ONE of his members. No, he doesn't think about the consequences for these actions. But either way, he figures it'd be completely worth it.

As much as his powers have to do with angels and holy power, Norbert actually is NOT a religious person. He would actually get very offended if you call him a "bible thumper" or anything of the sort, because he himself believes that each person should follow the faith they have dedicated themselves to. IF they're into that stuff. The only exception to that would be anything which requires a virgin sacrifice. Plus, he likes to refer to it as "White Magic, y'know, like Gandalf. Except with more controversy!"

Powers and Abilities

Norbert is an extremely powerful Mobian being. His default weapons are his biological ones, which are powerful enough to qualify as weapons on their own. Albeit his strongest abilities come with his sword, the Northern Light's Claymore.

  • Claws: The claws on his hands are retractable, and when fully extended, can maul any Mobian with the strength of a lion.
  • Teeth: Since a Dragon's bite force can be as strong as a saltwater crocodile, this is a commonly used technique. This bite alone can completely remove a person's neck from between their shoulders.
  • Tongue: His tongue is a very long and very strong muscle in his body. Norbert can use his tongue as a rope to wrap around an enemies neck, lift them up, throw them around, or he can simply use it to strangle someone.This tongue is prehensile to the point of it being a limb unto itself.
  • Tail: As a sixth prehensile limb, he can use his tail to grab things too, or even use it as a stabbing weapon. The tip of his tail can pierce through someone's skin if rammed through hard enough. Albeit his tail is seldom used as a weapon because it can be torn off.
  • Wings: He can fly with them, blow enemies away with them, or use them as shields to deflect ranged attacks. Spreading them suddenly can knock someone on their feet in close quarters. However, they're not often used against bladed weapons since they can be torn open.
  • Northern Light's Claymore: This is the holy golden Cross-Sword which Norbert uses for his regular battles. The energy it gives off is Holy Light, so it is capable of automatically killing many supernatural creatures. This is a dangerous weapon to use, since it's ability to purge evil makes it capable of slaying anyone. Even a completely innocent child. This is partly why a spirit resides within the sword, who tests a person's character before they are allowed to use this sword. Norbert has full rights to this sword because he recognizes that not every supernatural creature is evil, and many of them have a chance to be decent people. So far, he's the only one allowed to use it to its fullest power. This particular weapon's abilities come in several stages.
    • Royal Word: Incaendium: At first, he stores this sword in his throat. There, he lets his natural fire breath mix with holy magic in order to let out a blast of golden fire which will sear evil creatures into ash. This is his default attack, which uses relatively small doses of holy magic.
    • Royal Word: Libero: Here, Norbert pulls the sword out of his mouth. The sword's Holy Power is used raw, which can slice up whole swathes of evil creatures at a time. However, using his sword by hand gives him the ability to redeem a soul about to die, to give them a second chance to be happy in the afterlife.
    • Royal Word: Scutum: Using this skill sacrifices his ability to fight using his sword at the moment. Here, he generates a shield of Holy Energy which burns away whatever attempts to get past it. This is one of Norbert's most commonly used moves, as he uses it to protect the public against something particularly evil.
    • Royal Word: Exorcismus: This is used when a demon invades someone, and Norbert can't attack the said demon without killing both the demon AND the host. Because he himself can't remember the litany, he actually lets the spirit inside the blade possess his body to do it for him. This is a gutsy move because the spirit temporarily owns his body, and can do whatever he wants with it. Yet it follows through because when he does this, he's essentially calling for help to save a life that he can't by himself.
    • Empyrean Litany: Nephilim: Empyrean Litanies are one of the most dangerous things Norbert can do to himself. This is because it allows a celestial being to take possession of his body. This makes him much more powerful and with much stronger holy attacks. Yet this being has a complete say over what Norbert does, and is only kept in check by a "rental limit" on his body. The Litany that calls a Nephilim will allow it to possess his body, doubling his powers and making him 25 feet tall. The Nephilim can own his body for about a week max.
    • Empyrean Litany: Ophanim: The Litany that calls an Ophanim will allow it to possess his body, quadrupling his powers, and giving him the ability to see just about anything. Norbert is now 35 feet tall, and with a golden, eye-spotted halo behind his head. The Ophanim can own his body for about two months max.
    • Empyrean Litany: Cherubim: The Litany that calls a Cherubim will allow it to possess his body, multiplies his powers by eight, and giving him the ability to see the physical and metaphysical, as well as the ability to read minds. Norbert is now 50 feet tall, with a halo on his head, four wings, and three extra heads (one bull, one lion, and one eagle). The Cherubim can own his body for three years max.
    • Empyrean Litany: Seraphim: The Litany that calls a Seraphim will allow it to possess his body. This is the ultimate Holy Power available to him, and it multiplies his regular powers by twenty times. He's practically omniscient, and powerful enough to slay almost anything. His mere presence can burn away evil of all kinds. Norbert is now 75 feet tall, with a halo on his head, six fiery wings, the same three extra heads a Cherubim has, and a bright aura surrounding him. The Seraphim can own his body for as long as he wants. This is the most dangerous technique Norbert can pull off, because the Seraphim doesn't have to give Norbert his body back. So far, Norbert has used this technique only ONE time.


