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This is an article about Noon the Echidna, a character created by Shade234 on 11/4/2013.

Noon the Echidna is a protagonist in The Chaos Chronicles.


Noon is a red echidna with a white band around his arm. He normally wears a black trench coat, jeans, and black boots. When he is on the job, he wears black scrubs, gloves, a white surgical mask, and black cap.


Noon is a reclusive person. He normally keeps to himself, but will help if needed. He has been willing to help train Thorn the Fox in her magical abilities, and has been able to break through her rough exterior and learn secrets of her past. Noon is in a committed relationship with Nails the Bat.


Prior to "The Chaos Chronicles"

Not much is known about Noon's history before the Chaos Chronicles. He was a G.U.N. Agent and partner to Nails the Bat. They were assigned to investigate ancient stone tablets in the caves underneath Angel Island. Their investigation led to the discovery of a piece of the Chaos Chronicles and its location in the Netherworld.

Finding and Helping Midnight

Noon was found by Thorn the Fox in the Netherworld. He agreed to help her find his sister Midnight the Echidna. When Thorn, Nails, Honey the Cat, and Kyle the Squirrel helped rescue Rose the Hedgehog, Noon showed his expertise as a doctor when her patched Rose up until they could give her further help at the hospital. Noon later accompanied Thorn, Nails, Kyle, and Honey to Angel Island. He engaged in a short battle with his sister, and eventually turned her back to the side of good. After the death of Nightshade, he and Nails held hands under the stars.

Rejoining G.U.N.

Noon, alongside Nails, rejoined G.U.N. as a doctor to help new trainees. He, alongside Kyle's father Jason, performed autopsies on the young boys who had been killed by a Jinn. Noon later agreed to train Thorn in her magical abilities.






Nails the Bat (Girlfriend)

Thorn the Fox

Kyle the Squirrel

Honey the Cat

Rose the Hedgehog

Midnight the Echidna (Sister)