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"If you are traveling to run away, then your attempts at freedom are in vain..."
—Nora Kouba



Nora Kouba (the Seedrian) is a traveler of cities, rarely going to the country parts of the world. She carries around a star-shaped guitar which is called Flash Spark 4.0, a prototype touch-screen guitar. It also morphs into the three basic extreme gear (Board, Air Ride and Bike). Nobody knows why it's called 4.0 since it's a prototype, but when asked, Nora just says, "It sounds cool..."

Nora is also known to sleep a lot and be refered to be lazy. However, she seems to be quite aware of her surrondings even when asleep, for the fact she can directly slam her guitar in a person's face without opening a eye. She is also short-tempered and quite aggressive, when she plays it's a bit violent.... Nora's guitar, being indestructable, she uses it as a hammer-like weapon, able to break down brick walls! It is a mystery if ether it's the guitar's indestructablity or Nora is just plain strong! She also could be a thief, since it's a possibilty she stole something SO high-tech as the Flash Spark, but this is no confirmed since she pays what she eats... (By earning money by playing her guitar so well)

Nora also has the ability to purify Chaos Energy, which she can only do with a Chaos emerald. With Purified Energy, she can use it many ways, however, she mostly uses it to fire a giant laser...

"Why use Chaos Control when you can Ride a Gear?" -Nora Kouba

Nora also has a tendancy to call people "blokes" or idoits, which shows, she likes to work alone, or, she lacks social-skills, OR, she has a very rude attitude...

Nora also has high Evasive abilities which makes her quite fast, but distant is short, she is very hard to hit, and her guitar doesn't help ether! She seems over-confident in battle, very cocky and hyper, which goes against her relaxed, lazy nature when traveling...

"I'm not lazy, just bored..." -Nora Kouba

Nora also has a cousin, Starla Kouba, who is a traveling puppetier, however, Starla is more social then Nora, BY A LOT! Nora also met Sonic before, but they never really got in-touch, they just know each other...

"We don't travel together, but we do cross paths alot..." -Starla Kouba

Nora also now has a travel partner named Hiroaki DaichiMizu, a run-away prince, she rescued him from a ganster while doing payback, and with no where else to go, Hiroaki follows Nora even though Nora can never seem to call him by his real name, she is always calling him, "Raki", or sometimes call him "Stretch" because of his elastic body, and it's thanks to that ability he can keep up with her! It is unknown if Nora and Hiroaki will develop a "Love Relationship", for it could be possible since they have been traveling together for a while now.

"She keeps dropping me off her gear, but I can easily grab back on it... I have the feeling she's trying to make me do something, but I don't know what... Nora has a tendency to give life-lessons by actions... I wonder if she's trying to tell me that having my.... gift... can be helpful..." -Hiroaki DaichiMizu

Nora doesn't have a offical home since she travels, but her main headquarters seem to be Metal City, she also always travels to the Extreme Gear Grand Prix that happens once a year, she is very skilled at it with Flash Arrow, once she won 1st Place after giving a 4th upgrade in her Gear's gravity boosters.

"I live for my gear, and I try and try, I don't always make it to the top 10 though... But I try..." -Nora Kouba

Nora is also known to be good with Chaos Drives and EX Gear, Nora once installed Chaos Drive GB:MX 2100, the newest and most powerful Chaos Drive, into Hiroaki's boots and gauntlets to allow him to have flight, however, like how she got Flash Spark, it is unknown if she really stole such expensive technology, or bought it with saved up money... Even though this was Nora's try at showing she cares about Hiroaki, Hiroaki was in distaste when he saw her messing with his most precious family heirloom, The Royal Daichi no Mizu Gauntlets that were worn by the 1st generation of Daichi no Mizu!.

"............what?" -Nora Kouba

Different Lazers

Name Power Energy Color Info Requirements
Lazer low low Light Blue A simple laser that does little damage None
Duo Lazer low relativaly low Green Two lasers fired in a circular pattern None
Spark Lazer relativaly low low Red A laser that creates burning sparks when struck None
Blast Lazer Medium Medium Blue A stronger version of lazer None
Sniper Lazer Harmless very low None An invisable laser that paralyzes the enemy instead of harms None
Slave Lazer Medium Medium White Summons a sphere of light that rapid fires lasers in several directions, can only summon up to three None
Complex Lazer Relativaly High High Orange A laser that explodes any that comes in contact None
Miracle Lazer High Very High Rainbow A giant glowing laser 1 Chaos Emerald
Duo Miracle Lazer Very High Very High Rainbow A Duo lazer version of Miracle Lazer 2 Chaos Emeralds
Doomsday Lazer CRITICAL! CRITICAL! Black An all consuming dark laser of hatred All Chaos Emeralds + Twilight Form
Crystaliza Lazer CRITICAL! CRITICAL! Light Rainbow A powerful laser with symbolic rings, it cannot harm innocents All Chaos Emeralds + Blooming Form

Stat Ratings

Attack: 8/10

Defense: 3/10

Evasivness: 10/10

Speed: 6/10

Smarts: 5/10

Chaos E.: 8/10

Magic: 0/10

Sonic Riders Stats

Type: Flying

Speed: 8/10

Durability: 3/10

Turning: 10/10

Attack: Nora changes Flash Arrow into Flash Spark and starts chasing opponents and hitting them on the head with her guitar!

Sonic & Sega Allstars Racing Stats

Ride: Flash Drive (Bike)

Speed: 8/10

Acceleration: 5/10

Handling: 3/10

Durability: 7/10

Turbo-Boost: 10/10

All-Star: Nora takes out a chaos emerald and shifts Flash Drive into Flash Star for top speed, and then she fires a giant lazer, press the Up Button for Nora to do a 360 to attack opponents.


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