Believe it or not, he has a lot of these. To counter his ultra-strong abilities, his weaknesses are all very debilitating. Especially given how his body plan is pretty much outdated in comparison to modern Mobians.

  • Being Cold-Blooded: In other words, he's unable to produce his own body heat. Cold weather, cold water, hail, ice, and snow are all terrible for him. He even has cryophobia because he knows that if he's near these things, they can actually end up killing him. Specifically via slowly deactivating every important function in his body. Even his heart. It's a slow, painful death, which is why he's so afraid of it.
  • Alcohol: He has an allergy to this, or any other flammable material for that matter. This weakness in particular is deadly for him because flammable gases can travel into a gland in his body which produces flammable gases. Once those gases mix with these foreign flammables, they cause his body to inflate like a balloon. If so much as a spark happens across it, it will cause the gland to explode. Killing him instantly via internal explosion.
  • Arthritis: Unlike other mythical Mobians who might keep themselves alive/immortal using magic, he's an entirely organic being. He ages like any other reptilian Mobian, and the 1,000 years he spent in ice are starting to catch up to him. An entire fight can be interrupted if he can't move his fingers due to them locking in place. Biologically he's 34, but he's getting older as the years pass.
  • Illnesses: He's from a time period way before modern times, so it's no surprise that he has to get TONS of vaccines, lest he be left vulnerable to the swathes of new diseases that were never around in his youth.
  • Dark Magic: Dark or Unholy Magic can harm him just as much as he can harm them. This is made worse by the fact that usually, Dark Magic tends to induce cold sensations in people, which for Norbert, will harm him much quicker than anyone else. Because of this, he must also use his sword as a shield to block away these kinds of attacks should they show up, as hes' not immune to them.
  • His Tail: Can be torn clean off the stump VERY easily. And he will lose quite a bit of blood like that. Not to mention, it's extremely painful for him, and he'll be overwhelmed with pain for a few seconds.
  • Below Average Eyesight: Dragons from the Medieval Ages tended to rely on their other senses so they can hunt at night. This made their eyesight in general pretty poor in comparison to other Mobians. So, Norbert is best off not using his eyes. This doesn't always go so well for him.
  • Heat Sensor Pits: Like a snake, these are below his mouth, on his bottom jaw. These are usually very useful for him, to make up for his bad eyesight. But the worst thing that can happen to him in a close quarter fight is if someone punches him/scalds him/chills him in the pits. Because they're highly sensitive to temperature, attacking these pits is basically torture for him. Jamming these pits with extreme heat or cold will essentially leave him half-blind, not to mention, the sensory overload would leave him open for attack.
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